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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Are there any places I can purchase the translation of his works? I just googled his name, he sounds like an extremely interesting person. Its too bad that the status quo try to suppress great minds. Edit: Interesting bit I found: "a pluralistic political system . . . where elected officials, not the ulama, would wield . . . power, and where the clergy would interfere in politics only when the state grossly violated the Sharia" (Abra-hamian, 1989, p. 45). It actually made me cry given the people systematically murdered and tortured in the name of a corrupt regime.
  2. *Jalal looks up* the apocalypse is near! It reminds me of a person who had something like 12 hire purchases, and he was still getting credit offered to him - he could barely pay the 12 hire purchases he already have. There needs to be interest charge, and money is loaned on the basis of personal responsibility - but at the same time the lending company need to take responsibility for their actions. The best way to counter this; make bankruptcy a lot easier for individuals, then these companies might think twice before lending out money.
  3. I assume you're being sarcastic - well, I hope you are.
  4. Interesting story, I was thinking of becoming a Jew, but after finding out I would my tip nipped, I decided against it. I guess that is the one thing for a lot of people not to consider Judaism because of its high bar of entry. Right now I'm sitting in Sufi land with my Tanakh in one hand, Quran in another, and balanced ontop of my head is a variety of books from other religions.
  5. Jalal


    Chocaholic. I used to be a Turkish Delight-a-holic (my parents bought back 1kg of Turkish Delight from Turkey the last time they went).
  6. I love the video from the non-Muslim; she sounds like my sister :P she gave up in the end and just went to a guys shop. I remember when she came back with a huge smile saying, "all the clothes fit me! they hide all my bad features!" lol
  7. I stand corrected :) It was one or the other :)
  8. Nor do we 'need' half what is on the shelf shops or at the local food places; should all foods except the basic's be considered haraam?
  9. Hmm, mind me injecting, but isn't the more important point that we open our hearts to God when we pray rather than whether we're standing, sitting, twirling in a circle or standing on our head? Goodness knows I've seen people in prayer and they seem to be just going through the motions without any genuine attempt at a connection with the divine.
  10. Question: why not allow these people to run and disclose what ever allegations are against them? If there is a democracy, then let the public decide.
  11. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If there was an Islamic republic, I'd be more than happy to have an enlightened and moderated person such as him running it. "Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love." Martin Luther King (1958)
  12. Before even that; common currency and free trade; it would be simplest process, and yet, not a single country has been willing to stand up and implement it. The problem is, each want to control their own piece of turf; inter-tribal BS and all that. I don't think it would work, even Rome failed because people eventually want autonomy over their own people, and don't like the idea of being controlled by a foreign power who doesn't share the same cultural background as they do.
  13. Just to throw my 5 cents in, what I've see being passed off as 'Islamic Economics' has been nothing more than Socialism in drag; socialism by any other name is still socialism. In Muhammad H. Haykal's 'Life of Muhammad' (if you read it, take what he says with a grain of salt, he seems to love ranting against the system) he talks about the 'Islamic Economic System' where he uses words like brotherhood, community, comrade, the responsibility of the collective, etc. Basically socialist terms with religious overtones. Basically he sounds like the sort of theology one can see when you hear left wing Christians talk when they refer to the Acts of the Apostles. People giving what they can, taking what they need - those who have the abilities caring for those who are unable to care for themselves. Whether wrapped in atheism as with the case of Communism or in the case of Liberation Theology, wrapped in Catholicism, there has always been an attempt by man to create the 'ultimate system' which can some how bring 'heaven to earth' - a utopian like vision which can make everyone happy. The problem is that all the systems ignore basic human nature - human nature is to continuously desire, religion tries to curb that desire, and money tries to curb that desire by pricing it out of the reach of most people to ensure there isn't over demand and not enough supply. Unless we all become buddhist monks tomorrow and reliquish all desire in favour of meditating on the emptiness - this attempt to find the perfect system will continue to the end of time. During this time we'll swing from right to left, with a couple of people every few decades jumping up and claiming to have *the* system to solve all of lifes problems. It just so happens that we're on a Muslim forum and there are people here claiming that there is a solution today for all of lifes problems - and in 10 years time, there will be a new Islamic economic model proclaimed to be divinely mandated. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.
  14. True, but some of the questions were truly stupid. I mean really, murder is bad because it is infringing on the rights of another person, just like stealing is bad. There is, I think, a difference between having an opinion, and then making a stupid reference which makes no logical sense. Assuming if there was 'islamic law' the whole world would go to hell in a hand basket. We're all ignorant, it is whether we choose to acknowledge this ignorance and do something about it. I am doing something about it, but there are alot here would would sooner have the only book on their shelf being the Quran - and refuse to read anything else or acknowledge truths from any other religion that might exist.
