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  1. ^ It doesn't matter what the contents are. See this fatwa by sayed sistani: Question: Just as many questions are asked about halãl and harãm music, many questions are asked about halãl and harãm songs. Is it correct to say that harãm songs are those that arouse sexual, lustful urges and promote unstable and degrading behaviour? Is it correct to say that songs that do not arouse lustful desires, but elevate the souls and thoughts to lofty levels like religious songs of praise dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and the Imams (a.s.), or the songs that lift the spirits and morale [of the fighters] and the like are halãl songs? Answer: All songs (al-ghinã’) are harãm. Based on the definition that we accept, al-ghinã’ is the entertaining expression by way of tunes that are common to those who provide entertainment and amusement. In this prohibition, we should include the recitation of the Holy Qur’ãn, supplications (du‘ãs), and songs of praise of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) uttered to the accompaniment of those tunes [that are used by the entertainers]. The prohibition of reciting other non-entertaining expressions —like songs intended to lift the morale [of fighters]— is based on compulsory precaution. However, the tune that cannot be described as such is not harãm by itself.
  2. Just want to point out, the fourth hadith you posted talks of the songstress, aka a woman singing, and there have been 3olama2 who deemed the voice of a woman as 3awra and it impermissible to listen to a women singing, so that may be the hukm based on that hadith and the likes of it.
  3. Since according to the quran your wudhu is wrong, i think you should worry about doing that correctly first, because your prayers are invalid with invalid wudho anyway :). That is, if you wash your feet rather than wipe them.
  4. Im currently taking a micro economics class and i actually like it and think its very interesting. Next semester will be macro, we'll see how that goes :P
  5. To answer your bolded sentence, i honestly have no idea. I don't have the answers, i think it is a complicated matter, but i don't think that it being complicated gives people license to just decide they want to throw it out all together (talking in general here, not about anybody). So i think we need people with more knowledge about this specific "area" of shiasm to help us out here, rather than anybody coming to ignorant conclusions based on knowledge that we don't have. I don't understand what you mean about sayeds and not being able to be a marja? Could you please clarify that point. And also, i think that Allah swt wouldn't just make a random rule about khums and it applying to only one "type" of people without there being any other importance or explanation or anything. Just something to think about. I think you are thinking in a limited way here as well. You are trying to explain why khums is wajib only for sayeds and you come up with an explanation, but okay we took away an advantage that belongs only to sayeds and now we can look at a disadvantage that only applies to sayeds. Next question is, why is it haram for sayeds to accept sadaqah? Why would Allah swt put this law down to begin with if there was absolutely nothing different or special or unique about sayeds? Just the fact that there is a distinction in fiqh means that they are not like other people, if only in that regard, but it kinda makes you think, what if it isn't only in that regard? Anyway, like i said, im no expert, just a thinker, and i don't like to see people go to extremes so hopefully i straightened some things up slightly.
  6. ^ There are no, non-sayed "poor" folks in the world? His point is that Islam orders that khums be given to sayeds specifically and only. Not to any "poor folks". So there actually is a very valid point to be made. I am all for not being an extremist in our "respect" for sayeds and go all out to the extent of practically worshiping them, but this doesn't mean we should go to the other extreme and completely say sayedness has absolutely no relevance to anything in Islam, because there are plenty of ahadith and fiqh laws (at the very least) to contradict this.
  7. actually "noob" is short for "noobie" which is defined as somebody who is "new" to something. And i was implying by the term that you are new to the common shia "scene" at least on shiachat. So if you stopped reading so much into things you might have an easier time in, well, everything. :)
  8. Lebanese intelligence has indeed been predicting a war in the upcoming months, specifically mid April. I am hoping they are at least 20 days off and that its around the end of April/beginning of May so that i will be there before anything happens, and not get stuck here!!
