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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. IMO, the following is the reason why every creature is born a Muslim. Definition of a Muslim is one who submits to Allah SWT. When Allah commanded every creature to "Be!" all submitted and became under His command (not one creature disobeyed His command at that point). It is only after the creature realizes it has free will (whether it believes free-will was given by God or not is irrelevant to the creature) that it breaks away from submission to Allah SWT.
  2. First of all, as a follower of Islam, I respect all faiths so I don't like to portray my belief as "superior" but rather the main message is the simplest-There is Only One God and Prophet Muhammad [saw] is His (last) messenger. Another fascinating thing about Islam is the Holy Book, The Glorious Quran. It is the only Holy Book where from front cover to back cover, the only author is God Himself. This right here (along with the fact that Prophet Muhammad [saw] was illiterate) automatically negates the notion that Prophet Muhammad [saw] wrote this book himself simply b/c he's not trying to be
  3. (bismillah) (salam) I'll give you a few of statements that will hopefully help you understand all your worrys. A) Because God is the Infinite and the finite can't see Him in the material world, it automatically appears as if He's none-existent to many. That's where the test of faith comes in. It's a delicate balance. He's there for some, not there for others...It's quite a clever test actually. The more faith you have, the more proofs of Him you see everywhere. The less faith you have, the less proofs you see of Him. B) God's will is above all. He's the Powerful. You can't question why
  4. If you truly believe that you sincerely asked for forgiveness, then He has forgiven it.
  5. Your head will POP if you think of Allah too much. How can you begin to describe Allah who has "no time and no space." But the best thing you will get out of all this thinking, is the fear of Allah. FEAR HIM! Omg if I can just put my emotions to words. We are sooo lucky He is The Merciful. Look what humans do when they get power! But Allah SWT, SUBHANNALLAH, He is so kind. He "went out of His way" (not that it took the slightest effort for Him) to give us wonders such as variety of fruits and vegetables (& all other foods), parents, spouses, kids, free will, a beautiful sky, stars,
  6. I can't believe she's even running as the republican vp especially when asked about her experience in foreign policy and she responds by saying she can see Russia from her porch. I think that's top 5 for the most idiotic statements made, probably, in all of history.
  7. I believe in the Holy Quran it mentions 3 periods a day for Salaat. I don't have the exact ayat so if another brother or sister can chime in, that would be wonderful. I learned something in Ramadhan about the Rak3ats of prayer. Before Prophet's (SAW) Mi3'raj, it used to be 2 Ruk3ats for each prayer for a total of 10 Ruk3ats/Day. Then Rasoolalllah (SAW) asked to add 7 more to the total for the day. So Allah SWT accepted and left Mighrib with 3 Ruk3ats even when travelling (Qasir) as a sign for the Prophet SAW.
  8. guys, don't focus 100% of your remembrance of ahlul bayt alone, imo, that is shirk. remember who created you, Allah SWT. Ahlul Bayt are gates to the Almighty. Just be aware of your thoughts and the proportion of devotion throughout your day. Yes, I love Ahlul Bayt and follow them, but remember that they were created themselves. It's just that I see lots of my shi3a brothers glorifying Ahlul Bayt more than Allah at times. Be careful people. I even read someone saying they are manifestations of Allah-istaghfarallah...to the person who wrote that in this thread, do you realize what you bas
  9. lots of companies support the dajjal...these guys are inspired by shaytaan..they truly believe he's their god and we're wrong. they also see us as evil. it's like the complete opposite.
  10. Be happy you don't know God Allah b/c truly you will become sick. Just be happy in your little world that you know for now and praise Him all day long. I once dwelled on Him (His Infinite Being, His power, etc...) and I almost literally threw up as I was realizing Him. It is too much. I'd rather just live in oblivion and worship and praise Him. Do you realize how Merciful He is? Oh my God words won't even describe it...Celebrate life people. It truly is the greatest gift from Allah. And His Prophet & Ahlul Bayt...where can I begin with them? When their names are on His throne, wha
  11. I highly doubt God was teaching the Quran to some other creation b4 Adam (physical creations in the flesh similar to humans) b/c the most mentioned stories in the Quran happened b4 Prophet Muhammad SAW and not after. So imagine another creature resembling us reading about the future Pharoah being drowned in the Red Sea. There are a few things the Quran mentions will happen that haven't even occurred yet such as the contraction of the universe, judgment day, etc...
  12. I'm a follower of Ahlul Bayt. Having said that, I believe in unity. I believe in looking at the similarities between sunnis and shi3as such as: Tawheed, Quran, 5 pillars, etc.. I think Islam is about peace and letting that peace emanate from our bodies through our actions and speech. Although we must live by the Quran in events where our land and dignity are being challenged. Even then we must behave to the best of our abilities. I believe, imo, you haven't reached the true understand of Islam yet as I used to think like you. Remember Allah tells us to hold on to His rope together. Yo
  13. The best way to increase spirituality is to remember Allah all throughout your day, meditate about Allah's power through His creations, Salaat on time, Giving charity to orphans and poor (this one will boost you up instantly), praying extra 2 ruk'3as, reading a few pages of Quran after morning prayer and b4 bed. Always say subhannallah in your mind throughout the day and always say Salawaat 3ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad throughout your day...IMO no anasheed really needed. I prefer peace and spiritualness over anasheed. That's my personal preference. Hope this post helps you out. This is
  14. One of Allah's Asmaa' Al Husna is 'The Loving One.' Allah says remember Me, and I'll remember you. If you stick to this advice, He will guide you with knowledge, faith, peace, love, & happiness. This is true Islam. All of the proofs Allah has sent is merely to get you do Salaat & to remember Him throughout every possible minute of your day. That is the bottom line. Ask yourself about tomorrow-will you remember Him or will you remember money, music, cars, women, cigarettes, etc..? This life is a struggle of your consciousness. You have to program yourself to a routine where you a
  15. Dajjal is the one-eyed deceiver. When thinking of the dajjal, you must think on a global scale and analyze what's going on. Plain and simple there are those who have sold the afterlife for this temporary life. This is clear from the Quran. There are those who are in contact with Jinns and those who are using magic. This is also mentioned in the Quran. These people are Zionists/Free-Masons. Basically the events that have been and will be unfolding are all leading up to the battle of two bloodlines. On the left side, you have the descendants of the Pharaohs (may Allah blind them and their
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