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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was reading this topic and it raises more questions than answers. So we seem to have established that Taghut "...is anything that takes you away from the remembrance of Allah" as thecontentedself user pointed out above,but this is a very general and subjective concept for me. In terms of referring Taghut to systems of governance, as I have seen oft-mentioned in the above posts, one can argue that government systems in both the East and West share this trait. Totalitarianism and dictatorship is not Islamic, nor is the open promotion of vice. And we can also say both Eastern & Western
  2. Can you provide a reference to a scientific/ medical report that states this? This is the first time in my life I'm hearing this, I frequently use mascara and Hamdulilah never had problems. As for kohl, I don't use it any more...if a product can't give me the complete ist of ingredients in it's packaging I don't put it on my skin, far less in THE WATERLINE OF MY EYE...most kohl products contain LEAD. Source
  3. Hmm well this is an interesting topic. I too have also been wandering what's the status of cosmetic surgeries in Islam because often I see women who have done quite a lot of cosmetic surgeries to themselves and then there's the fact that most (if not 99%) of public personas (actresses/ actors, singers, politicians, tv personnel ) have done some kind of cosmetic surgery to alter/ 'enhance' their natural features. I have contemplated rhinoplasty in the past but I'm not seriously considering it anymore. I knew someone who had to undergo a nose surgery for the bone in their nose and the doctor did
  4. Wow...I feel sorry for the talk show host who's in the middle, he must have gotten drenched in spit... :) Well I'm not Lebanese nor have I been there so I can't comment on the state of your country economically,politically, etc. etc. but I enjoyed reading this thread becuz everyone had an important point. However, I will say that everywhere you go there is good and bad and it's human nature and Murphy's Law to screw things up. Human nature is easily corruptible but at the same time no one is entirely good and no one is entirely bad, and I think every country,ethnic group, tribe, etc etc has it
  5. I bet you were dancing like this :mellow:
  6. Long time no see SC...

  7. As they sit eating that huge pot of food, they will be playing with the fungus growing in between their feet, and the scabs on their foot, then eating with that same hand. Can you imagine how that place must be smelling. Yuck.
  8. Congrats to you & your family on our master's birthday, may GOD hasten his re-appearance... You're a good friend... ;-p


  9. ../(,")♥ ♥(".)

    .../♥. = ./█.

    .._| |_ .._| |_ ★

  10. (( (__/)

    ( -.-) (='.'=)

    o__(")(") (")_(")

  11. You should never have removed Sayyed Musa, I love that pic of him, brings back memories, you had that pic of him quite a while too....

  12. Comments are not working on your wall...

  13. What you don't like pervert-looking bat-boy ? You think I should go back to the "Orion's belt" one ?

  14. One of these days IA I will be seeing that shimmering gilded dome glistening in the rosy evening light above me, as I stand below it; with the wind snapping its flag high above the heads of the other Seekers and Lovers....and the fragrance of roses, amber and musk will be calling me, from within the blessed rauza, in which lies the body of a prince whose life was as beautiful yet short-lived as that of the rose...his body, which is purer than the milk and honey from the rivers of Jannah lies encapsulated there like a well-guarded jewel; a luminescent jewel on the shining crown of the blessed A
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