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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ if you feel like your eyebrows look decent enough that you look presentable with only trimmed eyebrows then that is very lucky for you, no pain to look nice, but for many eastern sisters that are naturally hairy, they also have huge eyebrows, and trimming them make them look even uglier, because they are just huge thick lines across their foreheads. Helga anybody? I don't understand what that has to do with the deodorant quote you chose though?
  2. mmm...so close yet so far.

  3. Excellent presentation, very eye opening... I don't understand why you found it too difficult to watch it till the end jen? :unsure:
  4. The other reply to your post was a very good explanation but i want to give you another one using a different example. That is: to use deodorant. People use deodorant to remove the ugly smell, in the process yes they now smell decent so you can say they were trying to make themselves more attractive, but the intention was not to make themselves attractive, but to neutralize themselves into not smelling bad, just smelling normal. To add perfume however would be making yourself smell better. Now for eyebrows, a girl that has huge bushy eyebrows and plucks them into a nice shape is like adding deodorant, but one that arches them and does god knows what with them to the point where they are very eye catching has added perfume. That is the difference between removing ugliness and trying to attract. Many sunnis believe that using deodorant isn't allowed either, going by the same reasoning you were using in reply to me. :)
  5. It also may seem unusual or disgusting that the prophet put his spit on imam ali's eye, or that imam al hassan and al hussain sucked his tongue....... However this does not mean that to them these things were strange or disgusting. In some eastern countries men kiss each other on the cheek or hold hands when they greet each other/hang out, to us this is strange behaviour, gross, etc, but to them it is completely normal. Now as to the issue at hand here, i have no clue if it actually happened or not, i just think we shouldn't be quick to judge it as inappropriate or strange or disgusting based on our interpretations of what is normal in a father/daughter relationship in the present day.
  6. oh 3anjad? you're coming to canada? i thought you were talking about iran :P funny that i consider iran to be my second home country and not the country im actually living in :unsure:. anyway, where exactly in canada are you coming?

  7. I'm going to put in my two cents here because i am noticing a pattern that i am not liking. Is it perfectly okay for somebody to choose to be with somebody who hasn't had a relationship or sexual intercourse before? Ofcourse it is, people can choose to do whatever they want and think whatever they want, HOWEVER, people are trying to justify this choice by degrading people that do not fall into the category. Using words, labels, and tones that make people who have had relationships or had sex seem like the worst kind of people, completely forgetting that islamically, a girl who has had 5 mutahs before a permanent marriage can still be more religious and mo2mena than a virgin girl, and a man who has had 1000 similarly can be more religious than many. I know that nobody logically believes this to be false, but apparently emotionally wise many of you do not see this. A female in this situation has done absolutely nothing wrong, she is still pure, has not erred or sinned against Allah swt and is not LESS than a girl who is still a virgin in ANY way. Now as for some peoples theories that a man who has had sexual partners, even one, will judge their new wife according to previously set standards, etc, im sure there are some men who will fall into this category but sex isn't something that can really be very comparable. A man might have been with a woman with a certain quality that he liked, but that doesn't mean when he is with his current wife he will be dissatisfied and go and look for another woman with the quality that is missing. Even amongst two virgins they may not be satisfying each other and so they need to communicate what they want and fix themselves so they can have a very healthy and good experience in that area of their married life. If a man is good in so many aspects, even so that a girl would agree to marry him, chances are he will also be the nice sweet guy in the bedroom that is helpful and communicative as to what he wants, not ditch her and go look for a girl to satisfy his desires. Also, if a man had a mutah with only one female and he was emotionally involved with her as well, once time passes, and he finds a wife whom he also loves, he creates an entirely new relationship and life with this female and is not thinking about any other female when with her, because she is his love and he wouldn't be satisfied with anybody else. And finally, i know of several women who married men who had previously been in mutahs with other women and they have advised other sisters that this is a very good thing to have in a husband and they are glad that they fell into such a situation because they were inexperienced, the first time for a female can be very difficult, and its good to have a man who knows what he is doing so that minimal discomfort is present, plus that area of life is better for the female as the man knows what he is doing. I hope my post wasn't too erm.. inappropriate :unsure: i tried to use as appropriate language as i could to get across the ideas that i wanted to.
  8. ^ lol dexter and true blood are the only shows of that kind that i watch, all the rest are from the kiddy nature :P some of them are really good. if you want a REALLY good show to watch, one of my favourites, watch The Good Wife. Its new, in its first season. :)
  9. ^ compared to kiddy shows like one tree hill i can see how you think dexter has a lot of nudity, but compared to say true blood, dexter is PURE. lol
  10. after this summer when ill be back in lebanon for min. 4 month! :D

    Are you having fun? and how are the classes, hard or mne7? And you're so lucky youre going back to lebnan, i wanna be there so badly... w im angry, why do u get to go to my second home country while i dont? :hmph, i wannt go too!

