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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have three more exams left and then summer break begins, excited ! problem is I just get all tired when I hit the books but right when I close it I'm wide awake, subhanALlah.. My motivation is the long break I'll have once I'm finished. ooooo beautiful summer days ..... InshAllah everyone does really well on their exams ! Good luck : )
  2. I think what you should do is give her some crayons and a paper...let her draw whatever she likes and when you see she is comfortable get to her height (sit next/in front of her) and start to talk to her. Then bring the conversation up in a casual way. Kids would disclose more information when they're doing something with their hands rather then directly talking to them. As for your husband do not say anything directly to him because he might get really angry and potentially get physical. The first thing you might want to do is talk to your kids.
  3. Salaam I always thought the best choice was to donate blood rather then doing zanjeer. You can potentially be saving a life which I believe is more rewarding.
  4. Its hard reading that and imagining it in my head. The war that is going on with Palestine and Israel will never end unfortunately, although it is an unjust war. Inalilah wa inalayhi raja'oon
  5. I must say i had a great laugh reading this forum. Anyways the sweaters are really nice !
  6. You cant turn your head right and left untill after you say Allahu akbar three times if u do then ur salaat is ba6il, because your moving it away from the qibla. but from my understanding there is nothing wrong with turning ur head right and left after your done and saying Assalamu 3alykum wa...etc.
  7. The video isnt loading for me but ill most likely try later
  8. Straight up your husband needs to man up and stop telling his mom all your secrets, and secondly you have to look at why your mother in law is trying to get you guys divorced. Did this issue just occur or was there a problem before you got married. How about you cool down, seeing as how this is very hard for you to discuss and if you'd like and when your ready you can disclose some more information, thats only if u dont think its to personal. NO pressure. Goodluck sister and we'll keep u in our prayers iA. SABR is the key to LIFE Allah Kareem Tc Ma'salama
  9. Salaam 3alykum my brozers and sistas first id like to start by saying Eid mubarak inshaAllah u all have a fruitful day iA all ur amaals get accepted illahi ya rab okay and now to the point, i wnted to know why i got banned from the chatroom? i was in there minding my own business about 20 minutes ago and i got BANNED...how rude plz MODs do ur magic and fix it thank u ma'salammmaaaaa
  10. S/A...i just saw ur sigi...funny/cute

  11. I love this du'a Thanks alot dingdong mA beautiful i must say and yh its highly recommended to listen to this every night of this wholly month
  12. Girlfriend??? since when were we allowed to date in islammm uhhhhhh yhh no..
  13. mmmHMM dont let them get close to u *snap snap snap*
  14. book is ALOT better then the movie in my opinion the characters in the movie werent how i picture them in my head :P haha i like sticking to my imagintion alot better =)
  15. woah! MashaAllah if you wrote this now i just wonder how well your going to write in a couple more years so like can i have ur autograph now then?? jkz 8-) keeep it up bro!!!
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