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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why does God keep doing this? (Wrath?) Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes...
  2. Where do you think our soul was created from?
  3. One more thing about Malcolm X which muslims ignore or don't know about. He used to call Elijah Muhammed "Messenger of God". :o
  4. U heard wrong..that is fyst with his/her conspiracy theories..lol Anyways, we made my point, no reason sounding like a broken record.
  5. You seem to be not following. I am not arguing regarding the completeness, I am discussing the arrangement. The Quran currently was arranged by Uthman (u should already know this).
  6. Dragonlady...if I may... What an ignorant statement. There are thousands of narrations by Ali which are thrown away or have daif (weak) rating because of corruption or insufficient info regarding the chain of narrators. No one is questioning Ali, the narrators transmitting the information are in question. So do not make absurd blanket statements to show validity. The rest of the post is off topic. As Dragonlady said, prove this by linking it back to the Quran. And I mean a solid link, not using ambigious or vague verses as some muslims usually use to justify fairy tales. Have a nice day.
  7. The 'We' sounds more of a Christianity concept (trinity) which was copied by prior scriptures. As for the excuse of using a plural noun to show grandeur is absurd and laughable, especially when 'I' is used also in the book.
  8. Sorry to burst the bubble...even though u all already know. The current arrangement of the Quran was done by Uthman. Even though this fact may irk u all.
  9. Before I dive into the homework assignment with joy, I need clarification. After Muhammed's death, the Quran was compiled (rearranged) by Uthman and Ali.... so whose arrangement is the current Quran based on?
  10. Then the current Quran was compiled by Muhammed? If so, then why did Ali sit at home for weeks compiling it again? (after mUhammed's death)
  11. But the current Quran was compiled by Uthman.
  12. The answers given are not satisfactory...thats all. Religious folks alreadt have predetermined excuses to why something happened or did not happen. What miracles? THe miracles that happened 1000 of years ago dont occur anymore. Let me see the Red Sea being parted...many many more. Why did they all stop? Where are your divine leaders? Why arent they physically present? These miracles and divine leaders were present in the past for people to witness, why arent they present now? What do you have to offer now except words?
  13. I am using soul (ruh) as a specific example (not stating we will always remain souls). When we are souls...can angels see us?
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