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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why does the title say for married people only? It should say: "for anyone with decency and a conscience" because they would all tell you she's his wife and he better stand by her while they get this figured out. And he needs to figure out that he's destroying the sacredness of their relationship by telling others about her PERSONAL health issues.
  2. I really can't picture this happening to me. But if it did, I wouldn't just be offended, I'd probably die from disgust. Some girls see themselves as a keeper and some see themselves as a temporary thing. Decide which kind you are, ladies.
  3. Just for the record. I'm not saying it has to be either a phd or a marriage. I'm all for marriage and a happy family etc. However, the fact I'm an academic at heart and love learning and teaching shouldn't stop me from getting married. Besides, I love smart sisters. We need more smart sisters who will make a change in their families and communities.
  4. Lol! I've met a few of those. One of the principals I worked for would be really annoyed if we called him "Mr." instead of doctor. But, his degree was "honorary."
  5. Salaam Thank you all for the replies. I would like to eventually become a program director and college professor and these positions usually require a PHD or ED.D. I like my current job and will probably continue working throughought the PH.D until it's time to focus on my dissertation. As for marriage, honestly a guy who is scared of 3 letters after my name is not worth my time. I also live in a community where many sisters do hold higher degrees. I just tend to overthink ( a lot). My family really is indifferent about the situation, as long as they don't have to pay anything, they don't care.
  6. (Sorry if this is in the wrong forum...) I'm wondering if getting a PHD was worth it to anyone that has done it or currently in the process. I'm almost done with my Master's degree in Child Development and Learning Disabilties. If I do go for a PHD I'd end up begining my program in 2013 and I'd be 23 so I know I'd be done before 30 (inshallah...). My biggest concern is: 1. Feeling like I wasted my whole youth in college. 2. No one wanting to marry me because I'm "too smart." 3. Losing even more friends because right now I work full time and go to grad school. Most of my friends are in undergrad and living off their parents. I barely have time for anyone/anything anymore. I have a high GPA (thank God) so I will probably earn plenty of grants for a PHD. I haven't really narrowed down what my field will be yet but I'm currently a special education teacher/interventionist and I enjoy my field very much. Ok. I know the benefits of a PHD, but what could be some of the draw backs? Help?
  7. Ws, I don't know if this a serious question, but you're planning to never pay it back while they gave you the money assuming you have every intention of paying it back. That's technically fraud. I'm sorry but this is no better than the people who file fake insurance claims, misuse food stamps etc by saying "it's the Zionist/West's money." We're better than that. Our faith deserves better followers than people who look for easy ways to make/steal money. Want a nice wedding? Go work a job or two and pay for it. Or leave within your means.
  8. Your post is so refreshing!Thank you for sharing :) It really made me count my blessings for my childhood. But you're rich in memories :)
  9. I pay 1600 for a 3 credit class for grad school. I take around 2-3 classes a semester. And I pay for my degree out of pocket so I can't shop as much as I used to...
  10. I think the first 2 traits as in the Hijab thing and limiting interaction with men should be something she wants herself. Otherwise, they will not be implemented 100% etc. Besides, children can read insincercity better than adults. So maybe it's best to pick a sister with the traits already rather than trying to change someone. The homeschool thing. Really? I'm a teacher and most public schools are fine. There are other options such as charters and private schools but please, make sure those kids see the Sun and get a social life.
  11. Hide your wife and kids y'all. Random Muslim dudes are out kissing sisters now. :no:
  12. I made sure my guy didn't based on the type of person he is. He is really picky with women anyway and I was the first girl he spoke more than 5 words to hah. But I'm not sure how you can ever be 100% sure....but remember, even if they did, it beats him doing haram.
  13. Am I the only one that doesn't find his irrational jealousy "cute"? The fact he accuses you of "looking" at other men implies he has doubts towards your character and loyalty to him. He needs to chill out. Seriously. Yes, we have hadiths saying men should be jealous of their wives, as in BE PROTECTIVE OF THEM! Not making silly accusations.
  14. Communication issues can be a real road block but I'm sure your wife is a lovely girl and she seems so based on your description omitting the no personality line. Married life is as good or bad as you make it. Say Hamdillah you have a good Muslimah on your side and maybe make an effort to get to know what she likes, hobbies etc. No one is really boring anyway, but we rarely take the time to get to know people different than us.
  15. The above suggestions are great. You can also suggest a Muslim friendly activity that everyone can attend so that it looks like you're making an effort too! :)
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