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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I guess the guys on the forum who were saying they want a wife that only "looks good" should kinda rethink their criteria, because after 10-20 years its gonna be the akhlaaq that really stays. Same goes in reverse for females
  2. Salam Alaikom, Check it out! http://fstoppers.com/10-incredible-gifs-showing-how-aging-changes-our-appearance
  3. I will do 5000, Inshallah. Thanks for setting this up. May Allah bless you :)
  4. Salam Alaikom, Im actually the opposite. Anytime there is a potential person that could be my future spouse, I always think he is too good for me and I am not good enough for him. Although these thoughts come randomly, the same way I get random thoughts at uni if I could actually pass a hardcore engineering class. It is random instances of low self confidence, which I know is due to some occurrences during my childhood, but I it has allowed me to become humble in front of others and even if I have success in the future, I still think people in general are better than me. I guess it has its pros and cons, although I think there should be a balance between both. I think the best thing to do in your situation is just focus on your faults. When a person is so concerned about himself to see how he can become better, he won't be worried if his wife is not good enough for him, because he will be so wrapped around thinking how to improve himself. The main idea is to not look for other people's faults, but to just focus on urself and see how u can become better. Another thing is, once ur married, u will realize that ur wife will have some qualities that you don't, and u will have qualities that she doesn't, and therefore can perfect each other. Don't over think it too much! At the end, you must have full Tawakol to Allah! :)
  5. Salam Alaikom, What are your thoughts on this? I am heartbroken for the mother of the 23 year old victim :( http://news.yahoo.com/outrage-india-over-first-delhi-gang-rape-sentence-053315692.html
  6. La3natollah Ala Dhalemeen. May Allah curse all oppressors and those who do nothing about oppression :no:
  7. And I thought you wrote it Aal -e- Imran :squeez: But its pretty true! Thanks for sharing. I think similar things occur on Facebook and I actually feel so embarrassed for those girls who find the need to post pictures, and not just normal pictures that they would look like every day, but pictures of themselves with excess amount of make up, accessories, and tight clothing to get responses from others on how they look! Or maybe they want to find a husband? I just don't get it. Why do you have to "Show off"? We can all show off. Put on a few pounds of make up and photo shop our picture and show the world, but if your a hijabi then why? What is the point of that modesty, when 300 other guys are looking at you and God knows what they are thinking! I don't think that is the "Hayaa" our Imams (as) and Prophet (as) talked about!
  8. Salam Alaikom, I have always had so much difficulty with the whole not shaking hands with men as I am very shy. I even remember discussing with my friends, what is one of the most difficult obstacles of ahkam, and I remember saying telling a na-mahram, "I'm sorry, but I can't shake hands with you". I have finished my 3rd year at university now, and everytime I meet with classmates or have groupmates, I pray to God so much that the men do not ask to shake my hands, because I just don't want them to feel embarrassed in front of others. In a lot of cases, if I tell a guy I can not shake hands, they avoid talking to me as a whole in the future. For example asking for notes, or homework, etc.. I remember when I was in high school, I was taking a college course, and there was different age groups varying from like 16-60years, and I was the only 16 year old. When I did not shake hands with an older american man which was around 45ish, he ended up respecting me so much more and praising my essence. (it wasn't praising, it was rather saying so much good about me, when he had just met me!) Simply, how I react is as someone mentioned above, I put my hand on my chest and say im so sorry, but I can't shake hands. And I make sure to smile a lot lol. At some point, I was on the verge of shaking someones hand cause I felt super embarrassed, but remembered if you truly want to have Iman and Taqwa you need to be able to survive hard tasks, plus this is not even that much of a difficult task. You will be fine, but remember it all depends on how much you are able to value Allah's rules and your level of Iman. Good Luck!
  9. When I went in for an interview for a ChemE internship, I wore fancy black pants and long black coat which looked like a suit, just a long version of it. My mom actually wore that coat to her interviews, but I think a dress looks a little tacky. A coat is more professional. Good luck! And I just read you got the job! So great job! yay
  10. I believe Eid in california is on Friday, but tomorrow is yom al shak, I suggest you go on a Safaar (travel) and break your fast, as it is better to be on the safe side.
  11. I heard that the last 10 nights may be laylatol qadr and that the imams would do "itikaf" the last few nights. Also, I heard the night of 27th of Ramadhan which is the 7th of Imam Ali (as) may also be laylatol qadr.
  12. Salam Alaikom, Thank you for this topic as I think the most important issue that we should address for those who have kids or are going to have kids is schooling. I volunteer at a islamic school Shia in California and I am saddened to say that I simply despise so called "Shias". After working there for several years, I have come to the conclusion that the reason why us shias are so oppressed and hurt is because of ourselves. We simply are 2faced people that only think about ourselves and never want to support each other. All we (shias) look for is to make people happy as opposed to making God happy. Its really sad, but we are also illogical and stupid. We don't look at something and think about it ourselves, but rather we see if the majority go with it. If the majority doesn't go with it, then that means "There must be something wrong!" We simply go with the flow. How many people were with Imam Hossein?? Majority?? ... NO! At this school, most of the parents are non- religious, non - shia who bring there children for academics and morals. Shia parents are willing to put their children in public, non islamic schools, but never ever put their children in Islamic Shia school. The people that would and are still talking badly of the school are shia parents. So a whole bunch of you on here are saying ur only choice is either homeschool or shia school, but when the time really comes, will you honestly have the will power to put ur child in the islamic shia school or will u be concerned because of majority and other people's mouths! Having that said, we are not shia, we just call ourselves shia. If we were shia we wouldn't act like this, so I don't despise real "Shias".
  13. If istikhara turns out bad, and her and her family value it greatly that means the decision is pretty much made. Although, in some cases the girl does want and the parents do istikhara and she becomes saddened but the parents still say because the results are bad we can not further pursue the case. In these cases, if the man truly wants the girl, he should again contact the family and ask them to just do another istikhara to see the results. Unfortunately in your case, the girl just doesn't want to continue. If she doesn't want to, you also need to move on. I know it is difficult, but I have seen results of istikhara come true. I have seen marriages that the person did istikhara for 3 times and she said let me put sadaqa everytime, but after the marriage she got a divorce, leaving all her children. I think what a lot of youth do not understand and can't see is that there are a lot of fish in the sea (as they say), i know you might have thought she was the one and everything, but there are others like her or even better. I think we need to be able to accept that if it didn't work out with this one, inshallah it will work out with the next. Hope this helps!
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