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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm writing a research paper this weekend about Israels illegal settlements. My professor was Canadian ambassador for Palestine, Israel, Jordon, Syria, and was in Lebanon for a while as well. He lived in the ME for 30 years and is honestly the least biased Canadian i've ever met, although there are some minor issues that I disagree with him on. Here's an interview where he talks a little about the settlement issue: http://watch.ctv.ca/news/latest/middle-east/#clip279131
  2. I agree that most if not all holidays are ways for companies to make money from consumers, I don't think anybody can deny that. BUT, just like there is a day for people to celebrate their birthday, there are days to celebrate other things like love. And you don't have to spend a lot of money, or any at all if you don't want to. You can have a home cooked dinner with candles, dress nicely, etc with your spouse. Most days we're so busy school/work/raising kids/cleaning house, etc etc we barely have time to sit and talk to our husband/wife. So setting aside a day to celebrate your love is a ver
  3. ^ LOL wow! Its also annoying when you yourself completely misread something and have several posts based on the misread information :lol: Thank you for that, that's what i thought. Now for those wondering, Sayed Khamenei does require the area under the chin to be covered! Wasalam. :)
  4. I love how two members in this thread are only able to read one half of a sentence, and completely ignore the other half which is right after the comma one of them even quoted. I think its hilarious how the sentence they are quoting is exactly what i have been saying this entire time, but in "nicer" words, so somehow now its acceptable. You people act like little emotional kids.
  5. The votes between males are about to become even. This is interesting
  6. ^ Burqah isn't the only form of hijab. You can wear pants and a loose long shirt with a normal hijab, and u can wear those in formal clothes. That isn't even close to being a good enough excuse to remove your hijab. :S
  7. Ok, that bug was disgusting and horrible. I have a feeling that was your intention so thanks a lot And yes it was like that, but it was black and thicker :unsure: Ive seen creatures like it before, but never so thick. It was strange and fearless and wanted to attack me. I think certain people on this board should have some RAHMA and stop cursing me :mad: Anyway, nobody has really answered my question? Why is it that so many people are afraid of them, not just disgusted by them or sickened, but actually afraid? And why is it that more females are than males are, females are just as
  8. ^ http://english.bayynat.org.lb/Jurisprudence/sex.htm This one works.
  9. ^ That post kinda makes me less sympathetic, but nonetheless everything i said before holds true. Good luck to you too. :)
  10. ^ That post was very emotional and you can't imagine the pain I feel for you right now. I don't even want to imagine being in that type of situation, because just imagining that I would have to live that way hurts my heart, let alone having to actually experience it. Sister, all that has happened to you in your life, and your patience and raising your kids as religious good humans will lead you to jannah, all you have to do is end the relationship with this other man. I know how hard it must be, somebody caring for you and loving you for 4 years when you had absolutely nobody else, It will pr
  11. I deleted my previous post due to a typo, i meant to say: Watch this, its an excellent movie. You truly wont regret it: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=_zTHefv17N0
  12. ^ That's interesting. I think its extremely annoying when different representatives give different answers. That happened with an issue that was a lot bigger in the past with Sayed Khamenei, and because I had already acted on the previous fatwa believing it was correct the other Rep (who was a scholar himself) said it was valid, but that in normal conditions doing so was wrong.
  13. I actually looked into that a few years ago, i send the question to both Sayed Sistani and Sayed Khamenei, Sistani replied that it is not obligatory to cover that area and Khamenei replied it is. Where did you hear that it is?
  14. Salam So I just have an encounter with one of those long, many legged, thick "bugs". I was sitting here minding my own business on an area with many couches stuck together at my university, and all of a sudden i see this bug creature thing coming toward me very quickly on the couch beside me, so i have a panic attack and get up quickly, try to figure out a way to get rid of it, and go behind the couch and pull it back so that it isn't touching anything around it. I then stand back to see if the thing will show up, and i see it crawling very quickly toward me on the ground. I tho
  15. In this thread she never said "I have committed adultery" but if you are going to say that i am assuming this based on nothing, then here you are wrong. I was following her conversations (or rather attacks) against members who wrote on this topic a few days ago and on one of their walls she wrote about her physical relationship, admitting it but not stating it. So I think in that she hasn't explicitly stated she has committed adultery you are right here. And so none of the shariah punishments (had they been eligible to be implemented) would be implemented unless she stated it clearly, 4 times
  16. ^ You are a sweet sister and it is very good of you to try to encourage reconciliation, but belittling adultery in order to reach that goal is not the correct path to be on. You may not think you are, but your first paragraph is doing exactly that, and that is precisely what I have been having a problem with. Anyway again, thanks for your advice, it was sweet, but I think this issue is way bigger than "be nice" :P Salam.
  17. ^ No problem, I respect everybody's opinion, but I have not attacked anybody, i have merely warned, advised, and showed somebody's hostility toward me for doing the former. If she didn't want her words to me to be shown to people she shouldn't have written them on my wall for everybody to see anyway. Since 2 others have done this, i will as well, i posted this in the other thread, but i think the people in this one need to see it too: Actually the 4 witness rule only applies if somebody wants to accuse somebody else of committing adultery. If somebody comes and admits to it, that is all that
  18. Actually the 4 witness rule only applies if somebody wants to accuse somebody else of committing adultery. If somebody comes and admits to it, that is all that is needed for the Islamic punishment to be implemented, and thus when I say if she came to the Imams and told them she was committing adultery, she would be stoned it's because it is wajib on them to implement Islamic sharia. And no I didn't mean that I am more merciful than the imams, I was trying to outline that my words that she finds so harsh are nothing in comparison to what the Imams that she thinks would be so embracing and forg
  19. ^ No I don't agree with people criticizing. And the difference is that according to Islam she is going to hell, but I am not Allah swt to say it for certain, thus i added the probably (i also did the last time i said it), where as the second means that like anybody else she may or may not go to hell.
  20. ^ Guess what? I am going to repeat what i said, and everybody that has a problem with it can bang their heads against a wall. If you were to die today, in the state of cheating on your husband and committing adultery, you would probably go to hell. Guess what you have to do to take yourself out of this status? Yes, that's right, exactly what i told you to do before: immediately remove yourself from the relationship you are in with the other man, and repent for it, and automatically, it isn't guaranteed that you are going to hell anymore. Now everybody can attack me again :D Go for it!
  21. Lol that's usually how it is with the Shia on this website. :)
  22. Yes I'm a saydiya and yes i have proof, we have a comprehensive family tree, but i won't be providing it on here, and i have it in hard copy anyway, so if i wanted to i couldn't. As for being treated better, not really. When Pakis find out they tend to be kinder, but otherwise no.
  23. ^ Okay then. If we have reached the level of mocking then i'm done talking to you too. :) Wasalam.
  24. ^ In the context of the hadith, the man came to tell the Prophet what his sin was, the prophet didn't ask him and put him on the spot, he wanted to confess. Secondly, stating somebody would most likely go to hell if they died while committing adultery without repenting is not saying they are going to hell, but making a point that unrepenting adulterous's go to hell. Seeing as you are going to go through posts picking at every little detail you can to prove your point, even having the audacity of, without knowing that a hadith isn't sahih (aka it can be sahih and the prophet may have replied
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