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  1. sis you've been gone since january, is everything ok with you?

  2. Bismi Allah Jag bor i Skåne. Finns det fler skåningar härinne? Eller ska jag utse migsjälv som Skånerepresentant? :D Salaam alaykum, Ms. Moonlight
  3. Bismi Allah Actually sister there is a solution to the "tripping thing". I too live in Sweden and not only in Sweden but in the southernmost part of the country, where Winter is rainy and muddy, as well as Fall and Spring....lol And having lived a few years in Egypt, I quickly became an "abaya sister" :) So what is the solution? Here it is: When you buy an abaya, most of the time it's too long and you need to go somewhere to get it hemmed up (don't even try that on your own; it will end up uneven and give you that half-baked I-wish-I-knew-how-to-sew look...unless you're a pro). In the seamstress' shop, make her hem it up so that you're showing about an inch of your jeans (I prefer to wear pants underneath the abaya; maleshhh...). Sort of like what they call a "tunic" in Egypt; you're showing the edge of your pants. THIS way, your abaya won't drag around in the mud (your pants will, hah!) and being Swedish I am sure you're aware of the ever so practical rubber boots even adults seem to wear here. Get a chic pair somewhere and....enjoy the slush and mud :D This is that abaya-with-pants look, but on a jilbab....: http://www.jelbab.com/Product.asp?prdID=3108674 Alternative #2 if you don't want to hem your abayas up that much, is to let her hem them so they're "hovering" about 1-1,5 inches from the floor sort of (depending on the style of shoes you wear). So your tip of your shoes show but that's it. Yes this will drag your clothes around in the mud, but again here I am recommending you wear pants or jeans underneath. Because....when faced with outdoor slush and stuff, you're going to hold your abaya up just a little bit, like the princesses do in the fairy tales :D Sounds silly but that is how to avoid getting muddy outside.... Salaam alaykum, Ms. Moonlight
  4. Bismi Allah I think that to tell him that I am praying according to the Maliki ruling, will not sit well. Even saying I wanted to follow Shafi'i didn't sit very well, even though he is from a country where Shafi'i ruling is the generally accepted madhab. We have a blurred starting point, since he feels that even having a madhab is bordering on bid'ah; that only people who feel they need to be lead, rather than make their own decisions, need a madhab. Of course this is not my opinion on this issue at all. Ya Allah, still my mind and heart, and make my tongue eloquent! But if he is unwilling to hear anything other than Bin Baz & Friends....I am not sure how or why he would listen to me talking about Ahl Ul Bayt. I'm going to show him a clip with Habib Ali al-Jifry that's on AIM on Youtube, in sha'Allah. I think that showing him "soft" Sunni clerics first might be a good starting point. Salaam alaykum, Ms. Moonlight
  5. (bismillah) Dear brothers and sisters, I reverted in 2003 alhamdu'li'Allah, not for the sake of a man but for the sake of Allah (subhanahou wata'ala). I read and read as much as I could. And I continued to do so, of course. I love reading and learning about my deen. It took me to here, alhamdu'li'Allah. If you read my earlier posts, you will learn how and why. In any case, I have gone from reverting with the salafis, to living in northern Africa, to following Sheyukh like Habib Ali al-Jifry, and to now, after learning about the Ahl ul Bayt (as) and falling in love with them all, simply following my heart and shifting my madhab from Shafi'i to Jafari. Of course this means that I should logically speaking be regarded as having gone from Sunni to Shi'a. Personally I see it as having corrected my deep and sincere love for Allah (subhanahou wata'ala), Rasoul Allah (salallahou 'alayhee wasalaam) and the Ahl Ul Bayt (as). I don't see the need to divide into Sunni and Shi'a. There is Islam and if you follow Islam you are a Muslim. And if you believe that Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) should have been the first Caliph, then you are a truthful Muslim :) POINT IS: Yesterday my husband - who is Sunni and follows Bin Baz & Co - happened to see me in my salaah and he saw that I was not holding my hands over my chest. He immediately inquired if I had become Shi'a - and I lied!