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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol how do you decide on a document's reliability? based on how much it agrees with what you want to hear or believe? or you look for a signature or a stamp? like i said before nobody is forcing you to believe it and if you think it is fake then i guess good for you. salam ;) . wallahu a3lam
  2. i can assure you the letter is authentic. what is funny is that some bring forward a magazine article to say a signed and stamped (note the stamp used is sayed khoei's personal stamp and not his office's) letter of sayed khoei is fake. If the letter was indeed fake then sayed khoei should have issued another signed and stamped letter making it clear the other letter was fake not do an interview with a magazine instead, but that is not the case and i am afraid a megzaine article is just not good enough. if you don't like the letter or don't want to believe it then don't and nobody is forcing you to but please don't make up excuses such as "it is fake". i have even met scholars who are not only supporters of sayed shirazi but are also related to him and when the issue of the letter was mentioned they just stayed silent and never denied it. finally i think the issue of this letter and sayed shirazi has been discussed enough times on different forums and there really isn't a point in posting the letter on the forums every now and then. wallahu a3lam
  3. the sayed is ayatullah sayed abdullah shirazi the father of sayed muhammed ali shirazi who is in mashad. wallahu a3lam
  4. Where exactly did you get that from?! wallahu a3lam
  5. Before replying to this post may I make it clear that I am really not bothered for an argument or debate but I just wanted to simply answer the bro to best of my knowledge. 1) Yes it is true. 2) He didnt go around collecting signatures but he and Sayed Golpayegani were the most two important ayatullahs who signed the letter to confirm the ijtihad of Sayed Khomeini in order to save his life. Ayatullah Khonsari who was more knowledgeable and important of both Sayed Shariat Madari and Sayed Golpayegani refused to sign. 3) Well many scholars did oppose Shah and perhaps helped the revolution but I believe everyone knew that Sayed Khomeini is going to be the key player. 4) I wouldnt say all of them but at the end of the day it was someone else who was making the decisions and ordering them to kill. 5) The idea was first introduced by Ayatullah Naraqi but rejected by most of the Shia scholars but Sayed Khomeini developed it and used it to establish an Islamic state in Iran. 6) First time I hear such thing. 7) Again I am not sure. Sayed Shriat Madari most likely would have opposed it. As for Sayed Shirazi, he was a close friend to Sayed Khomeini but after the revolution they disagreed on wilayat al faqih al mutlaqa. Sayed Shirazi believed it was wilayat al fuqaha (more than one faqih) and Sayed Khomeini believed it was wilayat al faqih (only one faqih), hence the two disagreed and kind of became enemies. Regarding Montazeri again I believe he was very close to Sayed Khomeini but became anti IRI later. I dont even know who rastegari is! 8) He was tortured but I am not sure of the details. Even the speaker who gave a lecture in his funeral was taken to jail by "ettela3at" (Iranian Intelligence Service). 9) Not sure. 10) Not sure. wallahu a3lam
  6. So is your father against the rest of Arabs?! And I never said it is Iran vs Iraq, but I said it Iran vs Arabs and Iraqis are Arabs. For example going back to my story in Mashad the guys didnt first ask me if i am an Iraqi and then make their jokes, they will make their jokes as long as you are an Arab regardless of you being Iraqi, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Bahraini, Jordanian ....... I think it is more like some racist attitudes amongst "most" Iranians. Please note I am not trying to offend Iranians as a matter of fact I believe most Iraqis are racist towards Iranians too. If you wish to close your eyes and live in your own perfect world and not see this then I am afraid I cant do anything about it. Perhaps if you ask your dad he will tell you about it. I have heard it many times. 1. Perhaps the Iraqi government pays the Iranian government? Or are you saying the Iranian government is providing all these services for free for the sake of Allah? Then I really dont know what is the purpose of all these contracts being signed between the two countries. 2. Maliki is not seen as a traitor except only by an extreme minority. His diplomatic relations should show you what the Islamic countries think of him and the results of the last election should show you what the Iraqis inside Iraq think of him. So please keep such comments to yourself :) 3. As far as i know we have an agreement with foreign forces and we have a democratic government in Iraq so not too sure how exactly we are occupied!! Whats that got to do with anything? when he is selling oil to other countries does he say his own country doesnt have enough oil? Please enlighten us by telling us what is the motivation for Iran to send electricity to Iraq while its own cities including its capital which is the most important city in the country lacks electricity. Perhaps again they are doing it for free for the sake of Allah and perhaps the Iraqi citizens in Iraq are the priority to the Iranian regime than the Iranian citizens in Iran including its capital! 