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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. للهم عجل لوليك الفرج الحجة ابن الحسن

  2. What brought you to my page? :)

    1. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      I visit ppls pages randomly...what made you comment as to why I visited ur page?

    2. yazahra313


      Lol, just figured I had not talked to my ChemE brother for a long time, and thought to send a message and maybe initiate a convo. How are you and how is work?

    3. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      Alhamdulilah I'm good, work is same as usual, how's school?

  3. long time no see! How are you? Inshallah all is well :)

    1. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali


      Yazo Mazo! how is the chemical engineering going? Alhamdulilah I am well.

    2. yazahra313


      uhhh, finals week is next week!! u never told me Physical chem is a killer :( The quantum is driving me crazy.. literally, wallah i am in need of ur prayers, i think that is the only thing that is keeping me going. How is the job treating u?

    3. La fata illa Ali

      La fata illa Ali

      lol i dont think I ever had to deal with quantum stuff...anyways inshAllah you will do well.

      The job is alhamdulilah great.

      Bon Chance Yazo mazo!

  4. Just watched a separation last night...! awesome movie!

    1. AliSaleh


      i agree, it was great!

  5. Those facts you said of Ayatollah Khomeini... I HAVE HEARD TOOO!!!!!!!

    1. yazahra313


      And i just realized u posted that like 2 years ago lol -_-

    2. Maula Dha Mallang

      Maula Dha Mallang

      lol which ones have you heard bro?

  6. Is doing la3an, w hich means taking the blessing off a certain group, known as cursing? Just thought it should be cleared with respect to the chatroom rules, since the exact definition of la3an is NOT a curse word

  7. awww, thank uuuuu .. wallah it made me feel better shokran ehwayaaaa:)

  8. I emailed you my question. Ajrikom ilallah :)

  9. i actually got the answer :)

  10. what do i put for v?

    Thank youuu

  11. I need your help on a few physics problems. I will post one here, let me know if you understand it. thanks

    A space vehicle accelerates uniformly from 70 at t = 0 to 172 at t = 10.0. How far did it move between = 2.0 and = 6.0 ?

    I got the a with the velocities given = 10.2 .. and i plugged it in the formula d = vt+.5a(t)^2 .. but i don't think i am getting it right.. w...

  12. Not yet, but soon :)

  13. We are a class of like 35.. and haven't really made much friends.. plus i commute, so im only on campus 3 days a week!! :( and for some reason, the people that i associate with end up being the people that are in the same situation as me! Being clueless :(

  14. aww thanks, ur really giving me hope!! Thank youuu! :)

  15. i went to see my physics prof today.. and he was like, i think u have a confidence issue.. lol he was like u are determined to not get it and get it wrong!! im like yes.. that is true!!

  16. Engineering... Im thinking maybe :D

  17. Salam alaikom,

    Hope all is well. I had to leave, because we had a guest over.. so i don't really know if u asked/commented on anything i said. Let me know if you have any other questions/comments.


  18. such cute pic!!! vayyy

  19. Salam alaikom,

    I have a question. I was just reading the ShiaChat rules, and it states that cursing the 3 caliphas (omar, abu bakr, ect..) is not allowed. Now cursing as stated is using bad language.. is saying la3natollah (may the blessings of Allah be taken off from them) a curse?? Because then the definition of cursing should be changed. please let me know. thank you

  20. :) it was awesome meeting you!

  21. Salam alaikom, I wanted to know what happened to the shirazi forum site? please let me know. thank you ws

  22. Iran was good, I actually went to Iraq for a week and it was amazing. the ziyarats are just unexplainable. it was a unforgettable trip. how is life with you?

  23. i know, right? its been a long time. alhamdulilah im ok. just lost my grandfather. :( i was in iran till a couple of days ago. really sad. how have you been? everything well?

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