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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam

    sorry I don't know anything about the job situation in aberdeen as I do not live there.

    you can look on gumtree for part-time jobs or the local newspapers or contact your university once there.salaam

    sorry I don't know anything about the job situation in aberdeen as I do not live there.

    you can look on gumtree for part-time jobs or the local newspapers or cont...

  2. Dear Sister,

    Thanks for ur swift reply.. I would also like to know more about the part-time job opportunities in aberdeen UK... Will you get a part time job easily during your studies.. I have limited funds and i want to cover my personal expenses myself.. I hope you have an idea about all that..

    Looking forward.

  3. salaam. I did not move to aberdeen in the end. but i have heard there is a prayer room at the university that the shi'a brothers and sisters use and a small iranian community. Good luck.

  4. Hi sister!! how are you.. wel i m from Pak.. nd coming to aberdeen to pursue postgraduate studies.. have u found any shia center their at aberdeen??

  5. salamon alaikum,

    May Allah bless with a good Ramazan.

  6. Aslam O Alikom, Ya Ali Madad!

    Hope all will b well with u and ur family. May Allah and Masoomeen shower special blessing on u and ur loved ones in this life and in afterlife! Ameen!

  7. Salam Fatimeh, there's an English spoken word poetry album about Imam Mahdi thats out now...please check the trailer for it !! thankyou

  8. hi, er just a quick question, haqqani tariqa, think their great, but if you could jus give me your experiance of the breathing thing, its the only thing i cant get my head around,

  9. sa, i was just wondering if you could help me, i am a shia, and seem to be spending time with sufis, but i was wondering if you could forward me some contact details of shia sufis in the uk, i would be very much obliged.

  10. Salaam, if you do manage to find out more information about shia gatherings in Aberdeen, please can you post this on the forum as it will be useful for others who move there or who may just visit there occasionally. Good luck and Allah hafez.

  11. Salaam, sorry but I never moved to Aberdeen - I remained in Edinburgh, so I never followed this through. I only know that the shia there tend to use the University building for prayers, but I do not even know the location or anything. If you are anywhere near Edinburgh or Glasgow though there are shia gatherings in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, with sometimes English talks too.

  12. Salam Sister, I have recently moved to Aberdeen..please help me to get in touch with shias there or Dundee..I need to go to a centre for the Laylatul Qadr nights...I saw your posts...also I cant get in touch with A.A who has posted about shias in Aberdeen..will appreciate if yon know how to contact him as you have dealt with him in the past..Peace

  13. salaam, calm down! "stop disgusting everyone"!!!!!!! what the heck! what is the point in having a forum if issues can't be discussed politely? I found it strange that the word 'disgusting' was used at all in this context. I also still find it strange that when sisters are given the opportunity to relax and swim in a female only environment they still choose to cover up - and my remark was to suggest they may as well wear an Islamic swimming costume and go to mixed sessions? I don't know why anyone would get angry at my remark - it is after all just my perception of things. Everyone is entitled to their own views. I am a practising Moslem and I wear hijab and would never uncover in front of men. On the other hand I think it is great to be able to swim in a swimming costume in a female only environment. I do not understand why women would want to make things difficult and cover up in this situation. I am not saying they are wrong - just that I find it odd. It is especially odd that some find it more 'acceptable' to wear leggings and a t-shirt that cling and stick to body parts in quite a vulgar way, than to wear a swim suit which is designed to be more modest in that respect. But, hey, sorry for having an opinion! The whole topic I thought was about whether women should cover in front of other women. I personally do not think this is necessary. Obviously others think women should cover up in front of women as well as men. I would prefer to discuss this sensibly rather than so emotively. For example, the sisters that are of the opinion that it is not acceptable to wear swim wear in front of other women, please could you tell me which marja has instructed this? Because there are so many swimming pools in Iran where women go swimming and they would not be allowed in in normal clothing - they wear swim wear. There obviously must be a marja or more than one that believes otherwise and I would be really interested in this information. So instead of picking out words and phrases and using them against each other in an unfriendly manner, maybe someone can furnish me with this information so we can discuss on a better level. thank you Allah hafez Fatimeh
  14. Salaam, I am not 'bothered' by it - it is firstly not hygienic or appropriate to wear normal clothing to go swimming. I am not talking about Islamic swimming costumes but normal clothing -which by the way clings and looks embarrassing when wet! Anyway that wasn't my point. I was just explaining we were given a facility for Moslem women to use - completely secluded and strictly no men in the vicinity, yet some sisters were still making it hard on themselves, rather than taking the opportunity to be able to swim freely in a swimming costume in front of other women. You ask: "would you appear in front of a man wearing leggings?!" Uh no, because men are not 'mahram'. Are we now trying to make a new form of Islam that re-defines who is mahram and who is not? Women need to be comfortable with other women in certain situations ie. swimming, helping in childbirth and personal hygiene/care situations such as the one initially posted by the sister. I would guess that by the reaction of some posters CULTURE is yet again being mixed in with Islam. All the sisters who wore normal clothing at the swim centre I mentioned were Indian/Pakistani. The Iranian, Arab, African, European sisters all were practising Moslems in hijab - yet had no problem wearing normal swim wear in front of women. On the other hand, some of Indian/Pakistani sisters wore an Asian style hijab (i.e. traditional shalwar chamis with scarf showing hair) or no scarf, yet felt it necessary to wear long clothing in the pool! So please before mis-understanding my post and referring to it as "disgusting.", take a little time to think about where culture has become mixed with or taken over Islamic rulings and in fact common sense! May Allah guide us all Fatimeh
  15. (bismillah) Firstly, there are many non-practising Moslems attend women only sessions. They may not practice but don't want or parents won't allow them to attend mixed sessions. And don't even get me started on presuming Moslems are clean 'as deemed by our faith'!!!!! This is what I used to naively think many, many years ago, until I visited Moslem community centres and even mosques and had the mis-fortune to need to use the bathroom (toilets in churches are usually clean, unlike many mosques) or even seen hygiene in the food preparation and delivery. You cannot presume that Moslems are going to be cleaner than non-Moslems. Supposed to be YES, in practice NO. Secondly, What I mean is .... you can't avoid non-Muslims - this will make your life very difficult in a non-Moslem society. How can you travel on public transport? Swimming is not a problem because you shower immediately afterwards don't you with the showers by the pool, so you will be completely clean before dressing. And also there are Moslem children, what is to say that even if their parents keep them clean, they don't have an 'accident' in the water, even in a completely Moslem pool? Yes some people may enter the pool room in an unclean state, but you are supposed to shower at the showers by the pool before entering at most pools I have been to (and people do this), so surely this would clean them to some extent! I think we should welcome these sessions, and to start thinking along these lines is seeing problems where there aren't any. I have often wondered about sitting on buses and trains - as people have sat there who have dogs and there may be dog hair or they put their shoes on the seats, but what can you do? stand up for a 6 hour train journey or even a half hour bus journey? At least at the swim centre, however clean or unclean the pool water is, you shower off immediately afterwards and none of your clothes are contaminated. Also I think there are rulings on the amount of water in a pool/pond compared to amount of najessat. If the area is so great, which I presume the pool is, then it cancels it out doesn't it? as with a lake or the sea. may Allah guide us Fatimeh
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