1. Next time read my posts properly because I said this could be "one" of the reasons. So not sure where you got "most Iraqi resentment towards Iran seems to come out of this country" from. 2. Perhaps you can have a bit of more reading and realise that in order to live in a country you need to be in contact with its government. I cant just contact my Iranian friend and jump in the country! I leave that one for you to figure out! I just know that even if you are a refugee in England you dont need government's permission to travel to Wales for example, let alone travelling just from a city to another. Not mentioning the obvious fact that the guy was facing an emergency situation. Funny you get an A*. For more info please contact Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim himself :) Or if you wish you can be an ignorant and ignore it completely. :D Interesting because I know more Iranians than Iraqis who dont just hate black people but also love blondes with blue eyes ;) So Iran has no control and influence over SIIC and Sadrists?! Let me repeat myself one more time just for the sake of it "if you wish you can be an ignorant and ignore it completely". Or maybe the reasons are just there for display and I dont choose to be an ignorant and ignore them. I absolutely respect that but I am afraid your opinion alone is not enough for us to come to the conclusion that there is no hate or dislike between Iraqis/Arabs and Iranians. lol so now you are justifying it? As far as i know there are no proverbs about Americans or perhaps you could share them with us if there are any? You not being aware of it could perhaps be due to you not living in Iran for long? Like I said to bro Iqea id you ask your parents Im sure they will tell you about it or maybe you can ask any normal Iranian on the street during your next visit to Iran. :) True but we need the presence of a ma3soom (i.e. Imam). Until then lets not mix politics with Islam. wallahu a3lam
  7. With all due respect i think my previous post is much of a better example to show the Iranian-Arab problems than the opinion of an individual who is only one of the 70m Iranians. If you think otherwise like i pointed in my previous post can you please tell us why Iranians have such proverbs about Arabs?! We need to be realistic and realise that Iran just like any other country is doing politics and there is no need at all to bring Islam in to this. Lets keep the religion holy and away from our political games. wallahu a3lam
  8. The Arab-Iranian issues have been going on for ages. I dont know why exactly this is how it is but for sure Iranians do dislike Arabs and Arabs do dislike Iranians and personally I believe Iraqis are more well known for disliking the Iranians than the other fellow Arabs. Can all Iranians who deny this fact please tell me why there is a famous Iranian proverb very often used in Iran which says "Arab dar beeyaban malakh mikhorad sage Esfahan abe yakh mikhord" (translation: Arab eats a locust in desert and the dog of Esfahan drinks cold water). So basically the Arabs are even lower than the dog of Esfahan. Ragarding Iranians helping Iraq, I am sure it is not just out of their pure intentions trying to help the Iraqis. So they are either getting paid for what they are doing or there is something dodgy going on. For example during last summer Iran was sending electricity to some cities in Iraq but at the same time every day the electricity was cut off in every Iranian city for a good few hours, including the capital of Iran, Tehran. The reason given was that Iran lacks energy resources. (perhaps if anyone here visited Iran during the last summer can confirm this). So the question is if Iran doesnt have electricity for its own country then how can they send electricity to Iraq?? It is very hard for me to believe that the Iraqis in Iraq are more important to the Iranian regime than the Iranian citizens in the capital of Iran. This is when i come to believe that there is something dodgy going on ..... Why Iraqis specifically dislike Iranians? There may be several reasons for this. One could be due to the treatment they recieved in Iran both by Iranian authorities and Iranian people. I know of an Iraqi who lived in Esfahan and wanted to take his ill father to Tehran for treatment in an emergency situation but he had to wait for several months until the Iranian authorities gave him permission to travel to Tehran. In another example when Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim took his ill daughter to a hospital in Tehran he had to wait for hours until an "Iranian" friend contacted the head of the hospital and the doctors finally came to visit his daughter (notice Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim is the brother of Sayed Muhammed Baqir Al-Hakim, a close friend of Sayed Khomeini). In my own personal experience when i visited Iran about three years ago i went to Mashad. About 1 am I was walking home from the hadhra in my dishdasha (long Arabic dress) when i heard four Iranian guys from behind making jokes about Arabs and calling me an Arab as if it is a disease. The second reason why Iraqis may dislike Iranians could be due to the Iranian interference in Iraq's affairs and perhaps using Iraq as a battlefield to fight their enemies, the Americans. Before supporting SIIC in terms of money and training Badr brigades and providing them with weapons and now supporting the Sadrists and training Jaish Al Mehdi and providing them with weapons. Kicking Muqtada Al-Sadr out of Iran after his interview on Al-Jazeera when he said "I "advised" Sayed Khamenei, oh sorry i mean i reminded him ...." just goes to show Iran's influence and power. So honestly i am not surprised at all why Iraqis do dislike Iranians or the Iranian regime. wallahu a3lam
