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  1. http://www.cleo.net.uk/resources/displayfr.../sufi/sufi.html (move to the bottem ot the box and click 'view extracts')this is a link of some of the guys from the group i go to explaining what they do, the whirling part, and then at on the last section, they have that single drum. its for a class at a school they were doing the presentation. I diddent know it was so wrong! i know how some people do it are wrong, but these seemed to have different intepritations of why they were doing it. made it sound nice? and the meditations with the drum realy got me thinking of nothing but Allah. taking away all my distractions. wa salaam
  2. ghey just have a single drum that goes in the rythem of the recitation, and they said there whirling represents the turning of the world, and one hand is up to collect gods light, and the other hand spreads it to everyone in the circle. there really nice people there though. what about some of the books ive been reading then, like the illuminated prayer, 5prayers of the sufi, that seems a very beautifully written book, explaining the salat in an unbasic way, like the wudu, and what all actons represent. is tere any good, un-decitfull books you recomend? wasalaam
  3. I go to zikir with some naquashbandi, they have one whirler, when were doing the recitations, think its just to give people a taste of that, has the group is open to any faith or person to have a look. and we do the recitations with a guy with a drum, is all that ok? most of them are musirds of shaykh nasim. wasalaam
  4. Well im by no way a simple neive person, in fact my problem is i always think too much about and into evverything, think it runs in the family lol. so ill becarefull thankyou. before i came into islam i was a spiritual person and so i enjoy reading the books ect. wasalaam
  5. Im not part of any sect, but i have sufi associates and go to sufi zikir and enjoy reading the books, i was wondering, people keep telling me to becarefull of which sufi tariqs i listen to, cause some dont follow sharah, but eveytime i ask which, they tell me they dont know which, so do you know? or ow am i going to be able to avoid them. recently my dad went to a little village near granada, has he knows some sufis of the yarahi tariq there, the ones he knowes are german, but the whole little village is yarahi! the imam even has his own rock station for the young ones! is this wrong? or is it moving on with the times has my dad says.
  6. Salaam, thanyou,tht seems to clear things up, which hadeeth is the above from though? wasalaam.
  7. i was wondering, in the quoran, it says jesus was never crucified and killed, it was just made to appear so, what is your view on what this means, some muslims i ask get a bit tetchy and say its nothing for them to worry about ect, but has im former catholic mysellf i was interested. what martin-lings says in one of his books sounds interesting, he said it means it was just his body that was crucified but his soul wasent, but some muslims say he wasent at all and the christians have it all completly wrong.but i dont think they could get that all completely wrong. that he was crucified, and martin lings idea that in the quoran that it means his soul, his ecencce, wasnt crucified, sounds good. what is your view? wasalaam
  8. im just saying how i think ppl are attracted to them, they feel a devine presence but they cant make a connextion, and sufism does that without being pushy. this is people who have never read or knows anything about god or islam has they have been brought up in a way where they havent been able to see. and they dont understand al these things that muslims do. i though the more people who are shown and guided to Allah would be a good thing for themsellves, opens there minds, how else are people going to avoid saten and hell. sufism just seems an easy eased start without scaring them off and closing there minds even more. im not talking about all people of course, but i do know lots of people who are so set they just cant get there heads round things, but they are spiritual in other ways. but they dont no what.
  9. I think sufism is a good start for people who say they dont belive in god, but belive and feel something, they have that spirituality, so sufism recognises that connexion, and so people are attracted to it, and brought forward, and from there they can come into opening there hearts to Allah. theres lots of people say there spiritual but dont see the conextion to a creater, but sufism conects them. the whirling, i was told, came from abu baker, when angel gabriel said to prophet muhamed, if he belives in his lord (abu) then god is pleased with him, and abu baker said in joy, i do belive in my lord, and spun around 3times. Other islamic sects ect, find it hard to atract people cause the people dont understand these laws and quoran at first and get scaared off, they dont conecct. they feel forced a bit has theres all these laws and things, sufism eases it, dosent be pushy, it took muhamed till his later life, so sufism takes its time in teaching. not puttig everything on them streight away.
  10. Sallam, i seyou mean, but it would me nice to be known has muslim not cause of a name or a dress code, just that you follow the quoran and belive in Allah should be enough, Allah sees in everyones hearts. Id like to come down, i havent been to loden since i was about 5 lol. There are alot of pakistanis here. spesh in bradford. I dont know if my freind can come thoug, shes got family ect, shes married to a pakistani husband and has a massive family!dont have any other freinds whod come down :( I find english familys really close, there are of course exceptions, but isnt there in all countries, its mostly the people born in rough areas that dont know or have he means to learn anything, they dont have the chance to see. But english families are 'cute' has some asiens say lol, has we have such litle families, im my family theres only me and my dad, bro and step-mum, and mi gran and grandad. we are close. you'll have to let me know when theres a event, i work alot so id have to sort time off from them, my holidays are already set for this year.
