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  1. mmm...so close yet so far.

  2. oh 3anjad? you're coming to canada? i thought you were talking about iran :P funny that i consider iran to be my second home country and not the country im actually living in :unsure:. anyway, where exactly in canada are you coming?

  3. after this summer when ill be back in lebanon for min. 4 month! :D

    Are you having fun? and how are the classes, hard or mne7? And you're so lucky youre going back to lebnan, i wanna be there so badly... w im angry, why do u get to go to my second home country while i dont? :hmph, i wannt go too!

  4. I see i see, im sure grad school has you busy and all bas im sure you can still come on here every once in a while, mesh ra7 ysirlak shi :P alhamdulillah everything is going good with meee, im in canada, came back in september, didnt get to stay in leb till dec like i had wanted, im inshallah (once i get my dumb acceptance letters) starting uni here in january, then we'll see what were gonna do

  5. It was your birthday today! Happy Birthday bro, kil sini wi enta tayeb inshallah! Its good to know you are still alive! You signed in today after a very long time, lol.

  6. engaged to be married inshallah upcoming summer

  7. stop being annoying cg....no i dont miss AT ALL who you are thinking of...the thought of tht person disgusts me, i have gagged before i swear to god no exageration. its taken long for me to move on mentally from the trauma i lived in w/tht person and the depression i was also in, and now im with the most wonderful man ever and have a much better life alhamdulillah! so stop ur suggestive comments

  8. just say who you are or stop messaging. geez. and i dont want to hear anything about the kaffir you are referring to :)

  9. :s no i really dont...sorry

  10. another, and many men are free to make this choice. you shouldn't judge people based on the limited information you have about them. I guess that is all i wanted to say. Take care, May Allah swt guide us all to the truth and light of muhamad wa 2ali muhamad (AS). wasalam 3alaykom :)

  11. it but you will probably be unhappy about him spending less time with you isn't stopping him. Now whether this person has 1000 flaws in her personality and is jealous, this does not mean that she is a kafira. Acting according to her feelings makes her one, not having feels. We are judged by our actions, not by our thoughts. Anyhow my husband is very happy at the moment and doesn't wish to marry

  12. permission for a reason, so that he can take her opinion into consideration, NOT so she can control his decision. If he knows that i won't be happy living in this arrangement he might decide to try to find another way of solving the problem, this doesn't mean im forcing him to do anything. Saying you can do it but you divorce me if you do is not allowing him. Telling your husband you are okay with

  13. yourself, your way of looking down on other people, and the way that you engage in conversation. My fiance is a 3alim currently studying ba7ith kharij, as well as teaching in the hawza lower level people. I don't think its in your place to judge who i am based on what i said in that post at the time, people are changing and growing all the time. It is advised that the husband take his wifes

  14. on a FORUM actually are. You also don't know how they live their lives or if their opinions regarding issues will change. Brother you need to accept that it is possible for you to be wrong. You are not infallible yet, yes it is our duty to reach minor infallibility before our death as followers of ahlulbayte (AS) to reach the highest level, but you are not their yet. You really need to reevaluate

  15. their life and they still managed to bring many people to the truth using good akhlaq and words of wisdom, not by insulting and belittling people. Now about cursing people, you can't compare yourself to the imams who knew what was really in a person, to you judging people who claim to be muslim and even SHIA. They knew what people really were, you have no idea who these people you are talking to

  16. you are dirty! Get out of my house you have no place here you are low, etc etc. They convinced these people that they are wrong using logic and the truth in a way that they would understand it. I can understand why you constantly post as if you are under attack because most people on this forum are actually attacking you most of the time, but the ahlulbayte (AS) were also under attack much of

  17. change their stance on the matter. You have to be respectful, and you have to argue using your proofs in a proper manner. Regardless of whether you think its amounts to kufr based on ahadith or not, you don't tell anybody that they are a kaffir. Have you not read ahadith about when fornicators or gay people came to the prophet or imams how they treated them? They didn't scream you are a kaffir and

  18. Just wanna say one thing to you. Somebody saying things that are against Allah swt on purpose in order to belittle islam is one thing, and somebody using their brain and logic to come to a conclusion about a matter is another thing. If you believe their brain and logic resulted in them coming to the wrong conclusion, insulting, yelling, belittling them isn't going to get them to see your point or

  19. And he was also goodlooking and every "ordinary" looking. If i saw him on the street i wouldn't be afraid, id probably talk to him, worked really well in his favour.

  20. sis you've been gone since january, is everything ok with you?

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