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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I do have the Gel, and i tried it, but he got relieved for like 5-6 mins, and than started with his same routine.. And yea, coz hes sneezing and coughing, i do give him those medicines, bt it takes its effect very late when im almost down and tried.. I wish he could play with one day, trust me, i give the whole lot of toys to him to play with, but he drops it off or wants me to entertain him at the middle of the nite with the toys when its not possible for me.. Family cant help me out at nites coz i have like few ppl, my inlaws, both are not in the situation to help, and my sister in law who works and sleeps early, my husband does a night job so hes also not there.. so im left.. Hope sis, tht the time passes soon... i really want to sleep well, otherwise it gets realy hard for me to look after the house.. Sis, my mother in law cant work coz of her back pains, and my father in law is paralyzed so she has his responsibility, so they all are helpless and cant help.. i do masage him everyday.. i dunno wht is bothering him soo much.. sometimes hes okay and sleeps well, and sometimes he would want me to carry him and cries if i sit down.. its soo hard, coz after doing the work, i look for some rest, but i dun get enuff of it.. :( i feel so helpless Thanks brother for telling me tht.. now next time when i massage him, il concentrate on his back more..
  2. Salam!! My 5 month old boy doesnt sleep at nites!! He use to sleep at like 10-12 and never woke up unless he needed milk. But since like a month, he has changed! He sometimes sleep well, ans sometimes he doesnt want to sleep.. i have tried everything to put him to bed early, bt still he wakes up at midnight and starts crying.. His teething has also started and i know that maybe this is the reason for him to stay awake.. but still, i wanted to ask all the mothers how to put him to sleep in comfort.. what should i doo?? I have to wake up early in the morning to cook food as i live in a joint family system, and i get really dizzy and weak coz of restlessness.. he doesnt even let me sleep in the afternoon.. can someone give me some advice on this plz..
  3. thanks alot for ur quick help

  4. thanks alot sis.. my problem has been solved!! Now can u kindly unregister afs fzn which i used to convey my msg to the admin! can u plz let me know when u have done it?

  5. Thanks alot BintAlHoda, my problem has been solved :) i can post now =)
  6. Thats true sis! This is my first pregnancy, lets see how it goes.
  7. My aunty, just gave birth like a week ago, and was her frist baby. She said it wasnt difficult at all for her. Only the stitches shr got is bothering her, but all the other labour stuff wasnt soo bad. And well, Allah never burdens anyone with pain which he/she cant go thru. If childbirth was soo scary, than no women wud have had 2 3 kids or more. We just have to keep faith on Allah. Heaven is under the feet of the mother coz of the hardships she goes thru. So i dont mind suffering for my lil angel. Im not even scared now. Alhumd.
  8. Its the matter of heart. When someone you love with all your heart suffered soo much, you wudnt naturally feel like celebrating anything. Althou, its not haram, but its just not a good idea to celebrate in the months in which our beloved Ahle-Bayt suffered soo much of pain.
  9. A bit.. depends on whom im talking too, i hardly talk un-neccassarily.
  10. I dont think people here are jus "telling" stuff about all that you mentioned, most of such topics are of repentence or of seeking help. Atleast it gives an expression to others that Muslims are brave enough to admit thier mistakes and repent. We all commit sins, but there are only few who wud actually repent truthfully and open up thier hearts to seek help. We always want to show others that we are so perfect, forgetting that there are actually so many faults in us whcih we are ashamed to share or seek help for. Theres nothing wrong in asking others for help, after all, Allah is most forgiving.
  11. ^Thats right. I wish i was a boy, i wudnt havw to leave my parents than.. :cry:
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