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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 2469. If a woman compromises her Mahr with her husband, on a condition that he will not marry another woman, it is obligatory upon him that he does not marry another woman, and that the wife should not claim her Mahr. Syed Sistani.
  2. Sorry, but didn't quite get the question abt mistress??How does it relate to my quote???Mistress' generally do get physical, emotional and financial security, she is willing to forgo the aspect of social security to get the other three, depends on her priority. A mistress would also be a perfect fit to the example I had earlier quoted. A Mistress is an indirect cheater, the direct cheater would be a man who has a mistress, and we are not analysing a man's psychology here, will become too complicated then. And you are right, that a woman may cheat if she is not physically satisfied, but she ne
  3. I just say that " I am not feeling well and therefore not fasting" guys are smart enough!!! My 'not well' tone itself hints a guy that I will not entertain any further questions on the subject. Most non-muslim guys know that similar rules apply for women in their religion, eg Hindu, Christian etc women also abstain from certain religious rituals during mensuration.
  4. I feel that there is nothing wrong in talking to a person within decency limits, whatever his/her intentions are. As long as you don't speak about topics which hint towards flirting, casual conversations and sharing of point of views on different subjects can be of great value specially if that person might actually land up being your spouse. No one wants to be in for a shock later!!!!
  5. Women rarely cheat for excitement, or for the heck of it. In a relationship, a woman looks for psychological, physical and material fulfilment i.e various emotional traits such as understanding, communication, love and reciprocation from her partner to her actions etc, physical and material aspects such as sex, security, financial support etc. It also is important to understand the way a person is brought up, at times a woman would not mind compromising on either of these aspects if she gets what she thinks is most important for her. eg a woman may stay with a man with little financial means
  6. Wht else can I say, just that you haven't seen enough of the world. I know a lady who rarely does anything for her family, but she never denies her husband physical pleasure, which is the only obligation put by Islam for her and the husband is an Islamic man, so he never demands anything else from his wife.
  7. If it is genetic, then there is no solution............Also, reasons could also be stress, depression etc. From what I have heard don't pluck them as it increases their growth.
  8. I had a persistent problem for 4 years, and it got solved within 40 days of the aamal.
  9. AFAIK, Islam does not support honour killings.
  10. I have a similar experience, finance without accounting dosen't reap much benefits in the job market.
  11. If it is a legitimate dua, then recite Ziarate Aashura regularly for 40 days.
  12. Do you tell her not to speak with her parents? Do you tell her brother not to support her parents? If yes, then change yourself and if not then she has no right to tell you how you are suppossed to behave with your family. You will realise this statement when you have kids of your own.. Your parents have gone through a lot bringing you up, sleepless nights, taking care never to hurt you, to give you the best in life, washed your potty, fed you, educated you, the list is endless. You have reached U.S.A, not because of your wife or her parents, but your parents sacrifices. They let their only s
  13. Mail won't help much, try contacting a local aalim(representative) personally. Also, cross check with one or two other aalims(afterall aalims are humans too)
  14. ^ The guy seems weird, this being his first post he is asking advice from people who are absolutely new to him. I do not expect him to listen to my advice, but yet I will advice him, not to listen to people out here, he can get misguided. There are no Aalims here, so he must exercise caution. Since u mention that you are Usooli, y don't u contact the representative of your Marja in your locality and ask him to guide you.
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