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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam To factor in the holidays and allow more people an opportunity to enter the competition, we have decided to extend the competition deadline date to Jan 19, 2009. It costs nothing to enter! Hope to see your articles :) wa salaam
  2. Last reminder! Not many people have entered the competition so there is a good chance of you winning a prize :) Jan 4 is the deadline! There is no requirements on who may enter the competition. Please see the link posted earlier in this thread for the article requirements and how to submit your article! Look forward to hearing from you :) wa salaam! :)
  3. Yes, I have read now a lot of info on them. Thanks again everyone. it seems that they mix many religions along side of some islamic this or that and have created their own religion altogether. The reason I asked is that I heard someone say they were Muslim but then started quoting all of this Bahai stuff and I became confused as to how the two could be associated.
  4. Salaams everyone :) Just one last reminder. Again, thank you to the SC staff! May Allah guide us and grant us Jennah! Ameen.
  5. Thank you everyone for your answers! This is a great help. :D
  6. I have a question that I wanted to ask a knowledgeable Shia scholar but I cant seem to post my question in the appropriate area. Perhaps you all can help me. Do the Shia consider the Baha'i faith to be Muslims? If not, why not? Thank you! (wasalam)
  7. (salam) brothers and sisters! I would first like to thank the ShiaChat Admin staff for allowing me to post this thread! We at Islamfactor would like to extend an invitation to ShiaChat members to participate in our Article Competition designed to promote unity among Muslims, as well as others. We are offering first, second and third prize Amazon online gift certificates valued from $25 USD to $100 USD or the equivilant amount to be paid to your favorite charity, per topic. We have two topics that we have put up for the competition. Muslim Unity Unity of Humanity Muslim Unity is specifically geared towards Muslims, while Unity of Humanity is more geared towards all humans regardless of race, religion or creed, etc. As I mention to the SC Administration, what I am trying to accomplish is to encourage tolerance, a sense of brotherhood and solutions to what divides us as Muslims and as humans. You can view our details and guidelines of the competition at this link: Article Competition Thank you for your time! I hope to see submissions from SC's talented membership! Wa salaam! :)
  8. Just to let everyone know, we are running an article competition on selected topics this month. We would love to read what you have to say on the topics. Forum awards will be given. If your interested in authoring articles, this may just be your cup of tea! For more info:
  9. I still struggle with the concept of Imamate. I think its probably because I need to learn more about history of the Shia. Does the Imamate take the place of the Caliphate?
  10. interesting parallels between the Hindu Trinity and the Christian Trinity. A portion from my blog:
  11. I wrote a good article on the topic and posted it on my blog From The Old Testament To The Qur’an
  12. Salaams It looks like these guys were well trained. The indian troops have sustained heavy casualties. It is a total assault on the city. It will change the situation in India permanently... at least in Mumbai.
  13. Self control is a serious problem that many people do recognize that they need.
  14. All are welcome :)
  15. This is the nature of the beast so-to-speak. I have worked extensively with many Islamic groups in my area.  All of them are predominantly Pakistani or Arab (sunni groups).  Ultimately, us converts are seen as outsiders (ethnicly) and newcomers to Islam (even though Ive been muslim for 12 years) never part of the clique. Often english is not used.  If it is, it usually is a style of English that is geared towards their jobs since they only learned english to pass a college degree.  We call this technical english. Much of the programs in the community, are in Arabic or Urdu.  If they are in English, Arabic or Urdu is dominant. Recently, scholars are changing this and beginning to cater to a growing revert crowd. It is just the growing pains of our community that it goes through.  As the immigrants become more a minority and the second generation and reverts take over, the more programs will be geared for indigenous people in our country. As it stands now, our communities are founded to cater to the immigrant kind of like a culture club so they can find a "home away from home".  I have learned that when the chips are down in the end, us reverts are here for show and their amusement, not much else.Â
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