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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. umm...thanks but im not interested, and im a lady too =]

  2. forget that, bukhari, muslim and the other sunni schools of thought contradict eachother, let alone the Quran. they need to sort out their own resources then only they can quote from the Quran.
  3. that quote was in the context of when Aisha was jealous because the Prophet used to go to his wife Zaynabs house a lot, and she told the Prophet that his mouth stinks from drinking the honey drink he had at Zaynabs House. So the Prophet replied by telling Aisha that if it displeases her by going to Zaynabs house then he wont go there that often. so then Allah revelaed that Quote in the Quran: O Prophet, why do you make prohibited that which God has made lawful for you just to please your wives? God is forgiving and merciful. God has given absolution from such oaths. He is your master. He is all-knowing and wise.
  4. theres no point arguing with a fool (muawiah lovers (la)) because no one will ever know the difference. we just have to pray that Allah guides them to the true path of Islam before its too late.
  5. May Allah grant us all the opportunity to go to Ziyarat of Imam Hussein, and all the Ziyarats in both Iraq, Iran and Damascus, again and again, Inshallah, Ameen.
  6. salams, I have known of many miracles expecially during Muharram and Ar'baeen. ill give u a few miracles, however i have never witnessed them but have known of others especially family members who have witnessed them. I think the year before last, my aunt and mother were preparing the Cradle Hazrat Ali Asghar (A.S), on his day, and the cradle started rocking back and forth like someone was rocking it, however the windows were closed. another miracle was my aunt has a friend who has a Tasbeeh of Khake-Shafa and every Ashura at Fajr time the Tasbeeh becomes red by itself and then slowly fades a few days later, i have actually held the Tasbeeh. Also i wa invited at a Majalis a few years ago, but was unable to attend. i now wish i had gone because during the Majalis the Alam of Hazrat Abbas and Imam Hussein (i think it was theirs), and they started violently shaking, so everyone started to recite Amal-e-Ashura and it gradually stopped shaking, i visited it the day after. My aunts neighbour was cutting an obergine when she noticed that seeds in it were shaped in Allahs Name. I dont know if you've noticed but if u look at a full moon then u can see that theres a distinct shadow like shape that spells the name Ali on it in arabic, thats also a miracle.
  7. salams, if u believe in the Quran then you'll believe in black magic. but there are ways to protect urself such as Reading Quran, especially the Four Qul" i.e. "Qul howallahu ahad", "Qul yaa ayyohal kaferoon", "Qul a'uzo berabbil falagh", and "Qul yaa ayyohal kaferoon". and ive heard that wearing pearls (real ones) and certain stones help to lessen its effects. I think Imam Ali used to wear these stones but im not completely sure.
  8. Salams, In the Quran black magic is forbidden, and if you follow sistani then heres his website www.sistani.org and just go to Q and A, you can aslo ask a question aswell. Black magic is true because its mentioned in the Quran. i hope this helps. :)
  9. wow sister, ur story is inspirational to us all. May Allah bless you.
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