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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wa salaam brother if i knew the answer i would have not asked the question in the first place. ;)
  2. thanks for replies could you also help me with refrence please thank you
  3. Salaam and Ya ALI Madad my questions is can Imam ALI(a.s) be at more than 1 place at the same time? Ya Ali Madad
  4. i see the picture next year it will be no shabeeh to be taken out cuz goreh take the micky year after no matam cuz goreh think we are crazy year after no jaloos cuz its pointless bar lanat on those who stop any form of azadari they no better than yazid
  5. first of all could you explain what you think a malang is? your making it out as if its some sect :wacko: :wacko:
  6. its john german i;m not sure if this is true i've heard he read something on the mimbar and the majority of ppl dint like it so they kicked a fuss next day he said he's not going to read and had 5 conditions if the commitee wanted him to read 1 of the conditions was no zanjeer zani will happen so the commitee said Allah hafiz to him
  7. jazakallah does anyone have more traditions its to convince a friend that our eids are eid e ghadeer, eid e mubahila etc.. i've explained that ahlulbait did not celebrate eid 10 days after mola ali(a.s) shahadat i've explained that ahlulbait did not celebrate eid for certain years after the event of karbala and that imam musa kazim was in qaid for 14 years and did not celebrated eid during that period. also gave examples of imam sajad crying for 40 years Ya Ali Madad
  8. salaam ya ali madad ya ali haq imam brothers and sisters i have a question hope someone could give me an answer my question is after the event of karbala did our imams celebrate eid? ya ali madad
  9. same would like to know more about akhbaris :yaali:
  10. Ya Ali Haq Haider! it shows umar was married to umme kalthum bint abu bakr :lol:
  11. what does the egg look like when its in the shell
  12. are you being serious? :lol: our authentic hadiths link back to prophet like sis aliya has said and they dont go against the quran unlike you authentic hadiths plus they are not linked through any Richard and harry
  13. front line - shoot out all the wahabis first for spreading lies about ahlulbait and their followers :wub:
  14. Salaam / Ya Ali Madad my knowledge about hazrat musa kazim is weak can you all help me and tell me about his life, especially about why and how he got prisoned and by who thank you Ya Ali Haq Haider!
  15. Salaam i'm aware of 2 punjabi centres in newport aprox about 12 miles away from cardiff Islamic Society For Gwent and Hussani Mission, i think there are over 2000 momins in that city both idara's are active throughout the year about accomodation best bet is to see the internet and see if you can find any sort of accomadation
  16. OMG! how can they be like us from what i heard Allah created noor and it was put in to adam (as) and it was travelled through all prophets. it then went to abdul mutalib (as) and splitted in 2 , half into abu talib (as) and half into abdullah (as) then in to ali (as) and mohammed (pbuh) for fatima (as) a seperete noor was created its came in prophet after he went to mehraj and ate a fruit also i read a hadith somewhere, where a fortune telle always use to ask abdullah(as) to marry her one day she never so abdullah(as) asked why? she said what i was after is not in you anymore, tha
  17. why have you not added aisha and hafsa in the list? did they do nikha misyar? dushmanane ahlulbait par lanat beshumar!
  18. he is amazing he's done a very good speach on waqia e qarbala
  19. so are you saying umar did wrong? :Hijabi: Narrated Anas: Whenever drought threatened them, 'Umar bin Al-Khattab, used to ask Al-Abbas bin 'Abdul Muttalib to invoke Allah for rain. He used to say, "O Allah! We used to ask our Prophet to invoke You for rain, and You would bless us with rain, and now we ask his uncle to invoke You for rain. O Allah ! Bless us with rain."(1) And so it would rain. sahahi bukhari - book 17 - no 123 http://www.searchtruth.com/book_display.ph...mp;translator=1
  20. salaam brother koroigetsuga were sent to me via email so i'm not sure if they are authnetic or not
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