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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Topics in hidden sections on a forum are not searchable. I am on a forum with hidden sections for males and females as well as another hidden section so that members can post and ask questions they do not want searched and it works. The report button will not help anything. Its not about creating an elite club, its about creating a place within the forum where sisters can post freely, without having to worry about the prying eyes of brothers. Where a sisterhood bond can be formed because sisters feel able to share information, ask questions etc without having to worry about brothers seeing what they are posting. I've seen threads on menstruation and what not in here. Sure, these are topics that men may come across in real life but its not something that you can discuss comfortably knowing that men are reading what you post. Even with anonymity. In real life, you don't always control your surroundings. We live in a world that is increasingly mixed. Woman have to go out to work and you have to mix with men at work, at school, everywhere. I doubt sisters are walking into the men's prayer area in the masjid, because thats what you make it sound like. Where we can be segregated we are. We can be segregated here. Its not rocket science people. Just create two hidden sections that allow access for males and females to each section. Problem solved!
  2. It is possible to make the sections hidden and to give access to members to each section exclusivley. I came across this on a gaming forum I was on years ago and I moderate another Muslim forum where we have this in place and it works very well. The only schlep is that the mods have to do this for each member. What we do is have a thread where members can request permission to join which ever section they want and the mods give that member access. The post is deleted after and no spam is allowed so that it is always clean and easy to maintain. The respective sister and brother mods moderate the forums they have access to so you don't lose that aspect in the hidden sections.
  3. Have you tried doing dhikr before you go to sleep. That will keep your mind occupied and should help inshaAllah
  4. I still maintain that SC should have the Brothers and Sisters Sections hidden. Access to the respective sections is restricted; for example members would need a certain number of posts/ and have spent a certain number of time on the forums to gain access. Mods can have power over admission. If someone chooses to create a new account and pose as a Brother/Sister just to get in, then they will have to deal with the consequences on the day of judgement. They would also have to be really crazy to put that much energy into making people believe that they are a brother or sister. With the chat feature and if someone is regular enough you can tell if they are female or male. But my point is, hide the sections.
  5. salaams sister. I ahve a question. What does apartheid have to do with the lady in your sig?

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes all the way back. I suck with the internet :P

