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  1. Salam Aleykum,

    I am announcing a new forum!


    Register, Start topics, Reply to others, and Make friends.

    A website not only for the followers of the Shirazi family, but for all of the Shia!

  2. lool

    yeah its been timmee

    oh (late) eidmubaruk =]

    come bak here ight

  3. yeaa, been busy with school. you sure do miss our fighting, its all cool kiddoo

  4. thts great :)

    how come u havent been on much? longg time no fighting :P

  5. good good, ramadan kareem to you to

  6. Wa alaykum as salaam…:D its going pretty good for me..hows it for u? oh and ramadhan kareem =)

  7. salaamz sis, how is RAMADAN goin for u?

  8. pssht stop copying my words ...

  9. how long you stayin here 4

  10. pshhh @ u, i was bored soo i started deleting worthless comments

  11. LOL why did u delete my comments? Pssht at u

    i dunno wut ur on aboutt boy..ur sayin all this stuff..and im clueless

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