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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam zam Hope u doing good and swimming fine! :) we do miss ya. come on join us again!! wa salam
  2. so you dont come from a very religious background.family? but dont get upset with them... seeing you devote yourself to Allah may open their eyes and hearts..
  3. well that doesnt mean we let people committ shirk? do we?? sufis are wrong in many way.. if we let them do whatever... then those who are allwing freedom of sufis to flourish... are we gonna be asked why we let some folks disobey Allah on the day of qiyama?? what will be our answer???
  4. always be very patient.. when debating... b/c that can turn into you giving dawah... and you never know Allah may help you to help your family...ur brother
  5. lol VERY TRANSPARENT! I hope my wife doesnt have any secrets from me!
  6. Yahya30

    Prison Break

    i watched a couple of episodes... didnt interest me... not much of a tv peson
  7. arnold schwarzenege avatar?? lol i havent seen that one... i have been roaming here today.. yeh have to agree saw a lot of 'rudely behaved' comments lol ... one of the most common comments that i saw was, "this just proves you are ignorant... you dont know anything... " lol ... if we keep saying that to people who come here to learn/debate how we gonna give dawah? best way to give dawa is through our behaviors... attitudes...mannerism...
  8. i could not stop laughing... homesexuality causes earthquakes...
  9. man i gotta grow my beard! LOL
  10. i know a hijabi who did zina... can you top that experience, youthshia? :) wearing hijab or not to me doesnt say whether a woman is religious or not. many arab girls wear hijab and burqa they dont do it b/c they r religoius but b/c their mothers, grandmothers have done it... out of culture... and laws in their country... not b/c they are pious... but personally i do find hijabis more attrative and would marry hijabi over non hijabi just so i dont have lose energy convincing her to do hijab.. its easier if the wifey is already hijabi :) but i wont be unjust to a muslim girl if she isnt hijabi
  11. i dont understand all these debates about deobandi and us...
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