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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. good too alhamdulillah :)

  2. wa alaikum asalam.im good alhamd. how r u? :)

  3. Salams sis, how r u? :)

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq5_vG3cYGM (ATTENTION: a lot of foul language) I'm utterly disgusted. I find it hard to believe that they have any sort of feelings.
  5. asalam alaykum thanku all for the replies nd i really appreciate it. this actually did help me because i needed this. sis Muslimah_IBe i dont know if its more than what i just mentioned in my first post - but as it says inthe title i'm lost. i really am and i think im just usin the hijab as an excuse,and yes sometimes the issue is criticisms of the peopl around me. i do pcture myself to be happeir if i take the hijab off but again sumtyms we dont knw wats gd for us - since my dream of what alwys wanted to become (since i was a child) is a fashionist and i knw i cnt go into my dream bcuz of the hijab. i admit i am not that close to Allah (swt), i pray 5 times a day and even wake up for fajir prayer all the time, but i just dnt take my time with each prayer. iv always had questions abt religion and the importance of hijab and evn wen i get the answers they nver convince me enough ( especially wen i get explanantions about the hijab, i just dot really agree with the whole idea). im hoping as i grow up i'll understand. keep me in ur prayers. ws
  6. Salam alaykum sisters I've worn hijab since i was 9 and i wasn't actually "forced" to wear it, but i didn't have a choice because all the girls in my family starting wearing it at that age. However, since that time i've never really "liked" wearing it and i do feel like it led me to think that i was forced to wear it and it wasn't my own choice. I'm 17 now and i really really hate it and i dont even think i am actually acting like a hijabi is suposed to act because i'm not doing it for Allah (swt) but for my family. I really hate that because i'd like to actually wear hijab for Allah not for anyone else. even people in my college dont really look at me as a real 'hijabi' because of the way i act, i tried my best to change myself but i just dont think i'm acually READY to wear it. now i dont know if i should take it off - i'll face A LOT of problems if i do but if i dont i'll really start going into major depression because that's what im going through right now, i'm not attending colllege or going out anywhere thinking of this problem and just hate going out of my room. i really feel like i'm in a prison with the hijab, and i hate myself for that thought but what can i do. I've prayed to God through Ahlulbait to guide me and let me do the right thing. i wasn't sure if i should post it on shiachat or just think it through myself but since i feel suicidal about everything nowadays i realy need help. i'm too scared to talk about it with my parents because i dont know what their reaction is gonna be; it's definitly not gona be good though . now should i take my hijab off and then wear it when im actually READY to wear it for Allah (swt) or just carry on doing what i did for 9 years? Wassalam.
  7. I had one and i still remember how great it was, having all my friends and family surrounding me. I think it's really important for every girl since it motivates her more to wear hijab, to pray and begin her journey as a Muslim girl. I'll definitely have one for my daughter!
  8. humans and jinns are all creations of God - doesn't that mean God created evil, since it's coming from humans and jinns? I understand where you are coming from though and thank you for your reply. iraq_shia, hundreds of people lost members of their family and lost their homes from earthquakes; I don't think any of them think what has happened to them is a good thing. and since you are an arabic person yourself, you must have heard of the saying 'aljoo3 kafir' - that answers your question very clearly.
  9. (salam) The problem of evil and suffering has been discussed many times, yet i still don't find a believable explanation for it. If God is indeed all-loving, then why does Natural evil exist (evil such as earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes etc.)? I understand it's a test, but shouldn't it be a fair test? Why do some people have an easier test than others? I'll take the people of Africa as an example, they're starving to death and not living a very pleasant life, now i know they'll be rewarded in heaven, but other religious people did not starve to death but only followed God's commands, lived a normal pleasant life with less difficulties, and so get to go to the exact same level in heaven as the starving children of Africa who had an awful life. Is this fair? What possible reasons might God have for permitting evil to exist in the world, when he could've just easily created a flawless worlds with no evil in it. PS - I am a strong Muslim believer btw, but just need a few things to be made clearer. and I hope I've posted this in the right forum.
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