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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are these pictures real? How is he using his foot to vaccuum and eat? Where did you find these pictures? What about people who are possessed or victims of black magic. Do they get married? I guess people who don't marry will meet their spouse in the hereafter.
  2. Why are there disabled people unable to get married? For example, born with only one arm or mental retardation? They're not able to get married.
  3. Does Allah know our whole future here before we are born? How does He know what everybody will do?
  4. Is tomorrow the first or is Saturday the first? I think according to Sunni tomorrow is the first.
  5. Can the bride be on her period during the nikah?
  6. Thanks for posting hadiths. I came across this hadith as well One day Fatimah Zahra (as) went to visit the Holy Prophet (sal). He came to her and handed her a paper on which the following was mentioned: He who believes in Allah and the last day: 1) Shall not harm his neighbour 2) Shall honour his guest 3) Shall say what is useful or keep quiet
  7. Can someone give me hadiths on the benefits of marriage? Also I've heard people say that marriage partners are written in the sky. Is this a hadith? If both people go to heaven, do they remain married in heaven or do people marry others in heaven?
  8. Is there any hadith about people who talk more or who talk less? I am a person who doesn't talk that much but in Islam it's considered a good thing to meet with other muslims. I kind of feel inadequate because I'm not as social as others to whom meeting with others comes easily. Anybody know of any hadiths on this topic?
  9. Someone posted this hadith on facebook, but they are sunni, so I wanted to know if this is an authentic hadith according to shia? Once Hazrat Moosa ( Alaihis Salaam ) asked Allah O Allah what you do when you’re happy? Allah said: When I’m happy, I make it rain Hazrat Moosa ( Alaihis Salaam ) asked again when you are much more happier then? Allah said: I send guests Hazrat Moosa ( Alaihis Salaam ) then asked what you do when you’re happy the most? Allah replied: I create daughters
  10. I was reading an article about Ali Yakubov and it said a local Imam had said that it is written in the Quran that there may be sayings of the Quran written on peoples bodies before the end of the world. Does anyone know where in the Quran this is written? The article didn't say where it is written.
  11. My father. I'm sure he heard from scholars so I know it's true. Of course theres going to be rules with it.
  12. it can't be mutah if he is near his wife. mutah is only allowed during jihad or if the husband is away from the wife on business for more than six months.
  13. what does that mean? why would Imam Ali be the face of Allah.
  14. Imam Ali is the face of Allah? I've never heard this before?
  15. well why him more than other masumeen?
  16. Why do shia usually call on Imam Ali a.s. for help?
  17. i think you are mistaken actually. because the Quran says the punishment for lewdness is half that of free women for married slave women. that would mean they're not free.
  18. I think it is not that men are not allowed to marry slave girls. I think it is that if they decide to marry a slave girl then it sets her free as well.
  19. My view is that Islam is a fair religion and to be fair to everyone the man would need the slave girl's permission. I read on another thread that it would be a mutah so that would mean permission is needed. It makes sense that it is a mutah. Because I've heard mutah is allowed in two situtations. One is jihad and the other is if the man is away from his wife on business for more than six months. duh, the verse you posted in the same sentence as allowing right hand possess it states seek them in marriage.
  20. does the man need the slave girl's permission to have sex with her? they must, that wouldn't be fair
  21. When in the Quran it says men have permission to marry what their right hand possess. Did the men need the woman's permission to marry her?
  22. Hi, what is the information that you have?
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