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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ Me too? Speech Created = Yes or No :wacko:
  2. The Glorious Qur’an: 13 - ٚÇ ãñÔ æáÇ Çááå ÑؼÈ ٝñ Ýٟ Ç ÙñøÈÏÝ ìöÒٛÉ, ٚÝٟ Ç ãñ ٛòÉ ÐöÝٛÝ ٚػ ٝò Çáà Ûñ ãöÔٚÁ, ٚػ ٝò Ç Ìñٕٟ ػ ١ò Ç ÙñáÇÍ ٚÇ ÛñáÇ Ööٕøí, ٚ ÝñÙ Èٕ ËÈ ãñÔ Îö ٛòÞ ٚæÒÈËÒ Èٕ Îö ٛòáÎ ٚáÔÇÆÒ Èٕ Îö ٛòáÎ ٚÇ ãñÔÂ Û ١Ô Îö ٛòÞ. 13. The Qur'an is the Kalam of Allah Ta‟ala, written on books (masahif), preserved in the hearts, recited on the tongues, and revealed to the Prophet, sallallahu alahi wa aalihi wa sallam. Our utterance of the Qur'an is created, and our recitation of the Qur'an is created, but the Qur'an (as the attribute of Kalam of Allah) is not created. So Abu Hanifa believed the Quran as Speech of Allah was Not Created
  3. Okay well all you guys are giving mixed info Abu'l Fadl another Sunni says Abdaal takes the Mu'tazilah positions regarding Kalâm. ;)
  4. Brother Abdaal who is a sunni disagrees to what u say is the sunni belief?
  5. ^ LOL.. sorry thats sad. mum jokes on shiachat
  6. Do the Maturdi's also believe the Quran was created?
  7. Thank you but i have already read those articles. It doesnt really address my question
  8. oh i thought all Sunnis believed that the Quran was not created. Thanks brother
  9. that they believe Allah does not have power over all things? Or are their beliefs about this issue the same as ours where we say Allah has knowledge of All but gives us free will, there are things we dont have control over such as sex, race etc but others we do. Please provide reference. Thank you
  10. So i do understand Sunni's Believe the Quran is not created. It is an atribute of God - Speech of God and therefor the Quran is the Speech of God which was sent to the Prophet (pbuh) through Gabriel (as). Now is there any articles / books from the Shia point of view how it was created and not the Speech of Allah? I would also like the same from the Sunni's here, if you could show me any online books / articles that i could read. Thank You!
  11. I dont think there are any such books written by shias.
  12. Thank you brother Macisaac, Aabis, Slave of Allah!
  13. Asalaam Alaykum, Has anyone read this book An Analytical Study of the Shia and Sunni Doctrines by Farhad Amirebrahimi ( who was once a shia ) http://www.shiaorsunni.com/index.html What are your views?
  14. There is no need to curse her. Especially in public, it is very wrong.
  15. Thank u brother but that thread doesnt answer my question. I want to know what is difference of the salaams when we end our prayer
  16. I dont think i got a proper answer to my question. I do understand there are many other ways you can prove imammate. But my question was this. We Say Sunni's have different schools. something that maybe halal according to a Hanafi maybe Haram to a Shafi but arnt we the same? Something that is halal according to one marja maybe haram to another and there are many examples. So how are we any different as far as this issue goes or can we say we have the same problem as Sunnis?
  17. Salaam Alaykum, Sorry if this sounds like a question i should know but i am not so good in arabic. I just want to know what is the difference between Salaam Alayka, Salaam Alayna and Salaam Alaykum Thanks.
  18. Brother Salaam alaykum, Do u know of any Ilm-ul-Rijal books in English? Shia or Sunni? Thanks

  19. salaam brother,

    how u doing? how is the family? any progress in telling them?

  20. Allah chooses who the ahlul bayt are. Sara was from the ahlul bayt of Prophet Ibrahim (as) so it doesnt mean that the wives of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) will be. Also Sarah was the mother of other Prophets so her status is different, Just like Mariam was from the Ahlul Bayt of Isa. Imam Ali (as) was from the Ahlul Bayt but the Prophet (pbuh) had other cousins, they were not included. Why? because Allah didnt choose them. Also if you look at verse 3:61 : But whoever disputes with you in this matter after what has come to you of knowledge, then say: Come let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and our selves and your selves; then let us be earnest in prayer and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars. You can have a look at Sunni Tafsir Jalalayn. The verse refers to imam ali, hassan, hussain, bibi Fatima and the Prophet (pbuh). The wives of the prophets were not included as "our women" http://www.altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?tMadhNo=1&tTafsirNo=74&tSoraNo=3&tAyahNo=61&tDisplay=yes&UserProfile=0&LanguageId=2
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