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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, A classic analogy I have seen theists use in debates against atheists is when they compare this life to a school exam. The wrong answer represents evil, the right answer is the good etc. But for a school exam, the student has a choice to take it or not i.e. to be enrolled in that course etc. Whereas in this life, it seems like a human in under trial whether or not he/she wants it. I realize that life is a mercy and that its illogical to ask a non-existent thing whether it wants to exist. But I am wondering what some convincing arguments are for any atheists that bring up th
  2. Salams, I recently found a small dua book in my house which included the Seven Haykal. In the book I have, the Haykals are exactly as published in the following blog: http://hanfi-1.blogspot.ca/2013/11/benefits-of-dua-haft-haikal-seven.html I have never heard of Haykals before and eager to know if it is part of the Shia faith, I tried to look it up on duas.org and came across 7 Haykals, but different from those in my book: http://www.duas.org/Misc/seven_haykal.htm I am curious to have answers to the following questions; if anyone has information on this subject: 1) Is this conc
  3. 1) How can we say for sure that there never was, at any point in time, a group of Christians who held the Lady Mary to be divine? Also, why does it matter whether it was a mainstream belief or not? Rationally, even if there was just one person who held the view that she was divine, it would suffice to justify why the question is being posed to Jesus in the verse 5:116. 2) Since Allah is not bound in space, time or matter, He in fact already knows the outcome of this trial that we are going through. He already knows which of us are going to achieve eternal salvation, and which of us are going t
  4. It's probably one of the more popular Tafseers because of the methodology the author uses i.e. he explains the Quran using the Quran itself. The argument in favor of this is that the Quran is supposed to be a light and an explanation for everything, so how can it be that it has to be illuminated or explained by something other than itself. As regards to it containing errors, any book that is written by a fallible person is prone to contain some degree of error. The only book therefore which is completely free from error is the Quran. As for the capabilities of Allamah Tabatabai (may Allah be
  5. Hmm...does anyone have a picture of what this looks like; is it similar to how one would cover their face from the sun.
  6. Salams, To my understanding, messengership is a higher rank than prophethood; all messengers were prophets but not all prophets were messengers. Also, a rasool is one who is given a new law, a prophet who is not a messenger does not receive new law. My question is, how are these definitions of the terms rasool and nabi supported by the Qur'an. For example in this verse: [shakir 20:47] So go you both to him and say: Surely we are two messengers of your Lord; therefore send the children of Israel with us and do not torment them! Indeed we have brought to you a communication from your Lord, an
  7. s/a...hope all is well with you.

  8. Salaams, Can a woman perform wudhu when in haidh...will it have any meaning or validity?
  9. im in ca.. lol this justina person below is funny.

  10. Wa 'alaikum asalam, Even though Allah blessed the Prophets and Imams with a knowledge and protection (Isma) that we don't enjoy, this does not mean that they did not have free will, or that any positive quality that they had like generosity, forbearance, kindness etc. was automatically programmed into them. To be honest I am confused about this myself. :unsure: But I am sure that we would not praise the bravery of Imam Ali, the patience of Imam Hassan etc. if these qualities were just handed to them on a plate and there wasn't effort on their part to achieve them by themselves. My understa
  11. ws dan...alhamdulillah, i am well....hows u.

  12. Salaams I have a question about the story of Prophet Musa (alaihi asalaam) in the Qur'an. In Surah Yunus, it says that nobody believed in the message that Prophet Musa brought except the off spring of his own people, i.e. Bani Israil. [shakir 10:83] But none believed in Musa except the offspring of his people, on account of the fear of Firon and their chiefs, lest he should persecute them; and most surely Firon was lofty in the land; and most surely he was of the extravagant. But there were believers even from those who were not Bani Israil, for example the wife of Firown, Lady Asiya (alaiha
  13. I don't think worldly education is worth killing yourself over :)... Don't think negative thoughts like that, it's very unhealthy and it displeases Allah swt. You're so worried about passing some wordly exam and you talk of taking your life away because of it..do you realize that if you do something like that you will have definitely failed the real test that we are all on earth for and will have to bear the consequences of this greater failure.
  14. Salam,

    I would be honoured if you take part in my quiz. :)


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