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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. IMO, the following is the reason why every creature is born a Muslim. Definition of a Muslim is one who submits to Allah SWT. When Allah commanded every creature to "Be!" all submitted and became under His command (not one creature disobeyed His command at that point). It is only after the creature realizes it has free will (whether it believes free-will was given by God or not is irrelevant to the creature) that it breaks away from submission to Allah SWT.
  2. First of all, as a follower of Islam, I respect all faiths so I don't like to portray my belief as "superior" but rather the main message is the simplest-There is Only One God and Prophet Muhammad [saw] is His (last) messenger. Another fascinating thing about Islam is the Holy Book, The Glorious Quran. It is the only Holy Book where from front cover to back cover, the only author is God Himself. This right here (along with the fact that Prophet Muhammad [saw] was illiterate) automatically negates the notion that Prophet Muhammad [saw] wrote this book himself simply b/c he's not trying to be the central figure of the book. Also, in Islam, everyone is challenged by God Himself to find one single flaw in the Glorious Quran. Would you be amazed if I told you that since 1400 years ago, there hasn't been one discovery of a contradiction, scientific error, etc.. My advice to you is that you look up the numerous scientific facts found in the Glorious Quran. These are just some of the things that have been found in the Glorious Quran: relating to embryology, the big bang theory, the proportion of humans (such as the distance between your two eyes is exactly one eye, etc), the the universe is expanding and was created from gaseous material, mentions the atom, the the sun is the source of light and the moon is the reflector, the speed of light is calculated, the water cycle, facts about the solar system, it mentions the red rose nebula [view nasa photos], the splitting of the moon, etc.....there are many many more. How can an illiterate man in desert arabia know all these things when most of these things were discovered in the 21st century? Also, Prophet Muhammad [saw] gave women the right to vote 1400 years ago. Read this verse from the Glorious Quran: "And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women. (2:226)" Also in the Glorious Quran, God commands us to free slaves, feeding the poor, and looking after the orphans (amongst other things) if we want to enter Paradise. Basically, the main point is for us to do good things and submit to our Creator. Now don't get me wrong, there are LOTS AND LOTS of so-called Muslims who know absolutely nothing about Islam. So in order to understand Islam, you must read sources. If you really want to find out about Islam, you simply can't ask any random Muslim on the street.
  3. (bismillah) (salam) I'll give you a few of statements that will hopefully help you understand all your worrys. A) Because God is the Infinite and the finite can't see Him in the material world, it automatically appears as if He's none-existent to many. That's where the test of faith comes in. It's a delicate balance. He's there for some, not there for others...It's quite a clever test actually. The more faith you have, the more proofs of Him you see everywhere. The less faith you have, the less proofs you see of Him. B) God's will is above all. He's the Powerful. You can't question why He does this or that. Everything is from His Will. You are inferior and you have to accept that. If you were superior, you'd be creating things out of thin air. C) God sees all, but he also created free will and has given you the power of choosing your destiny except certain dates like your birth, death, etc... Whether you want to pray or not is in your hands. Whether you want to get drunk tonight or not is up to you. So God hasn't pre-destined your whole life, just your birth, death, certain other occurrences. D) Lots of Muslims, sorry to offend the Ummah, are ignorant of faith. Of course, I'm not the Judge, but I would say roughly more than 90% are not devout, genuine believers-they might call themselves Muslim just to fit in with the family or community, etc... And how many start their duahs with Bismillah...and Salawat, etc...there's a way to make duah. I can't just casually ask Allah SWT for something and expect it. I gotta ask (in a certain sequence as mentioned) and BELIEVE wholeheartedly Allah can answer my prayer. I mean you gotta believe just as you believe in gravity and its effects if you jump off a building. How many of you in this forum have given a substantial amount of your paycheck to charity for poor and orphans? How many in here would say, I'm not going to buy this fancy car b/c I want to give more away to the poor and the orphans? This is a true sign of a believer. E) Lots of Muslim countries have low prosperity b/c of several things: corrupt governments, lazy people (non-creative as well). I mean just look at some of the Muslim shops....they're usually raggedly-looking or low budget looking, etc...They don't invest in their businesses or attract buyers by decorative and quality means. There's lots of factors. But then again, what prosperity are you looking for? Isn't food, shelter, education, transportation basically what you need to survive? In the end, it's all about how grateful you are. You can have nothing and feel rich and you can be rich and feel lonely or empty. Besides, don't you know money's just paper? The world bank prints money for most nations. The paper money is coming out of printing presses, it's not like God is dropping it from the sky and it's all landing on Western countries! Money is just a trick by Satan-inspired "elitists" to distract you from the truth. F) The whole Africa/disease thing. Allah knows best. He created this world in truth. This means when people engage in certain acts, there's an outcome and the outcome is usually the same. So, people