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: It made me feel like my heart was rotting, that I was leaving my Beloved (salallahou 'alayhee wasallam) and his family (as) "high and dry". I said that I had heard that it is Sunnah only to put your hands over your chest, and that I felt that I can concentrate on my salaah more if I have them to the side. He is asking for proof for this. I said I will look in sha'Allah. But.....I am not so sure. I have a personal issue with my husband that might end up in him and I divorcing, but this has nothing to do with Islam. Please make du'a for me that Allah (subhanahou wata'ala) does what is best for us in this regard. Ameen. Much more importantly is that I cannot just shrug my shoulders and forget what I have learnt and go back to being what I would call "token" Sunni (= to not be so religious) and live a semi-religious life. I cannot leave my Beloved (salallahou 'alayhee wasallam) and his family (as); it hurts me even more inside to think about that, than it does to think about living without my husband. Subhan'Allah.... So far I have hidden what my aqeeda is, from him. And now he is suspecting it. I am asking humbly from the readers and writers in here, please make du'a for me. And also PLEASE can you help me find a loophole somehow so that he will not suspect me from seeing my salaah? JazakAllahou kheiran. Salaam alaykum, Ms. Moonlight
  6. (bismillah) Ohhhhhhh!!!! BARAK ALLAHOU FEEK!!! You have no idea how much that meant to me, to finally know. Elfi shukr! (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  7. (bismillah) I've spent probably about 1,5 hours now listening through all the links in here; I am looking for a certain qari/Qur'an reciter, who is present in a documentary on Karbala. I've posted a request for finding out who this person is, in another link, but perhaps in here, people can hear who it is better.... Allahou 'alam. So, who is this qari: Here: http ://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...72138523182474 scroll to 12:10 mins. Barak Allahou feekum. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  8. (bismillah) Before I start this topic, I wish to apologize in advance if any of the information is not supposed to be in this forum at all. Our Ummah is crying, be it Sunni or Shi'a. People can fret all their lives about which path is the correct one, within Islam. The fact remains that to the outside world, we are just one big huge lump of "Muslims". It's not like they have missiles that only hit at Shi'as or Sufis or Sunnis.... If the oppressive regimes (and you KNOW which ones I mean) decide to unite and try their utmost to hurt us, we will in sha'Allah all go down as Muslim martyrs. Who cares if the dusty white baby, cradled in the arms of her despairing father, was Sunni or Shi'a? Ya Allah, it should be enough to know that THAT child was part of us, of our Ummah. I know that in Saudi there was a decision not to help the Lebanese back in the July War of 2006 when, "Israel" went in and smashed the Paris of the Middle East into bits. I also know that the reason for not aiding Lebnan, was because the Muslims being shot at were Shi'a, and that the hardliner Salafis in Saudi had no compassion for a part of the Ummah they like to refer to as being "misguided". I know this. And that is why I don't give money to Saudi organisations. I am sure they have enough money to take them through another few decades. However, I also know that the people of Iraq, Lebnan and Falastin and around the Muslim world, don't have all that wealth at their fingertips. I know firsthand that orphans, children of war casualties and martyrs, are left to starve unless we help them. And I know that a tiny donation from us, puts a child through school, gives him food, clothes, and medicine. I know that one-time donations can be made to help a village buy a generator for the times when the "Allied forces" bomb their power sources. We have a choice; we can sit in our comfortable homes, buy lots of things, and hoard our savings as if there was a reason to. Or we could donate whatever we can, toward helping our Ummah. I only know two international, acknowledged Islamic help organisations, and I know that they "work": Islamic Relief: www.islamic-relief.com Muslim Aid: www.muslimaid.org/ When all other international help organisations flee the war zones for fear of their own lives, I know that these brave brothers and sisters stay on. Maybe that is partly because our aim is not in the dunya and that in sha'Allah if we are killed in the course of aiding victims of war, in sha'Allah we will merit to be in Jannat al firdaus. Maybe it is because we feel connected, from heart to heart and soul to soul, with our brothers and sisters in the Ummah. Or maybe it is because we understand that if we just give up and sit down in our homes, we might very well be next in line to be harassed and "taken physical measures" at. Allahou 'alam. All I know is that donating a sum every month, is not a big sacrifice for most Muslims in the "Industrialized World", in sha'Allah. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  9. (bismillah) I meant from the list of courses to take....just to give one example: http://www.academyofislam.org/StudentCours...