  11. Lol, no, i dont mean currys, you often see, especially with younger converts, they go in, and take arabic names and even wear arabic clothes and just accept everything, they dont question anything, they give up there culture, they thing becoming a muslim is becoming 'asien' thats all good and well if they want walk around in 'fnacy dress' (for the white muslim) they just get sucked in and become pakistani, nithing wrong with the people, its just easy to happen, they just get sucked into the cultural system. and ive had alot of arabs saying everything in the west is evil, everything in my countries good cause its muslim ect, so thats how reverts feel they have to culturaly change then they may aswell be arabs then, not white muslims.Like my security guard at work, he know i was reverting, and so now he keeps bugging me saying i have to learn mapouri and keeps telling me to repeat what he says. im becoming muslim, not pakistani. I would go to london to things, but what is it, 100quid a ticket to london or something!! i dont know, mmm, maybe its cheaper by coach, but id have to stay over prob, im not that rich lol. id have to look into travel things, and thered be no-one whod want to go wiht me, has im shy, and dont know anyone, its a bit scary doing things on your own. im 20years old, 21 in april :)
  12. Also, my dads pointed out, its different with white reverts and asien muslims, but the rerts seem to revert and get sucked in and dissapear, you never hear of them again because they come part of the asien muslim, but were white muslim, asien muslim are born into it, so there on the inside, white muslims see differently, has we start on the outside looking in, so we see the cultural differently and see things differently. also me and my dad were wondering about the segrigation of the women, most women converts get told its best to stay at home rather then go to mosque, but in the olden days of prophet muhameds time (pbuh) women did go to mosqe with men, they stood behind the men during prayer, so if that was done in that time, why has it so culturaly changed? if it was done in that time shouldent it be done now? wasallam also, thats why i think alot of reverts, either get sucked into mainstream islam and loose there voice and you dont notice them, and asien muslims are at 1st in awe that a white person can revert, but then when they realise some arnt following culturaly and start saying to them you dont know anything, what do you know ect, they become mardianalised and not taken seriousley, has its easier to ignore them then adress there issues, then thats when alot of reverts turn to sufism, has they are more 'relaxed', they have more elasticisity,
  13. thankyou, i will, this little group i see ive found no fault so far, there very famliy orientated, they come has a family withe there children to zikir, and the imam of the mosque does talks, the ones i talk to do there salat and follow the hadeeth and teach the laws has well has the spiritual, most are sunni. but i will becarfull and watch out for those who dont, im not easily brought into things im unsure of, a bit stuborn i may say, well, i think into things, so i dont think il be easily led the wrong way, may Allah guide me. im looking forward to my retreat! theres a wide varity of muslims, shia, sunni ect, so i can mix and mingle, and therel be nice talks and reflection. wasallam.
  14. Thankyou, its is naquashbandi in the group i go to, there site is http://www.freespiritualcentre.com/ its only at the end of every month though, ill miss it this month, off on a nice islamic retreat at ingleton, so i should be able to get some help there. i used to live in scotland :) hence my name, im named after the kayleigh dance lol. yes, ive met people saying harsh things to me, ie i said i was going to see shaykh hisham kabbani, and i got told not to go see that 'devil' and when i said id been, he said thats a perfect example of ignorence is bliss, he diddent explain though why he though he was a devil. I havent lernt enough about shia/sunni to find my base yet, i think ive started wrong, ive read all sorts of nice sufi books first, just reading the illuminated prayer, very beautifull book, well, maybe it hasent been wrong way, reading and meeting the naquashbandi has helpped my loose my ego first, and forget ignorence and clear my mind and now i always think of Allah in everything i do thanks to them, so now i think im set in my mind and heart spiritually to learn the rest. its easier to learn the rules and hadeeth and follow them, its harder to grasp that spiritual bond of love for Allah. wasallam
  15. salaam and thankyou :) i find it quite intimidating to go on my own, has i am really quite shy, but ill try, i live near bradford and leeds in the uk, for the guy who asked, we have all diferent reced mosques, saying kuthba in all there different languages, so there all seperated themselves, i also heard once that call to prayer on them speaker phones is not allowed?! we have that here, you can here the call to prayer when your shopping in sainsburry lol. has for the sufi group, tthe one ive been to is warm and freindly, we do zikir, and its like familes who go together with there children, all sit in a nice circle, then after they set up tables and we all sit and eat. nice atmosphere. always asking how i am and how im finding things and helping me and then we can talk about what we do and dont understand ect, that one is even open to any-one, catholics go, to experience it. and others. id like to feel that warmth and openess when i go to masjid. oooo, its a lovely day lol :) subhanallh, its quite thick snow :) wasallam oh, and to weather im sunni, or shia, i dont know yet :/ im just muslim.
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