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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 'And sa3sa3ah you didn't mention the part where al-Dhahabee says that rejecting this would be akin to rejecting many correct Sunan" Oh really? He says that about this particular tradition? Please do bring it :)
  2. (1) Hudhayfa died early during Khilafat 'Alee (ra). "Uthmani"/"Shi'an Uthman"/etc. are terms that came about after Khilafat Uthman (ra) so there's no way Hudhayfa could've intended Hazrat Uthman's (ra) own allies during his lifetime by this statement. They were about the extremists from those who wanted Qasas over death of Hazrat Uthman (ra) and would commit acts of zealotry in his (ra) name.... OP will be hard-pressed to find a single authentic narration where appellations like "Uthmani," or anything of that nature, were used during Khilafat Uthman (ra). (2) Historical fact omitted: Hudhayfa
  3. It's not an "analogy", it's the sharh. Only an imbecile, a liar or a bid'ati who has a pre-established notion he is trying to prove would need to hide the fact that cities have multiple gates and have had multiple gates since the time of Rasul (saw) - especially large cities... As for NB and Sunna' texts and your rubbish claims - as I said, I'm discussing it with your brother and would rather spend time on the topic with somebody who actually (apparently) knows about the book...
  4. I hope I didn't misrepresent what I was trying to say. The hadeeth of 70 sects is saheeh. The hadeeth "Follow my companions, they are like the stars" is weak. w/salaam
  5. I don't know about the 70 sects one, but a similar hadeeth (related to this ending and the ending) appears in 12er books on following the Sahaba (ra) because they are like the stars (whichever is followed is correct). We have that narration in our books but it is regarded as fabricated/weak. The 12er version includes an addition that says that the 'Arabic term "Sahaba" (Companions) is to be redefined to mean the 'Arabic phrase Ahl al Bayt (People of the House) which in turn was redefined to mean specificlly 'Ali and Fatima along with their descendants until their eleventh descendant. So in a w
  6. I agree 100%. The words of your scholars concerning your religion ought to come before mine, so forgive me if I trespassed. Yet I fail to see any one of your scholars who says "All the riwayat with individual curses are fabricated/weak - and therefore not to be acted upon". Rather, there argument is generally "this will make us look bad and therefore is not to be acted upon [in public]". I'll recant/revoke my statement if you can bring me the words of a (preferably living) scholar who says not to curse anyone specificlly because these ahadeeth of yours are not to be relied upon (instead of bec
  7. As for NB, I will inshaAllah be discussing that more in-depth with your brother. In any case, the mere fact that something doesn't contradict Qur'aan doesn't automatically make it true. If I call you an imbecile (on account of your sickening beliefs about 'Arab superiority), than this doesn't contradict the Qur'aan at all. Does that mean the statement is true? Of course not, and I'm sure you would deny such a claim. As for this particular saying about Ameer ul Mumineen's (ra) knowledge, than a city has multiple gates, but the narration isn't useful to us except that it highlights his (ra) fada
  8. 2 questions: - Why was supposed killer of Bibi Fatima (ra) omitted? - Is there evidence for the statement that 'Ali Ridha had 1 son and also a daughter?
  9. Ignoring your typical banter, his name was no'man, not no'many...
  10. Emotional whining - nothing addressed, as usual. And if the mentality of the Umayyad's is opposite to your racist and jahiliya mentality of 'Arab-worship, than may Allah (swt) continue to bless me with this mentality of the Ummayyis and save me from the sick ideas you were just preaching. If you'd like to address the concerns I raised with your absurd statement, than please do, (here they are) Okay, well when you mature and one to speak on a more civilized level than do come back and try again and inshaAllah I'll entertain what you raise. :)
  11. That's a Sunna' concept. There is plenty of 12er riwayaat for individual cursing of specific people, including post-Prophet (saw) ones. Anyways, my 3am curse, l3nAllah on cowards who have to hide what they actually believe :)
  12. The book is certainly eloquent, but from where do you make the assumption that it's contents can be positively attributed to Amir ul Mumineen (ra) and not to the Shi'a after him? I have reason to believe that much of it is not even from 'Ali (ra). No doubt, 'Ali (ra) was a meritorious individual, but this dogmatic elevation of this book by you lot and it's positive ascription without an iota of serious research just bothers me. But what do I know, I've only read the book without a blind adherence to it. I wanted to raise my concerns in the hadeeth section under the signs thread, but it appears
  13. Well, our 'Ali (ra) is asadullah, who even as a man without supernatural or magical powers would've defended his ahlul bayt (ra) - can't speak for this person...
  14. Well, I must say I'm learning a bit about your own unique personal point of view. It's a shame though that this won't be of any relevance to me in a discussion with any other 12er since your personal doctrine seems to not only be at odds with 12er scholarship and history (about the origin of NB) - but I know nobody else who holds these views of yours. Kher - InshaAllah, I hope that we should be able to get into discussion on the particular sermons you claims soon since that's what interests me most and would be relevant to other 12ers as well and my own benefit. I can not bring every quotatio
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