  7. No, its like for some reason the PM is blank. They're from different people. Its just weird.
  8. lol yeah. *giggle*

  9. :lol: Oh my what next?!? Kaka wears an "I Belong To Jesus" T-shirt in every game he plays lol...
  10. Okie so this sounds trivial, but for some reason, when I open my PMs they don't have the message content in them :blink: Is it just me?!?
  11. yeah but what I am saying is that what is the point of having a brothers and sisters section when all have access to it, the topics can go anywhere in the general section then. Sometimes there are things we want to talk about without someone of the opposite gender knowing we are discussing it, and you could use PMs but then you can only PM one person at a time... and you don't know who will be able to help you out...
  12. yeah what he said, but again the contextis important too. and yeah why is this posed to sisters only?
  13. wouldn't it depend on the grounds of her divorce? Like if her husband was abusive and she left him for her safety and her childrens (if she has any) then there wouldn't be a prob right? But like if she had an adulterous relationship and then got divorced because of that there would be different consequences? Oi I make no sense, and I don't have anything to back this up right now, I don't even know what the ruling is on it but I am sure that someone will post something up sooner or later. This is just my two cents...
  14. I read this on MM and it is pretty kewl...
  15. yup yup I am the same one :Hijabi: why did they close down? :cry:
  16. some spam: see if we had closed of sections you might get some real replies If you ask me, and I know a few "playas" in real life, they simply lack something, its both spiritual and personal, they don't think they are worth that much to be able to commit to a relationship, sometimes they don't feel that they have alot to offer to someone... there's alot more that goes into it, but yeah... Now there are probably some of you who are playas and are reading this going "I have good self-esteem, she knows nothing" but seriously, if you dig deep down and fight the defense mechanisms you have put in place you will find that these are in fact some of the reasons that you "play around", I think on a personal note, that playas lack respect for themselves and for people of the opposite gender...
  17. ^^ I have been trying to get back onto that sight for sooooooo long, I didn't know it closed down, I liked that placed, the gamers were awesome... yeah and the segregated sections did work well there too On this one forum that I am on you have to have a certain number of posts before you are allowed access to the section and I mean you have top be pretty desperate to have to register under a new username with a new e-mail address and then make like 100 posts just so you can get into a closed off section... What about giving it a try, i haven't heard anything from the mods of this site, what do you guys think?
  18. (salam) I'm not sure if this is the place to post it, and I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before... Is it possible to have brothers and sister sections open only to them? I mean even though there are seperate sections available the opposite gender is still able to view our posts and sometimes sisters need to talk amongst themselves and a closed off segregated section would make it easier and maybe we would feel more comfortable asking question etc... of we knew it was only sisters among us or just brothers This is just a thought ^_^ (salam)
  19. This is a pretty dodgy thread and lotsa people might even get upset with each other... Is this a question of personal beliefs? I think it is because as someone stated previously if was a religious question there would be no need for the poll... The rules and guidelines of Islam are there for us to use as guidelines for our lives, they serve to protect us and keep us out of harm and thats one of the reasons why Islamically men and women are not supposed to mix... On a more personal note, from my own experience I would say that yes people of the opposite gender can be friends, friends don't "go out" with friends, so if your relationship is such as it would be if that person was of the same gender then why should there be a problem... My male friends are like my brothers, I grew up being the youngest child and the only girl so I spent most of my time with boys playing sports and stuff and no offense but you can't really have a decent talk with sisters these days, at least in my experience, all they do is giggle about boys or some tv show or something and I find that in itself to be wrong and really quite shallow... At least with the male friends I have, you can talk about real issues and important things, you can actually have a conversation without thinking about cutting the persons tongue out or wondering if there is a brain in there somewhere, and these are university going sisters that I am talking about... I think that if you have a feeling like you might commit a sin with a person then stay away from them, that relationship was not based on friendship in any way then, but if you know you don't feel anything toward a person that can in anyway lead to sin then its fine...
  20. I know what you are talking about... Thankfully I have two older brothers, (I am the youngest :angel: ), and my eldest brother and I like two peas in a pod, we're like best friends and I hang out with his friends and he hangs out with mine, we can do stuff together and talk about anything and I'm soooo grateful for that, I always think that if my father was around we might not have that type relationship. I haven't seen him since I was like four or something :huh: lol, you know how every little girl wants to marry her dad, well my mom said that I said I wanted to marry my bro :Hijabi: I have actually seen my brother hit someone for calling me names, even though I was quite capable of doing it myself :!!!: but yeah... My second oldest brother and I don't really get along, we're COMPLETELY different and we argue all the time, even when we're attempting to be civil, its like instead of just "Pass the sugar please!" its "PASS THE SUGAR PLEASE!" But I wouldn't change it for the world, my mother taught me what strength is and that to get anywhere in life you do not need a man, you can do so yourself, if you have the support of your family alhamdulillah everything will be fine You know there are drawbacks to being the only girl, like puuting a dress on me is a NO-NO :mad: my poor mommy :lol: and then when you get woken up by being folded up in the duvet and sat on and... I won't mention the last part... its too painful to talk about... :squeez: but yeah, brothers ROCK :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:
  21. ^ Thanks for posting that, at least it offers some info about him
  22. Darn it, I wanted to start a random jokes thread, I haven't been on for loooooong time, I know none of you missed me though LOL\ Here's one from me: (got this on e-mail) A wife was making a breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. Suddenly her husband burst into the kitchen. "Careful ... CAREFUL!! Put in some more butter!! Oh my Gosh!! You're cooking too many at once. TOO MANY!! Turn them!! TURN THEM NOW!! We need more butter. Oh my Gosh!! WHERE are we going to get MORE BUTTER?! They're going to STICK!! Careful .. CAREFUL!! I said be CAREFUL!! You NEVER listen to me when you're cooking! Never!! Turn them! HURRY UP!! Are you CRAZY? Have you lost your mind? Don't forget to salt them. You know you always forget to salt them. Use the salt. USE THE SALT! THE SALT!!" The wife stared at him. "What the hell is wrong with you? You think I don't know how to fry a couple of eggs?" The husband calmly replied, "I just wanted to show you what it feels like when I'm driving". ('c',)
  23. Are you guys are a bunch of nutters!!! :mad: Cursing a man because he is doing his job?!? And how do you know that he did not help the child?!? Also before you start thinking of a reply to this, imagine if all the photographers did not take photos and helped, (and I'm not saying that they shouldn't), would the world see the devastation that is in these countires, yeah he could have helped this child, (again do we know for sure if he did not?), but he spread a message to the world opening our eyes and our hearts and our wallets to get people to contribute to helping these countires, one photo like that can aid in getting millions of dollars or whatever to help the countires. Maybe he did commit suicide due to depression, wouldn't you get depressed if this was your working environment? Whether he had helped or not, he would have felt the same Think before you slander someone, Islam does not teach you to judge people...
  24. slmz no fair theres not even an option for africa, well i is from south africa
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