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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam i want to know that At which place the Qayamat will Occur? At Arfaat or at Karbala i want answer with reference

  2. Salams

    With reference to TLADY.

    Hows the spouses life? I am just learning a lot from a thread you started. There is learning and lesson for all of us.

  3. Sorry Sis. I could not come back to you. I've been on a plane for the past 12 hours and even the journey break was in Dubai and no Shiachat there ;(

  4. you have given me every right since your words substantiate you!! Words are power, but your words are low!! i will let others know to be very careful coming here, because of you and some of your cronies......

  5. and how much I may or may not know... Of course I know it is wrong, but only a good human being would support me with kindness.... Did you not read the rest of what I wrote, and then to be locked out!!! It shows weakness!!! It takes strength to be kind and patient.... please get off the throne that you have put yourself on. You seem to be a negative and very crude person...AND I CAN SAY THAT

  6. let me tell you something "honey"...i would not be stoned because you must have four witnesses seeing the same thing ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! stoning someone is not sooo easy sister!!! And

    I'm sure if I came for help, hurt and begging for support, I know I would have received it!! Let me also say, that you condemning me to hell is quite a mouth...

  7. The way your words make me feel, you have to have forgiveness from my heart before your good deeds count...bringing tears to my eyes is your ISLAM when you dont know me????? when i came here desperately searcing for some advice???? At least I am not a cruel individual to lash out the way you did to me..I may die today but I do also have a heart that only Allah can see!!! Good luck in your life!

  8. I came here looking for help..this is why the Muslim Ummah never advances, cause if people are wrong or hurt or confused, we have people like you who throw them away, lock them out, and curse them to hell!!THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF ISLAM?????? How will Allah judge you for judging me? In the day of our Holy Prophet and Imams, anyone could ask ANYTHiNG!!! but no..you think you are so high and mighty..

  9. whomever you are...you have no right to judge who will or will not go to hell...do you know what your words made me feel like...like their is NO HOPE!! I may have to answer to Allah, as does everyone, but would the Imams reply the way you did to me...you have no empathy and MOST people who "think" they are religious are falsely elevated in their sanctimonious behavior!!!

  10. mmm...so close yet so far.

  11. oh 3anjad? you're coming to canada? i thought you were talking about iran :P funny that i consider iran to be my second home country and not the country im actually living in :unsure:. anyway, where exactly in canada are you coming?

  12. after this summer when ill be back in lebanon for min. 4 month! :D

    Are you having fun? and how are the classes, hard or mne7? And you're so lucky youre going back to lebnan, i wanna be there so badly... w im angry, why do u get to go to my second home country while i dont? :hmph, i wannt go too!

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