  9. Nah not a smart aleck, just a noob :P Muslims call "converts" reverts on purpose because Muslims believe that every person is born Muslim and it is the parents who change the religion of the child, so when the child decides to become Muslim again, he is reverting back to his previous religion, not converting. So yea, now you know. :)
  10. I think these people have forgotten that during the time of the Prophet (SAWW) all pious women dressed this way, his wives did and certainly sayidat nisa2 al 3alamen did. I cant fathom how the imam can dare say the Prophet was sexist and liked to dominate women, and the second person saying it has no place in shia islam. Really? I thought we were supposed to emulate Sayeda Fatima (SA). Rethink your reasoning. :)
  11. ^ stop saying period so much, it'll make your sentences sound more valid... :P
  12. Aha. Do you have any studies to support your theory? :)
  13. ^ Okay let me try to make things more understandable for you, please listen to me with an open mind. In shia islam there are many different ayatullahs with different views on things, right? We don't know which ayatullah the OP follows, so when he came in here and asked what the ruling on playing chess is, he likely wants the ruling of his marjaa, even if he doesn't understand this yet. But lets say he doesn't want the ruling of his marja, just the view of shiasm regarding the matter on its own ok? He comes in here and asks what the view of shiasm is regarding playing chess, and in your reply to him you told him that it is halal to play chess and that he has nothing to worry about. Okay, this is fine for you up to here because according to your marjaa it is fine, however, lets imagine that he follows a different marja3. If he listens to you when his marja says that it is haram, in the end if it is indeed haram then he will be held accountable for his sins since he went against his marja, his marja is no longer accountable. Also, Bassim was pointing out that the tone of voice in your post and the way that you stated that it is halal 100% is as if you are stating that the opinions of all the other marjas don't matter and don't reflect shiasm, simply because one marja3, yours, states that it is halal to play chess. He advised that next time when giving somebody a ruling you should specifically say that according to such and such marja it is halal, and not state it is halal as if there is no dispute amongst marjas. I hope i have been clear so far? Now, once you felt that Bassim was attacking your marja3 personally for whatever reason, you made this claim: "The Marjaa Fadhallah IS a shia school of thought and respected by the other marajjaa." The reply that macisaac made to you was not to belittle sayed fadlallah or anything of the sort, but directly in reply to a claim that you made. You said that he is respected by the other marajaa, but this is in fact not the case, as like macisaac said, many of them stand against him and have made his taqlid haram. He did not say this is his view or that sayed fadlallah is evil and shouldn't be followed, he simply stated that your statement isn't true because there are marjas who are against him. Do you understand up to here as well? Now i don't know about their opinion of you or attacking you in different threads or being against you, etc etc. I am telling you what is going on in this thread. Maybe what you are saying about different threads is true, but i know for a fact that what you are seeing in this thread isn't, and it is probably a manifestation of your paranoia regarding what is happening in others. That's why i suggested you get somebody else to read it and give their opinion, because you cant see outside your experiences, you aren't able to be objective, and you need a third party to let you see what is really going on. So i sincerely hope that you do now. Wasalam.
  14. ^ Grow up. Go get your father or brother or a friend to read the posts made in reply to you without you telling them what you feel is being said and you'll realize how narrow minded and sensitive you're being. I'm not joking, do it, because they are the only people you will listen to.
  15. Now prepare for an influx of shia arguing with you. Isn't it disappointing? :)
  16. Wow... just wow. That must have been such a horrific death.. what a shame that this is still happening. :( I have no words to describe how i'm feeling.
  17. ^ then homosexual Americans should move to Canada to get married. Instead of moaning about what should be, they should just accept it. :)
  18. If you are ovulating during times where you would rather not have sexual intercourse because of it being makruh, then take birth control pills so that you change the time that you ovulate and then you can do it during that optimal time. You should probably get everything checked out and make sure that everything is working properly for both you and your husband, and also talk to your doctor about taking certain pills that induce ovulation (so that you know during this time you are ovulating and can try to get pregnant). Goodluck and inshallah very soon we will hear news of your pregnancy. Wasalam :)
  19. ^ No, though I can very well explain it, I won't, because I am not spoon feeding you children in order to help you learn when you don't even wish to. If you care about finding out the truth then go search for it, if you don't then that is up to you and to each their own. However, in reply to your first point: praying toward a box in mecca or bowing on a rock also looks like we are worshiping other than Allah swt, and this too would be going against the basis of Islam. My response to you is: not everything is how it seems. Go do your own research to learn and better yourself and stop judging things you don't understand based on your limited outlook on things.
  20. This is not true, you should be more careful when giving out fatwas! Yes and to an outsider somebody standing on a carpet bending and kneeling and raising his hands to his head is also ridiculous, somebody starving himself from morning till night fall is stupid, illogical and ridiculous, somebody walking in circles around a box in mecca and throwing stones at a wall is ridiculous, but to us it isn't because we actually look for the reasons for why we do these things, try to understand the logic behind it, we don't judge it automatically without first trying to understand it, and quite frankly, that is what you are doing here. Before you judge something that seems illogical and stupid to be that, maybe you should look into the reasons for it and try to understand it, or you are no better than the people of other faiths who judge Islam.
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