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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. He is a sour loser who got caught red handed. It is a good thing he got what he deserves.
  2. That is an extremely survey ... I live in Lahore and probably the only place in entire Pakistan that MIGHT be happy but the rest of the Pakistan is pretty messed up.
  3. The main problem is that the most of the Sunnis don't read or don't know how to read. Here a family sends her/his son or daughter to Madras headed by an ignorant Wahabi type element who claims to be a True follower of Deen. He would be sitting in the Madrasa all day long sending children to different homes collecting food and money in the name of Madrasa construction. In most families children who have mental disabilities or autism are sent to Madrasa because their family believe he/she might do good in deen if not in practical life. The mentally incapable child then further becomes a mindless
  4. Wow - So you see, even going to Iran is considered KUFR in their belief. I have never heard of any shia scholar calling any shia a WAHABI if he/she visits Saudi Arabia.
  5. Dude, when you sit with your Molvis, do they only teach on how to prove shias wrong so that you can call your self a true believer ?....Talaq is present in MUTAH...go read more articles on it....where as in MISYAR, the option of Talaq is not there. Your traveling and then you see a lady, you ask her for Misyar,she agrees, you both go into Misyar and when the travelling ends both go their ways...Now where is Talaq in this series on action. Even the child born this way wouldnt know who his father is ?.... Give me name of one sahaba who has done Misyar ! An as far as the Christian thing goes, you
  6. Yeah Right ! ... Your khalifa made a rule and blindly started following it, yet you call us Blind....If Misyar isn't illegal as you claim, why don't you name you normal Nikah as Misyar becoz the way you are going to present what Misyar is, there is no difference between a Nikah and Misyar. Mutah is not fortification Mr. Wise guy...You marry without GAWAH ( witness) but you have to give talaq in front ofmore then one witness (GAWAH) where as in Misyar its the other way around ! and Mutah is not normal marriage. Its done under certain circumstances!
  7. I recently chatted with a Salafi dude on Face book . After going into discussion with him on different topics he finally landed on the same old IBNE-SABA story. I think successfully manage to convince him( or should i say maybe) that shiasm isn't a Jewish propaganda but then he presented me with something that really confused me. He said " if you Google and write the hand of Fatima, you will see different pictures of your Shabi Panjtan having an eye in the middle. This attribute is associated with the devil and most particularly the Dajjal . The Jews have the same thing by the name Hamsa wit
  8. The above so called Hadith can easily be stated false and fake. Nahaj-ul-balagha(compilation) : Amir ul Momineen, Hazrat Ali(a.s) was asked to explain the saying of Messenger of Allah(SWT) that : Banish your old age(by Hair-dye) and do not acquire the resemblance to the JEWS Amir ul Momineen, Hazrat Ali(a.s) Replied : The Prophet(PBUH&A) said this at a time when the religion was confined to a few, but now that its expense has widened and its firmly settled everyone is free in his actions.
  9. But Why a Lute Player and a drummer.....I know for a fact that drum was also used to greet Prophet(PBUH&A) and a drum is also used during the Ashura Procession in Iraq and Iran.
  10. I was reading Nahaj Ul Balagha last night when i came across a very interesting saying of Imam Ali(a.s).....Perhaps a brother on this forum may help in explaining the background of this saying..... It is related by Nawaf al- Bikali that : i saw that one night amir Ul Momineen(a.s) came out from his bed and looked at the stars, then he said to me: " O' Nawf, are you awake or sleeping ? " I said : " I am awake, O' Amir ul Momineen" Then he said : O' Nawf ! blessed be those who abstain from this world and are eager for the next world. The are the people who regard this earth as a floor ; its du
  11. I was wondering if someone on this forum has a spare Rapid share Premium Account. I really need it since i want to download a 3Gb file from a P2P forum. If anyone would be king enough to send me one on my email address i shall be very thankful. My email address is casual_leo@hotmail.com :blush:
  12. Re4ally???....Then what do u have to say about this....These are WAHABIS who pretended to be shias but later caught with their obvious getup ...The ordinary sunnis are still in confusion as to who attacked Kabba....Read and watch the link below ! http://www.almoltaqa.ps/english/showthread.php?t=13714 Now look at these pictures Wahabi terrorists killed....and their obvious getup matches the link above...No doubt they are WAhabis...and this... Now tell me this...Do u really think that these people are protecting the interest of Islam ? ... They were Militants then and they are militants now...
  13. First of all, all that you have typed in Arabic is not translated since i do not understand arabic. Second thing is, let suppose if we believe what you have just posted, dont you think ( nauzubillah) you have made us to consider Prophet(PBUH) as an Ordinary man and yet making us believe that Allah wasnt on his side to protect him or more so, that he was a self claimed Prophet since he died a death for which Allah did not inform him about ? I guess me being a Shia and a supporter of Ahly Bait have hard time dealing with what you have just posted.
  14. (salam) So if that`s true then the estimate of 15% might also be wrong...If there has not been a Shia headcount then from where did this 15% population estimate came from...Obviously from the hard line Sunni side who really wana make their followers believe that they are still in majority . The fact is that after Pakistan came into being, it was a rough estimate at that time, from variable source, that the Shia population that migrated from India was around 15% to 20%. Now it has been almost 62 years of Independence. Don`t you think the estimate of 15% might have changed?....We know that duri
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