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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No u r not looking for wrong thing Intellectual compatibility is important among spouses
  2. Thank you all for your replies it helped! I want to ask about the following hadith 519 Narrated An-Nazzal: Ali came to the gate of the courtyard (of the Mosque) and drank (water) while he was standing and said, "Some people dislike to drink while standing, but I saw the Prophet doing (drinking water) as you have seen me doing now." 520 Narrated An-Nazzal bin Sabra: 'Ali offered the Zuhr prayer and then sat down in the wide courtyard (of the Mosque) of Kufa in order to deal with the affairs of the people till the 'Asr prayer became due. Then water was brought to him and he drank of it, washed his face, hands, head and feet. Then he stood up and drank the remaining water while he was standing. and said, "Some people dislike to drink water while standing thought the Prophet did as I have just done." 521 Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet drank Zam-Zam (water) while standing. Bukhari Do v find something along these lines in Shia traditions or accept this as true also?
  3. So what are the teachings in terms of drinking? Standing to drink is more preferable or sitting? Or both ok? Sunnis quote Imam Ali a.s. quote that in bukhari he drank water from left over water of Wuzu n he drank that standing saying that people in kufa seem to not know that standing to drink water is sunnah n that's how rasul saw did it n he showed them how. How about eating? Some had said must drink water sitting Some say can stand n drink Some say dont breath into the water. Some say totally hold your breath n drink the cup of water in 3 parts. Thoughts?
  4. Wow so many diverse views on this That makes it even more confusing
  5. Thank you all for your detailed replies It did help me understand better
  6. Are shias encouraged to visit Al aqsa mosque like they are to visit masjid e nabvi (madina)and masjid e haram (mecca) Seems more non Shia visit Al aqsa from Uk n US Any references would be appreciated
  7. I would to ask about the basis for 3 day arbaeen walk I heard that it has no basis per sunnah n the money spent on feeding those walkers are better spent on the orphans of Iraq. As in there isn't any extra ordinary sawaab or purpose in such walk (might as well go direct to shrine instead of bothering with a 3 day walk) Thoughts? References?
  8. It’s Haraam to enter Masjid ul Haram and Masjid un Nabi. Stopping in other mosques and the shrines of Imams is Haraam. Passing through one door and coming out through another door is okay as long as one does not stop in a Masjid or Shrine of Imams. Placing something in the mosque is Haraam, but picking up something is no problem, according to Imam Khomeini. However as per Ayatullah Seestani a woman cannot place something or pick up something while a woman is Junub or when in the state of Haidh. Reciting 4 surahs that contain the Wajib Sajda is Haram: Surah Sajda, Surah Fussilat, Surah Al-Najm and Surah Al-Alaq. According to Imam Khomeini, even reciting one word of the surahs mentioned above in the state of janabat or haidh is haram. Note: Ayatullah Seestani says that reciting the Surah is not a problem but a woman in the state of haidh or janabat should not recite the ayats that have the Sajda e wajib in them. Surah Sajda Ayat 15, Surah Fussilat Ayat 38, Surah Al-Najm Ayat 62, and Surah Al-Alaq Ayat 19. It’s haraam to touch the words of Qur’an with any part of the body. It’s haraam to touch the names of Allah in any language. It’s Haraam to touch names of Prophets and Imams and Syeda Fatema (SA). as per Imam Khomeini its Ihtiyat-e-Wajib not to touch the names of the 14 infallibles. Note: As per Ayatullah Seestani its better if a woman does not touch the names of the 14 Infallibles in the state of janabat and haidh. my question is that fine ladies in menses are told what they can't do. But doesn't anyone tell WHAT THEY CAN DO WHEN IN MEDINA IN SUCH A STATE?! SHOULD SHE STAY IN HOTEL N BE DEPRESSED FOR MISSING OUT WHILE OTHERS ARE IN THERE?! WHICH MOST LIKELY WILL BE THE CASE IF NO GUIDANCE IS GIVEN
  9. Good point. I also never got any answer. Especially when majority of poor ppl in this world don't fall under the category of ppl who can be given khums too Especially when u live in a place where there r hardly any Muslims but there r poor ppl but no somehow some way u have to find ppl some land far far away who will fall under the category of ppl eligible for khums.
  10. What exactly can a lady wear for footwear during state of ihram. I thought comfy sandals are ok but recently heard that have to wear socks in 50 degree Celsius this year?! Please send some light on this
  11. Thank you so much for your reply It cleared up so much for me May Allah bless you for this!
  12. What is a woman allowed n not allowed to do if she is in menses when she arrives in madina or when she arrives in mecca for hajj. MADINA When everyone else goes visit Prophets pbuh mosque till where is she allowed to go? n how best she can utilise her time? How to not feel down when others going in n she feels left behind n kind of outcast? Please inform on DO n DONTS for her in Madina MECCA How to do saee in menses? Is she is allowed As for in Mecca when she can't make it in time to do obligatory tawaaf where exactly n how is she suppose to find a wakil in land of strangers to do tawaaf for her? (As her group is leaving n she can't stay behind) Any other advice for such lady?
  13. Anyone know the context of doing tawaaf un nisa n why it's done in shia fiqh The only thing I know is nisa means woman So what's this tawaaf about? V know n understand the tawaaf for umrah then tawaaf after hajj n tawaaf ul wida (farewell tawaaf) But I can't find anything on tawaaf un nisa except on how to do it. Knowing how to do is good but knowing y v doing it like the other tawaaf is better Anyone can shed some light on this?
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