  15. I'm waiting for it to be banned in Saudi Arabia as "witch craft of the devil I tells ya!"
  16. Reminds me of what a friend said; flash high rise buildings filled with people who still think it is 7th century arabia. Question: When the oil runs out, who is going to keep living there?
  17. What I find interesting is the more I read about Muhammad, and I look around the Islamic world, I ask myself, how on earth did we get here. The books I read Muhammad is recorded as a laid back, friendly, approachable fella who would politely point out if you were doing something deemed unacceptable - there weren't legions of thought police on the streets cracking down on everything that moves. People wonder why Saudi Arabia's economy is lacking diversification, its all wasted on 'vice and virtue police' - aka busy bodies with too much time on their hands. Institutionalised homosexuality - they talk about the separation of the sexes, and now they've created what is seen in prisons - 'guys getting it on' to relieve each other.
  18. Its offensive for not only Muhammad but all prophets - including Mary mother of Jesus (I'm sure the family of prophets too). As for why? its about due respect. Do some Muslims go nuts when things like the Danish Cartoon happen? yes. Do they lack self control? yes. What should us Muslims do? take a deep breath, stand back, and evaluate the circumstances; is it an attempt to offend for the sake of offence of an attempt to offend to jolt the public up from its malaise. If we are going to critique, it should be educated and articulated so that it voices concern but doesn't make us sound like a pack of whiners.
  19. All I can suggest is to look at what you're eating and ensure that the food is carbo rich and with all the vitamins you need. Working out at the gym also helps in terms of endurance.
  20. True, a women should be able to express her femininity but at the same time put a line between the world and herself by not revealing too much. Its ironic that 100 years ago, when you look at the fashion of that period, the idea was to show femininity but hide what deemed to be for 'the husbands eyes only'. As for Muslims in New Zealand, I see alot of young Muslim girls able to strike the balance between being 'cool' and being modest. Its funny the number of girls I know who opt out of the whole idea of showing as much flesh as possible.
  21. And again, you're too intellectually lazy to actually critique what I wrote; where am I wrong? why don't I see a booming economy in Iran? why don't I see streams of innovative products come out of Saudi Arabia? why don't I see the bottom 20% of Egyptian society move up the income ladder so that they can afford a comfortable life? Playing apologist and failing to address the points I put out there screams more of 'I'd sooner not address the difficult questions' than actually having to admit there are issues and that shooting "ISLAM! ISLAM!" with big pom-pom's (as if to claim its the cure to all of lifes problems) isn't going to fix the situation
  22. So you support Hezbola's stance that democracy is un-Islamic and should be removed as soon as they get to power? nice to see you support power hungry megalomaniacs. Majority support? mate, they got 12 seats in parliament. The free love party in Italy during the 1970s got more seats!
  23. The basic saying Catholics have this, "they know we are Christians by our love" - so basically being a good person *is* in the Catholic tradition a form of apostilisation of the faith. Protestant evangelicals hate that approach because they want loud and proud, people fainting and apparently 'receiving the holy spirit'. That's one of the things I do miss from Catholicism, the music and songs. You'd think that there would be an attempt by some to lighten the mood - even modify some Christian songs, or some that don't reference Jesus as a deity. What about "how great thou art" :) True, in India you can see the indigenous Christian population literally say, "leave us alone!" when these evangelicals come in. Mongolia is an example of this; when you weigh up the intolerance of Christianity vs. Buddhism, I'd donate a million just to keep the Mongolians Buddhist.
  24. Agreed. But the thing is, I never advocated the removal of clergy; what I am saying is this; we need to have an educated class; the Catholics have Jesuit's, Jews have Rabbi's, and we have Clergy - but at the same time, we need to take their advice as being nothing more than advice from a human. A very well educated human, but nothing more than that. To go around, like I see some here do, and claim that these people are some how infallible, I can't think of a more flagrant example of idolatry (or shirk if one were to push the limit) if I ever saw one. We get advice, we look at all the evidence, we simmer all the evidence down till we have what ever is left. Then it is up to us to take that conclusion and either follow it or ignore it. As for 'changing' - sorry, religions change, morph and evolve. To some how think that Islam hasn't changed in 1400 - that is a pretty big claim to make. I'm sure even the most conservative person wouldn't be so stupid as to claim Islam hasn't evolved from a small egalitarian group of people finding the truth to what we see today, a giant monolithic juggernaut with various factions claiming to have the truth and decry anyone outside their click as being heresy or 'innovators' (if I ever hear a fellow Muslim use that term, I'll scream, I truly will).
  25. Not to sound nasty but: "$500 uncle sam dollar's for christianity conversion!" Don't think it doesn't happen; look in Mongolia and the use of money to bribe people alway from their indigenous beliefs.
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