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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Who rattled your cage? Or are you Notme's fanboy? Clearly you haven't reached those stages, go back under your rock and blindly follow your masters, buffoon.
  2. Was getting bored of this but I just had to retort. "Space" and Heliocentricity are Satanist movements, you can't be a Muslim and a Satanist.
  3. I'm not telling anyone anything. All I'm saying is I can't feel the earth rotate at over 1000 mph.
  4. By reading your quotes from your heroes such as Galileo and NDT (haha) it is not worth replying to your questions, you are already too far gone! Until the next time.
  5. What are you wittering on about? You've seen this "universe" yourself?
  6. At least you spelt it right genius. Everything is moving because someone told you it is.
  7. Calm down "Ruqaya101" it was just a suggestion. Calling me ignorant and telling me to grow up hardly the signs of someone that is caring. Peace.
  8. "You can see even the light on the tip of a cigarette a mile away in a forest without binoculars" It's supposed to be over 200 miles away!! It's all fake my dear, no one can go into "space". The whole of the earth hasn't even been explored and they are stealing billions in funding to pretend they are exploring deep space! Even if you see what you perceive to be a "space station", because you have been indoctrinated, how do you know it is in space or is it in the upper atmosphere? "..they have eyes but do not see..."
  9. Yet these so called "bones" were only "discovered" all of a sudden only around 150 years ago! Oh and these "bones" have lasted millions of years according to the "experts"!
  10. Let me know when you can see a football pitch over 200 miles away with binoculars!
  11. Completely fake, only seen it on TV as CGI. It doesn't exist. It's supposed to be the size of a football pitch and over 200 miles away, what will you see through a telescope! Probably a glorified blimp to fool the masses.
  12. Bro, you're confusing him with Mukhtar Ali Shedi who passed away last year. Mewa Khan is alive and well.
  13. No life exists as there are no such things as planets or ETs, its all hollywood programming. There are jinns that sometimes are confused as aliens!
  14. Plenty on Google, here's one lclane2.net/hundreda.html Best site to use is ifers.boards.net/
  15. There is no proof that the place we live in is a globe, but I can give you 100 proofs that the earth is not a globe. Had anyone that's not part of the space agencies of this world seen the globe earth? It was only 500 years or so ago that everyone believed the earth was flat until the freemasons invented the globe earth theory which is no accepted as fact. Any thoughts contrary to that and you are ridiculed. Do some research people.
  16. Things which make Fast void There are nine acts which invalidate fast: 1. Eating and drinking 2. Sexual intercourse 3. Masturbation (Istimna) which means self abuse, resulting in ejaculation 4. Ascribing false things to Almighty Allah, or his Prophet or to the successors of the Holy Prophet 5. Swallowing thick dust 6. Immersing one's complete head in water 7. Remaining in Janabat or Haidh or Nifas till the Adhan for Fajr prayers 8. Enema with liquids 9. Vomiting
  17. Well according to that website the astro twilight time in London is 0:00...good luck with that!
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