should observe these outcomes and try to change things for the better. G) Marriages: IMO there are disadvantages to a society where all/most women work. First of all, the supply of workers increases almost two-folds, decreasing wages. Because of dual incomes, housing expenses like mortgages and rent increase. Kids don't get the full care they need from their mothers b/c they are in daycare all day. These kids grow up w/ less attention from their mothers and usually have ill manners. The whole Mahr thing, I'm not sure how it works from city to city but I'm pretty sure parents are marrying off their daughters w/ hopes of getting mahr lol. I'm a father and in the future I would never care about Mahr. People grow used to each other. Of course sparks aren't going to be flying everywhere like when you first met your spouse. Life drags you down-ie, your job, the kids, this and that, etc...At the beginning, the relationship is more about you two but when you get kids and more responsibilities, you find yourself working for the kids more than anything. From a societal point of view, I'd rather see a couple who are used to each and raise their kids right then to see some lady having a fling and her son/daughter has no morals. I'm not saying all turn out like this. H) Education/Knowledge is the ONLY way our Ummah will be united. Because knowledge brings understanding between two people and that creates love between two people and that ultimately creates unity. Ignorance brings hate, crimes, wars, poverty, etc.... I) Who says all non-Muslims are bad and who says all Muslims are good? Not true at all. In fact, I believe in grabbing the good habits from all types of people and applying it yourself. It's the most efficient way to progress yourself into being a good person. I see some Muslim families that fight but see Christian families absolutely enjoying each others' companies and Jews help each other out. This is truly a beautiful world and we can all learn from each other. Lastly, Ask yourself how often did you used to think of God throughout your day and adore Him and praise Him? He only thinks of you what you think of Him. Look, Pure Islam isn't Arab Culture. Arabs do things a certain way (lots of things I don't agree with and this always gets tied up to Islam) and so do every other nations. A good believer's behavior reflects Pure Islam and its teachings by the Prophet (SAW) and his Holy Progeny (PBUT). Pure Islam is about patience, knowledge, peace, gratitude, connections with people, contributions to society, good manners and behavior, etc.....It's not about standing in front of a tv camera wearing w/ a mask over your face and beheading some tv reporter.
  4. If you truly believe that you sincerely asked for forgiveness, then He has forgiven it.
  5. Your head will POP if you think of Allah too much. How can you begin to describe Allah who has "no time and no space." But the best thing you will get out of all this thinking, is the fear of Allah. FEAR HIM! Omg if I can just put my emotions to words. We are sooo lucky He is The Merciful. Look what humans do when they get power! But Allah SWT, SUBHANNALLAH, He is so kind. He "went out of His way" (not that it took the slightest effort for Him) to give us wonders such as variety of fruits and vegetables (& all other foods), parents, spouses, kids, free will, a beautiful sky, stars, oceans, animals....Where can I begin to thank Him!?!??!?!?!?! Life is so beautiful and Inshallah if He grants us Jannah, IMAGINE THAT! One thing that bugs me out is this thought: "What else has Allah been creating since forever?????" That one will definitely flip you out guys lol. He is ALWAYS creating. IMO the human story (from Adam to Judgment Day) is probably just one story out of zillions! I wonder if those who go to Jannah will be told of other things Allah created. Those would make great bed-time stories ! Oh Allah, many don't believe in You...You nurtured them, gave them parents, blessed them with lots of things but they never acknowledge you b/c they are ungrateful and they take everything for granted as if they are kings worthy of praise, but NO, All Praises are for Allah, The King, alone! Sorry for the rant people, all this complexity brings me joy and happiness to be a Muslim...I can't imagine going through life ignorant of my Creator!
  6. I can't believe she's even running as the republican vp especially when asked about her experience in foreign policy and she responds by saying she can see Russia from her porch. I think that's top 5 for the most idiotic statements made, probably, in all of history.
  7. I believe in the Holy Quran it mentions 3 periods a day for Salaat. I don't have the exact ayat so if another brother or sister can chime in, that would be wonderful. I learned something in Ramadhan about the Rak3ats of prayer. Before Prophet's (SAW) Mi3'raj, it used to be 2 Ruk3ats for each prayer for a total of 10 Ruk3ats/Day. Then Rasoolalllah (SAW) asked to add 7 more to the total for the day. So Allah SWT accepted and left Mighrib with 3 Ruk3ats even when travelling (Qasir) as a sign for the Prophet SAW.
  8. guys, don't focus 100% of your remembrance of ahlul bayt alone, imo, that is shirk. remember who created you, Allah SWT. Ahlul Bayt are gates to the Almighty. Just be aware of your thoughts and the proportion of devotion throughout your day. Yes, I love Ahlul Bayt and follow them, but remember that they were created themselves. It's just that I see lots of my shi3a brothers glorifying Ahlul Bayt more than Allah at times. Be careful people. I even read someone saying they are manifestations of Allah-istaghfarallah...to the person who wrote that in this thread, do you realize what you basically said is that they are the materializations of Allah Himself? Allah is invisible, unique. Just realize that Allah can create a purified household and doesn't have to "manifest"anything. IMO this type of behavior gives others in the ummah ammo against us in their never-ending propaganda machine to label us kafirs.