&Print=True In Location, it gives an address in Canada....so....maybe I am looking in the wrong place in that site, or is there an index over online courses offered....or, maybe there is only one online course? (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  10. (bismillah) I'm an asthmatic and have been since I was two years old. Both my parents had asthma as well, but their became better as they grew out of childhood. Cats, dust and season change activate asthma attacks, as does running. I've learnt to live with it. I use Ventholine Evohaler when needed (when I am having an asthma attack), and I take something called "Pulmicort" twice daily. The latter is something I never took seriously, since I never understood the point in taking it. Also since it contains cortisone, I was until last Monday reluctant to taking it. I now understand that taking the "Pulmicort" prevents future attacks, but that the full effect of the medicine will not be achieved until at least three weeks of regular medication. So....this is week one....kheir, in sha'Allah. And so far, I prefer the Ventholine Evohaler, since it puffs the medicine into me without me having to take a deep breath (it is almost impossible to breathe deeply when you're having trouble breathing at all! Subhan'Allah!) and I can feel the medicine helping me, even though the effect wears off after an hour or two. In sha'Allah things will be better in another couple of weeks. Hope this information helps. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  11. (bismillah) You know ma'sha'Allah these things look GREAT: http://www.academyofislam.org/courses.asp Too bad one needs to live in Canada in order to benefit from them though :( for a moment before, I was hoping it was a site for online courses....if they were, I'd sign up for at least one or two, right away! Aw well....kheir, in sha'Allah... (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  12. (bismillah) In my earlier post, I was not trying to tell you how to best make the brother leave Islam. I was trying to point out the obstacles many reverts face after reverting to Islam. Also, I understand that the points I made in my post are mainly Sunni and even perhaps Salafi. I have no experience with Shi'a other than brief "salaams" in the street and of course, via Shiachat. Being that Sunni Islam is the most widespread branch of Islam in the West, and that their da'awah efforts are much bigger than those of the followers of the Ahl Ul Bayt, I am assuming that the friend came into contact with Islam via Sunnism. I may be wrong, but as I know it from my part of the world, the vast majority of reverts here, are not introduced to Shi'a and Sunni and then given the choice to pick which one they want. Here, if people are interested in Islam, they will most of the time come into contact with Sunnis, and mainly those of either Hanafi or Hanbali madhabs (once in a blue moon you will come across someone who follows Shafi'i). If he reverted into Shi'a straight away, then ma'sha'Allah truly! However, I was just pointing out what the majority of the reverts face, sooner or later. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  13. (bismillah) Ma'sha'Allah there are many knowledgeable sisters and brothers here in this tread. I thought I'd throw in my own personal opinion though: I try not to laugh out loud in public. However, there are times when I just can't keep my laughter in, or something very funny is said or done in public, and I just have to let that laughter out. In such a case, I laugh but cover my mouth, either with my hand or with a part of my hijab, because I feel like my laughter and smile and whole body movement is...not for everyone to see. I'd like to add a personal observation as well; when I laugh at home, my husband's eyes glitter and he smiles back. That for me is an indication that it's best kept at home. Wa Allahou 'alam. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
  14. (bismillah) Ya Allah!!!! My heart goes out to you ya Fatimah! May Allah (subhanahou wata'ala) grant you peace of mind and heart! Ameen! May He (subhanahou wata'ala) light up as-Siratt al-Mustaqeem for your Mohammed and for your father and family! Ameen! It just breaks my heart to hear of such hardship for you, sister. I am here - although I myself am becoming more and more like can you say an "Undercover Shi'a" in my own home - to listen to you if you ever need to speak from your heart about the issues above. It's just such a shame that the divide between Sunni and Shi'a runs so deep. To the outside world, we are all just one huge group; MUSLIMS. Sis, you and our brothers and sisters in the same situation as you are in, are in my du'as. (salam) Ms. Moonlight
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