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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) Hi shia brothers and sisters. i have a question regarding how shia women prey. i mean i know all the suras and duas but i am just a little concerned about the order and which ayats to say. i was brought up in a sunni foster parent house but i am actually shia and want to go bach to my shia way of praying. p.s. for shia women only. thank you so much
  2. oh my bad on dat first part i had the 2 confused
  3. Wait a minute isnt taqiya like using prominent figures in islam as sourse to Allah ????????? cause dats wht i thot and i see it no where in that tasfeer tasfeer onli say that Allah tells us that He is angry with them who willingly disbelieve in Him after clearly believing in Him, who open their hearts to disbelief finding peace in that, because they understood the faith yet they still turned away from it. They will suffer severe punishment in the Hereafter, because they preferred this life to the Hereafter, and they left the faith for the sake of this world and Allah did not gu
  4. This site is filled with people who have no knowledge what so ever. U guys dont know how the war started and even what it was for. The killers of Hazrat Usman ra were among the armies of hazrat Ali. The demand from the other side was hand over the killers, while Hazrat Ali ra said he himself want to punish them but right now his hands are tied and its not the time. while Hazrat Talha ra and Zubair ra were also there most prominent sahabis after Hazrat Ali ra. Hazrat Ali didnt wanted to fight fellow muslims so wrote the letter that many people have died for the cause and what do you
  5. lolz what happened, how come you guyz never reply to my challenges, is it sunnis or shiaz who actually shy or run away from debates when they cant find answers. any shia wanna answer my chellange any one ??? i guess not..
  6. I know its real hard for them to prove imammat from quran. They rely on finding jus the word IMAM and not the whole belief. So i made it easy upon them knowing what i know about hazrat Ali ra nd challanged them to provide in the words of Hazrat Ali ra his declaration and defination of imamat. since he was the first one and according to you a good start after the darkness so why didnt he cared to teach his muslim nation about the concept of imamat , why didnt he declared him self as imam and why he didnt said that there are 11 more comming after me. And why he gave bait to first 3 kha
  7. i donno wht u heard abt ur sunni broz nd i think i can hardly change. buh newayaz mah blinded fellaw for u first question, let me say frm wht i have grown ( a pure sunni family) we have been told not to involve intro any fun activities , music , sins , nd jous celebrationz ie merrages nd other parties for the whole mont of muharram for your second question we do not fast on dat day in perticular since we bound our selves to following quran nd sunnah nd dis thing iz neither found in quran nor sunnah so itz irrelevent for us..' itz offcourse a sad day. for no doubt. buh one shu
  8. First of all i am laughing at your double standards. see this is how blind you guys are. DO u have eyes YOUTH OF ALI. if u do then check its ur shia peepz who been cursin all along . There is nothing to argue about here juss hit the back button and see and yet you say to ur shia brothers that dont drop your self to our level. well i guess you are right cauze i think you meant DONT DROP ON UR SELF TO THE LEVELS OF SUNNIS KEEP CURSING. Any ways commin bak to brother awais. yea u realli showed how much u kno about sunnis by making a wrong bet. Hazrat Ali ra
  9. I didnt wanted to be this harsh buh i neva felt any slapz on my face. nd itz ur chest who get red not my slaps. and i also thot thea cant be a betta waste of tyme and energi thinking if instead of beating up ur selves, u guys actually prey for tha masomeen and saheeds it will be better for them and you.
  10. brother awais stop being childish and learn how to debate. first of all you put down here what ever you want without feelin the need to back it up wid quotes or verses. what iz dis ??? between a shia and sunni debate u cannot hold what ever is said by shias and in their imam bargah as an absolute truth. whtz the purpose of the debate then. u can try to prove these pointz wid the help of sum absolute truths letz say quran for example. itz common sence bro if i am to take history accounts exactly as shias says and accept them den i shud be shia. similarly if i sta
  11. So mr Awais now you think we believe in different People. Well if u knew about sunnis u would know that we beleive in Allah and his Rasool and that completes it. Our first Kalma states it like that. you know mr Awais itz forbade upon us to judge another ordinary human being how the hell you think you are to judge and compare people from prophet Muhammad pbuh tymes. and lyke you said are not anywhere closer in comparison ummm how would you know who to compare with who and how far are they in comparison. As sunnis we love ahl e bait as much as you do
  12. First of all Orion the ayats u provided show the people asking a saint or prophet who is alive and can listen to them. yes we sunnis do believe that its okay to ask a pious soul for interaction with Allah swt Only Allah is present every where sees every thing listens to every thing because he is almighty Allah swt. now even though saheeds are not dead what makes you thinking their souls are inside their shrines. Or do you believe they are present everywhere also like Allah swt. From many ahadees and quran we can predict that those pious would be some where in the skies. so my question
  13. thanks sister aliya running out of time right now inshallah tonite i will check your sources and we will go on from hea den.
  14. piouyt i dont wanna debate with u since i have neva seen u backing your argument with an actuall sourse. and cuz u r full of [Edited Out]p. wen eva u open ur mouth onli [Edited Out]p cumz out nd nothin else.
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