  11. I see i see, im sure grad school has you busy and all bas im sure you can still come on here every once in a while, mesh ra7 ysirlak shi :P alhamdulillah everything is going good with meee, im in canada, came back in september, didnt get to stay in leb till dec like i had wanted, im inshallah (once i get my dumb acceptance letters) starting uni here in january, then we'll see what were gonna do

  12. ^ they also used to wear hijabs/abayas cuz tht was the norm then in that area, so should we stop wearing hijabs now so that we arent like them?
  13. Last 2 episodes were AMAZING, so suspenseful and scary to watch, i was constantly nervous and on the edge of my seat. Next week is the season finale...... God i can't wait for it to come but at the same time i dont want it to end... I don't want to give away any details of what happened though in case somebody hasn't watched the episodes yet. I wonder where algerian went!
  14. If it is done with the intention of removing ugliness, and not with the intention of attracting males attention or done in a way where it is very eye catching then it is fine. I paraphrased the fatwas. :)
  15. La Hawla wala Quwata ela billah al 3ali al 3athem. Allahuma 3ajil farajak ya imam al zaman.
  16. </3 your topic name has broken my heart.
  17. Getting ready to watch today's episode of Dexter. Excited :D
  18. It was your birthday today! Happy Birthday bro, kil sini wi enta tayeb inshallah! Its good to know you are still alive! You signed in today after a very long time, lol.

  19. I really really hope that this is a misunderstanding........ or else i swear i will spend an entire hour cursing the saudi government.
  20. You are right in that if the female puts in the contract that in the case that the mentioned happens she has the right to divorce, then she can practice this right and divorce, however if in the contract the man is not allowed to marry a second wife and he does, it is a complicated matter and does not automatically allow for her to divorce him or nullify the marriage. The details of exactly what happens im not sure of, but i am sure that the marriage does not become void.
  21. The highlighted information is not true. If he breaks what he agreed to in the contract the marriage does not become void.
  22. All you have to say in response to that video is wow? Really? Did you even watch it? It doesn't matter if Rasoul Allah (SAWW) knew what every person around him truly was or not, that doesn't and can not change the way that he interacts with them because that would be judging somebody and taking a hukm about them before they even did anything to deserve this punishment. He can not come to his friend and say "i can no longer be friends with you because after me death you will do such and such", that would be thulm on the person because he still hasn't done anything nor is he thinking about doing anything that warrants such treatment. Similarly even though Allah swt knows all things and knows what we will do every step of our life, he can not punish us for something that we haven't done yet, or even that we think about doing but don't go through with, because this would be unjust. This concept is very simple to understand and i don't get why you aren't able to understand it. If the daughters of his companions are single and their fathers want him to marry them, he can't refuse because of something they haven't done yet either. Knowing things doesn't mean he can act any differently toward people. It was indeed a difficult life for Rasul Allah (SAWW) to live. You need to use your brain buddy, not us.
  23. ^ your username is in the left hand corner, not right lol. You see where it says "peaceloving" that is what you click on.
  24. I just sent them this message on youtube: The article you used in order to make the video was posted here: and has been replied to. After you click the link and read the replies i suggest you either 1) stop intentionally spreading lies or 2) verify the information you use before you start broadcasting about them. If all your videos are made after 0 research, then your credibility just died and nobody should take you seriously anymore. Goodluck :) Hope they actually consider it.
  25. There are manyyy factual mistakes, not just some. It even says mutah can be practiced from an hour to a year as the limit, when it can be practiced as long as the people agree as long as it is realistic of the common age people die in the region. For example: a 30 year old can do one for 40 years if people normally die at 70 in his country, but he can't do it for 100 or something of the like because that is unrealistic and probably won't happen. Also, as i said before i lived in the dahyeh for a while this summer and people that read articles like this think that everybody in it is in hizbullah and they are some giant cult running things. Yes there are a lot of people in it but there are also A LOT of people who aren't, and mutah is common amongst ALL the shia there, not just the ones that are in hizbullah. Mutah with prostitutes is not allowed under many marjas rulings, and hizbullah can't and wouldn't tell people they can do that too because they say so. In fact, hizbullah doesn't tell their followers to do anything of that nature, yes if they want to do mutah they can because its islamically acceptable, but hizbullah doesn't go around finding girls for people and encouraging them to engage in mutah. Honestly they have more important things to worry about :rolleyes: Anyway i never got through the article because its all BS, and made with the purpose of further making hizbullah look like some form of weird cult running lebanon to make people hate it. Keep in mind that however long there are girls willing to do mutah, there will be guys who do it with them, and i don't see women stopping what Allah swt has allowed for them, so this will go on for probably a long time. :) I posted this in another thread. They are liars and making things up. :)
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