  9. lol you seem to ignore his own book. I believe you wouldnt even need a translation so you can purchase the book and have some more reading :) wallahu a3lam
  10. lool if he was an Ayatullah then Zarqawi was probably an Imam comparing to him. Was he religious? No. Was he just? No. Was he a good man? No. Was he not a murderer? Yes!! He must have been the most interesting Ayatullah I have ever came across. This has got nothing to do with Shah or supporters of Shah, like i said you can go read the book "memories of Khalkhali" and you will understand what is accusation and what is not. Once he enteres a house and the parrot inside says "javid Shah" (meaning "long live Shah"). Then Khalkhali ordered his guards to execute the parrot. I have heard this from the doctor who was always with Khalkhali and checked the prisoners to make sure they were healthy before they were executed. So you cant even say he is a Shah supporter because if he was I am sure he would have been the first to be executed by Khalkhali. wallahu a3lam
  11. The so called "shaikh" Sadiq Khalkhali aka hanging judge as his nickname suggest was a murderer. Iraq surely doesnt need such people and already has enough terrorists killing Iraqis. Once he went to a prison and he lined up the prisoners and one by one he said execute free execute free execute free ..... and so on until he reached the last person who came out to be free, so the poor guy smiled because he was free but as soon as Khalkhali saw him smiling he started from the end again execute free execute free execute free .... so within seconds one who could have been executed was freed and one who could have been freed was executed. Notice there was no trial and he didtnt even know why these people were in prison in the first place. When he was asked about this incident he confirmed it but he tried to justify it with saying "that smile was an evil smile". In another story a wife and a husband had a fight so when they go to the police station the husband gets arrested. Then Khalkhali comes and starts his executeion free execution ... style. Next morning when the wife comes and finds out that his husband was executed she starts crying ..... so when they tell Khalkhali about it he says "doesnt matter he will be a shaheed". You can just go through the book of "memories of Khalkhali" to find many more of such stories. You may need a Khalkhali but Iraq and Iraqis dont so keep him to yourself. Regarding Maliki I think the last election is the best answer for you to probably shut you up. wallahu a3lam
  12. I did understand the bold part but my post was a reply to "As a matter of fact if you think about the meaning of that addition you would understand the beauty of it". That sounds like you agree with the addition and as if we need to make adhan more beautiful. Inshallah i am wrong. Wallahu a3lam
  13. I believe the original adhan by Allah is perfect and more beautiful than anything else. As i explained earlier in the original adhan we say "hayye 3ala kahir al 3amal" which means "salat is the best act" so not just better than sleeping but better than anything else. The adhan of Allah which was taught to us by His prophet is already perfect and we dont need anyone specially people such as Omar to make it more beautiful. Wallahu a3lam
  14. According to all of the Shia scholars the third shahada (ashhadu anna aliyun waliyullah) is not even part of the adhan and actually if you say it with the intentions that it is part of your adhan then your adhan is ba6il (invalid). So we are not adding anything to adhan itself. If you are speaking to a Sunni then remind them that "hayye 3ala khair al 3amal" was part of the adhan at the time of the prophet but why did Omar remove it and just replaced it with "assalatu khairu min al nawm" only in the morning prayers? P.S. If you are wondering why Omar did do so is because he wanted to take the Muslim ummah to wars and expand Islam but people were telling him according to adhan salat is the best act to do so why shall they bother to go to wars they could just sit at home and pray hence he removed "hayye 3ala khair al 3amal" compeletly from adhan and he added "assalatu khairu min al nawm" to the morning adhan. Wallahu a3lam
  15. That is purely your opinion. The reality is that the hawza of Najaf and hawza of Qom have been competing with each other long before the Islamic revolution in Iran. It is famous that once one of the leading maraji3 of Najaf travelled to Qom; once the marja3 got to Qom the hawza of Qom had already prepared one of the hardest fiqh questions to ask that marja3 in order ro embarrass him but when they asked the question the marja3 turned to one of his students and told him to answer the question. The answer was very good that everyone was amazed and was saying if this is the student then what would the teacher be like. Also what was said by Hussain Khomeini also contradicts your opinion. You missed the point. You can't even establish an Islamic state during the occultation. So everything above is invalid. wallahu a3lam
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