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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can someone help me to translate this Poem. It's a famous poem by one of the Imam's companions Da'bal al-Khuza'ii قصيدة للشاعر أهل البيت ((دعبل الخزاعي )) أفــاطــم لـو خـلـت الـحـسـيـن مـجـدلاً وقـد مـات عـطـشـان فـي شـط فـراتِ ***** إذا لـلـطـمـت الـخـد فـاطـم عـنـده واجـريـت دمـع الـعـيـن فـي الـوجـنـاتِ ***** أفـاطـم قـومـي يـا ابـنـة الـخـيـر وانـدبـي نـجـوم سـمـاوات بـأرض فـلاتِ ***** قـبـور (بـكـوفـان) وأخـرى بـطـبـيـة وأخـرى (بـفـخ) نـالـهـا صـلـواتِ ***** قـبـور بـبـطـن الـنـهـر مـن جـنـب (كـربـلاء) مـعـرسـهـم فـيـهـا بـشـط فـراتِ ***** تـوفـوا عـطـاشـى بـالـعـرى فـلـيـتـنـي تـوف
  2. Hezbollah is a political organization with a Shia Islam faceplate bolted on. Politics aside they have nothing to do with religion.
  3. don't be silly. He was clearly resisting arrest. The man got what he deserved. He was going to get cuffed anyway so he should have just made it easy on himself and cooperated with the police.
  4. That's like intentionally going near a burning building and unintentionally getting burnt. What did you expect to happen? Your fast is void if you completely dipped your head in the water while swimming. So it doesn't matter if you swallowed the water or not. I think you should make it up as a precaution but that's just my opinion.
  5. To suggest that plant based whole food sources of carbohydrates like potatoes contribute to heart disease is irresponsible. High blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol are also risk factors of heart disease and diabetes and I've never heard of anyone who got fat or became diabetic or got heart disease from eating fruit, Potatoes, corn, grains (rice, barley). Do you know anybody who got fat or sick from eating too much potatoes / rice / fruit? I know a lot of diabetics and I can tell you that all of them consume a high fat/meat and low fiber, carbohydrate diet. They got fat and ended up w
  6. As long as you stay way from the refined sugars and stick to clean starch like potatoes, rice, barley, etc.. you can eat it ad libidum. Most chinese, japanese, koreans are slim and trim, their diet consists of lots of high carb rice. Kenyan runners are some of the best runners in the world and yet their diet consists mostly of high carb Ugali. In fact most Kenyan's are not runners, they eat mostly Ugali and are all slim and trim. Roman Gladiators, among the strongest men in history are commonly known as Barley men because their diet consisted of mostly Barley. Aztec warriors before going
  7. so far I made 2 dishes that are outside of the normal high fat and oily ramadan tradition. 1. vegetable & potato curry over a bed of brown rice (45 minutes prep time) 2. sweet & sour spicy vegetable & tofu stir-fry with soba noodles (15 minutes prep time) in both cases I had lots of sweet fruit for dessert.
  8. I don't entirely agree with that. Hormones play a major role in burning fat. In a fasted state your body metabolism is growth hormone dominated as opposed to insulin dominated while in a fed state. Growth hormone is increased by fasting and keeps your metabolism elevated and reduces the need to use glucose as a fuel source. It keeps your blood glucose level stable and prevents you from losing muscle mass while you fast. Not only that but it also upregulates key enzymes that help move fats into the muscle to be burned as fuel. eating prevents release of growth hormone while fasting promote
  9. You're supposed to work out before Iftar. Never work out on a full stomach as your body has better things to do than to digest food during a work out. If you have no energy before iftar that means you're not eating the right foods and carb starving yourself. Normally If I'm going to work out tomorrow then i'll carb load at iftar time. That means a lot of bananas, dates, potatoes, and rice. High carb, low fat, low protein. The carbs convert into glycogen and are stored in your muscles. The body can store up to 500 grams of carbs without converting to fat. that means you can eat up to 2000
  10. Pop goes the weasel. http://cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2011/09/30/sot-obama-al-awlaki.cnn.html
  11. In many Shia traditions Omar is refereed to as the "Son of Suhak" Imam Ali (as) and some of the other imams refereed to him with that title. Shaikh Mufid himself also refereed to Omar as the son of Suhak. I would argue that it is credible because this title for Omar is found all over our traditions.
  12. thanks for the correction. I should also mention that Muhammad bin Sa'ib is not reliable in matters of sharia but he is considered reliable and an authority on geology.
  13. I don't have the hadith on me at the moment but it was narrated that one of the imams threw a stone in one direction and then threw 2 stones in another direction. The Imam's companion asked what he was doing. The imam replied that he threw 1 stone at Abu Bakr, and 2 stones at Omar. I also read that the #1 enemy of Muslims are Omar, Abu Bakr, then Satan. In that exact order.
  14. Muhammad ibn Sa'ad al-kalbi is a respected Sunni biographer who was considered one of the foremost knowledgeable persons in the field of genealogy. In his book al-salaba fi ma'rifat al-sahaba he wrote the following about Omar's ancestry. It's also important to note that a similar story is narrated in the shia book Mustadrakat Ilm rijal al-hadith by Ali namazi shahroodi. keeping in mind that both narrations from the different sects are consistent with one another and the respect given to Muhammad ibn Sa'ad al-kalbi by Sunni historians, both of which lend a high degree of credibility to the n
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