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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam,

    Happy Birthday bro - er - uncle, I mean... :P :P


  2. As salaam alaykum, Instead of people demeaning a person for their understanding wouldn't the "true" Islamic spirit call for dialogue "with beautiful words full of wisdom". Before we denounce anyone's views, look and listen to their entire view. Yes, it is true, that Imam Mahdi (A.S.) is a real living being. However, the comment made is not entirely without a base. The spirit of Imam Mahdi or to be clear, the spirit of his cause should reside within each of us. None of us should be sitting around waiting for Imam (as) to reappear but we should be busy preparing ourselves spiritually, physically
  3. As salaam alaykum, I think you may have that mixed up. Isa (A.S.)'s nubuwwah and risalah would end. His risalah can not supercede the risalah of Muhammad (S.A.W.). As salaam alaykum, Djibril
  4. Shaykh Fadhlallah does not support masturbation. You are confusing his ruling on whether it was permissible for women to masturbate vs. men. As far as men go, Shaykh Fadhlallah has said, unequivocably, no. La, rhymes with snow, can you say go, in other words, no. The issue about women and masturbation is controversial because he says masturbation within the context of ahadith and urf involves seminal fluid emitting. However, women do not have seminal fluid as we all know. All maraji ohave said that masturbation is haram.
  5. As salaam alaykum, I believe we are using faulty logic by comparing mut'a to masturbation. Marriage whether permanent or temporary is what the couple makes it. Mut'a is a mercy from Allah to both genders for a variety of reasons. The major difference, legally, is that there is no divorce as it is a time-limit marriage which, by the way can be renewed if the couple agrees too it, and no inheritance but the couple can stipulate that their spouse can receive a bequest. This is besides the point. I think it would be better if we started off by asking, do we consider Allah, the All Knowing, the al
  6. Shukran I can't remember the young brother's name. The only thing I can remember was that he and bro. Fahad were going back and forth on some issues. Thanks again. As salaam alaykum
  7. Thank you. Can one of the moderators let me know what was against the rules regarding the aforementioned forum?
  8. As salaam alaykum, Maybe I'm imagining this but I posted to a thread a few days ago on Malcolm X and now the thread no longer exists. Is there a reason for this or has that thread been merged to another thread? Will someone enlighten me please? As salaam alaykum, Bro. Djibril
  9. She can be spared. A number of questions are asked. However, if no one saw her or the guy then there should not have been a case. It's not just a matter of a 16 year old girl committing a sin. The facts we don't have before us are: Was she seen? Where did it take place? Did it take place before other people? Was there drunkedness or some mood altering drug involved? If she was not seen, and confessed to the crime, how many times did she confess? If she confessed less than 3 times she should have been spared and her accusers, if any, she should have been punished. You can't take anything at fac
  10. There is a work of Allamah Iqbal called "The Development of Metaphysics in Persia". Iqbal gives a very detailed account, from his sources, on the development of sufiism. His basic premise is that Islam needs pure Sufiism as it can rejuvenate the Muslim ummah because of its inherent acknowledgement that man is a wholistic being who needs spirituality as well as interaction with other human beings. We are at the service of God and man. This was part of the message that Iqbal expounded upon. There's much more. I enourage all interested to read the above referenced material from Allamah. Remember
  11. As salaam alaykum, It is 2006. This is the information age. We have internet. We have libraries. which by extension makes it very easy to contact people concerning their beliefs. The people the Aimmah (as) criticized concerning their "sufism" were those who spent all of their time in "devotion" but paid no attention to the matters of this world. You can not condemn a whole group of people based upon the views of one or two or even a hundred people who may present themselves as marjaiyyah or ulema. Islam demands that the people, the Muslims, the believers, and anyone with half a brain to think
  12. Question? Where do you live? I don't wish to demean you nor do I want you to take the folowing statements out of context. Caucasians, as a whole, have benefitted off of everyone's misery. This is not to say every white person has given their blessing to the oppression of every color coded person on this planet but it kills me when I hear this type of b.s. How can whites in America lose? You have the benefit of being white and no matter what a white person's status is in America whether rich or dirt poor they would never trade places with a person of color. I don't care if a white person is dir
  13. My condolences to you and your family. May Allah's Noor be with your grandmother and may He (SWT) comfort you. As salaam alaykum
  14. Yes, Akhee. While I haven't had to go to another masjid and would refuse if asked, I personally, have experienced things that aren't worth mentioning here. People can change religions but it takes longer to change cultures. The caste system is still pervasive among many Indians and Pakistanis as well as Arabs and revives itself today in the form of "who's a Sayyid out there?" Some people won't marry you if you're not a Sayyid. I don't get upset because I understand it is a cultural mindset but someday, I hope the future generations will be smart enough to break this grip. As salaam alaykum
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