  9. lots of companies support the dajjal...these guys are inspired by shaytaan..they truly believe he's their god and we're wrong. they also see us as evil. it's like the complete opposite.
  10. Be happy you don't know God Allah b/c truly you will become sick. Just be happy in your little world that you know for now and praise Him all day long. I once dwelled on Him (His Infinite Being, His power, etc...) and I almost literally threw up as I was realizing Him. It is too much. I'd rather just live in oblivion and worship and praise Him. Do you realize how Merciful He is? Oh my God words won't even describe it...Celebrate life people. It truly is the greatest gift from Allah. And His Prophet & Ahlul Bayt...where can I begin with them? When their names are on His throne, what can you say? Subhannallah.
  11. I highly doubt God was teaching the Quran to some other creation b4 Adam (physical creations in the flesh similar to humans) b/c the most mentioned stories in the Quran happened b4 Prophet Muhammad SAW and not after. So imagine another creature resembling us reading about the future Pharoah being drowned in the Red Sea. There are a few things the Quran mentions will happen that haven't even occurred yet such as the contraction of the universe, judgment day, etc...
  12. I'm a follower of Ahlul Bayt. Having said that, I believe in unity. I believe in looking at the similarities between sunnis and shi3as such as: Tawheed, Quran, 5 pillars, etc.. I think Islam is about peace and letting that peace emanate from our bodies through our actions and speech. Although we must live by the Quran in events where our land and dignity are being challenged. Even then we must behave to the best of our abilities. I believe, imo, you haven't reached the true understand of Islam yet as I used to think like you. Remember Allah tells us to hold on to His rope together. You must obey Allah's commands. Are there haters out there? Sure, but the job of a mu'min isn't easy. You must be patient and not over-react but rather you should let your good behavior extinguish the hatred in your supposed opposition. Remember, we don't say "Salaam 3alaykum" for nothing. This is proof that Islam is meant to be peaceful and brotherly. PS I would never argue with other sects about this and that...I would tell them that we are brothers and sisters in Islam and that we have many more similarities than differences and if they bring up the subject of Sahaabas, I would say Imam Ali AS was a Sahaaba. Simple answer.
  13. The best way to increase spirituality is to remember Allah all throughout your day, meditate about Allah's power through His creations, Salaat on time, Giving charity to orphans and poor (this one will boost you up instantly), praying extra 2 ruk'3as, reading a few pages of Quran after morning prayer and b4 bed. Always say subhannallah in your mind throughout the day and always say Salawaat 3ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad throughout your day...IMO no anasheed really needed. I prefer peace and spiritualness over anasheed. That's my personal preference. Hope this post helps you out. This is a genuine post, it's what I do..I'm not telling you what you want to hear, it's just from my heart. Salaam brother/sister.
  14. One of Allah's Asmaa' Al Husna is 'The Loving One.' Allah says remember Me, and I'll remember you. If you stick to this advice, He will guide you with knowledge, faith, peace, love, & happiness. This is true Islam. All of the proofs Allah has sent is merely to get you do Salaat & to remember Him throughout every possible minute of your day. That is the bottom line. Ask yourself about tomorrow-will you remember Him or will you remember money, music, cars, women, cigarettes, etc..? This life is a struggle of your consciousness. You have to program yourself to a routine where you are in constant remembrance of Him-that's really the bottom line. When you do this, then you will find yourself doing everything 'fee sabil'Allah'-Inshallah.
  15. Dajjal is the one-eyed deceiver. When thinking of the dajjal, you must think on a global scale and analyze what's going on. Plain and simple there are those who have sold the afterlife for this temporary life. This is clear from the Quran. There are those who are in contact with Jinns and those who are using magic. This is also mentioned in the Quran. These people are Zionists/Free-Masons. Basically the events that have been and will be unfolding are all leading up to the battle of two bloodlines. On the left side, you have the descendants of the Pharaohs (may Allah blind them and their followers on Judgment Day) and on the right side, you have the descendant(s) of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). These Zionists are inspired by Satan and they take him as their god. Satan is behind it all. He promises the kafirs immortality and powers. Everything taking place right now is to setup the rule of the Dajjal from Jerusalem. These Zionists/Freemasons supported Hitler and planned the Holocaust in order to give the world an excuse to create the state of Israel. They are systematically taking over central banks of most countries to setup Dajjal's rule. But Allah's promise to His believers is that Allah's plan is Great and that His believers will be victorious. There is a lot more about Dajjal but these are the basic things to know. I can literally write volumes on this subject.
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