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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sadiq M...

    Friends of the Mahdi

    A very well worded post... On the translation of: قال: الذي لا يعرف الناس ما في نفسه , I feel the tradition is referring more to the beliefs that the individual is holding rather than the knowledge and popularity of his identity (hence the use of ما في). It sounds familiar to the Hadith narrated about Salman (ع) where the Prophet (ص) said: لو علم أبوذر ما فی قلب سلمان لقتله. When understood with this Hadith in mind a stronger interpretation would be leaning towards the person being in a state of taqiyyah, where he held the true beliefs and like an unmoveable mountain remained unperturbed by the filth surrounding him (إنّ المؤمنَ أشدُّ مِن زُبَرِ الحديدِ).
  2. Oh the irony. Will they be working alongside the Yazid regiment?
  3. Quite an apt visual representation of the weapon smuggling routes in the Levant.
  4. General discontent no doubt. No regime is perfect, people will always have grievances on how affairs are being run. But the armed militias (FSA) have nothing to do with the general public, they are opportunists funded by NATO and the GCC trying to "hijack" the genuine public discontent to implement regime change. People supported Mubarak People supported Assad People supported Saddam Therefore Mubarak = Assad = Saddam If you can't see a problem with this sort of faulty deduction (which doesnt take into context the proportion of support, how wide, which classes etc. nothings that black and white) then there's no point continuing this discussion. Just recently Al-Jazeera reported that more people turned up to a pro-Assad march in proportion to the total Damascus population than Egyptions did in Tahrir Square (in proportion to Cairo's population). Source: Al-Jazeera
  5. I was discussing the UN, not the BBC or Press TV, they are a separate discussion altogether. Yes, you can’t. Being anti-FSA does not make one automatically pro-Assad. The UN and Amnesty reports are a mixture of falsehood and truth, and if you were to read the small print you would see it was compiled entirely on unverified “opposition” reports by a group of UN representatives in Geneva. And I failed to see how my example to the use age of Sahih Bukhari is flawed simply because you compared it to the straw man of Press TV being 100% biased not knowing that I too am sceptical of Press TV. I’d prefer to use the model of Russia Today, which gave the anti-Putin marches last month in Moscow quite a lot of coverage (surprisingly). But anyway, that analogy still stands.
  6. It's really not that difficult to grasp. It's the same reason why we quote Sahih Bukhari in our debates with Sunnis and not Al-Kafi. What's interesting is that the FSA abuses have become so systematic and widespread that the Human Rights Watch simply could not ignore it cover it anymore as they have been for the past year. You can't ignore the fact that the FSA have ethnically cleansed Alawis, Shias and Christians from Homs like you can't ignore the Libyan National Council's treatment of "dark skinned migrants". This report is really a ploy to prevent any public backlash of supporting such lawless militias in Syria. The media are now spinning it saying, "well, at least there not bad as Assad". Joy oh joy. Logical fallacy. To give you an example, if I tell a Sunni "there is a Hadith in your books talking about 12 caliphs from the Quraysh", it doesn't then mean that the validity of that hadith I mentioned rests on me accepting other hadiths from that same book. You pick what suits your ideology, and scrutinise what doesn't. Don't clutch at straws here. The UN, Amnesty and dozen of other NGO's have proven time and time again they are nothing but an instrument to be used in US foreign policy. They are used to provide US imperialism with a "humanitarian" pretext. When these organisations or bodies release reports that go against their own covert agendas it should be noted with high importance as the truth eventually does leak through the cracks.
  7. The Yazid ibn Muawiya brigade is sooooo old. They now have a Adnan 'Aroor brigade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg4_UdZ2Wu4 What's there not to like?
  8. I too would like to see the evil and ugly deeds of "Joseph Kony" to be brought to an end... But let us not be so naive and take a second to read between the lines. Joseph Kony has been carrying out these heinous crimes for the last 20 years! ... Very suddenly, there's a huge campaign lobbying US politicians to send troops to Uganda and 'smoke him out'? COINCIDENTALLY approximately 5 monthsafter Uganda discovers huge oil reserves withinitsborders? http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/26/world/africa/uganda-welcomes-oil-but-fears-graft-it-attracts.html And so rises the selfless humanitarian "Kony 2012" campaign... How could anyone oppose it? With a cute little kid stating the obvious cliché: "he's the bad guy! Why don't we stop him?!"; coupled with the 'altruistic family-man poster boy' heading the campaign. Joseph Kony has been murdering innocent civillians in the most brutal manner for 20 years, but suddenly we MUST go after him NOW, in 2012!! (before anyone else gets to the newly found oil reserves!). His mug has now been plastered alongside OBL and Hitler, meaning that if we don't get "our boys" in there to save the world, more people will needlessly suffer due to our apathy. And the tear-jerking publicity means that the public MUST jump on the bandwagon without a second thought. Nobody would support US military intervention in yet another country that has found oil... But with this clever ploy, the public would not only support a US military presence in Uganda, they would lobby for it! So the "Kony 2012" campaign doesn't need your financial support. It just needs you to be stupid enough to fall for it, and if their lucky, publicise it too. As disgusted as I feel about the deception if it all, the shrewdness is almost admirable. So I propose we launch two new campaigns: 1) The WANAGAWS campaign. (We Are Not As Gullible As We Seem) 2) The AHOUR campaign. (American Hands Off Ugandan Resources)
  9. This "Kony 2012" nonsense is an attempt to wrap up imperialism with the façade of "activism". http://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2012/03/kony-2012-wrapping-imperialiam-in.html
  10. I'm not denying its authenticity, I'm questioning the motive.
  11. It was not a mistake, it was a master move by a genius strategist who knows the pre-orchestrated NATO driven imperialist policy for the Middle East in greater detail then you know your own house. Do not be duped into thinking that what is happening in Syria has nothing to do with the plan for a new Middle East, a plan whose "birth pangs" were announced by Condaleeza Rice in the 2006 Lebanon War. These GCC spawns, the FSA, are doing to Syria what the Pentagon could only dream of.
  12. According to that logic, regimes which support the FSA are unreliable. Secondly, I have provided in post 16 a list of Western sources showing the rebels to be armed and funded as far back as last year, so stop your trolling. What any vigilant individual should be doing is reading through all the news outlets and piecing together the "puzzle". So when you read in the Arab League Report that the rebels have "armour piercing weaponry" and are "attacking civilians", coupled with Western reports saying Al-Qaeda have joined the opposition and that Libyan fighters are fighting alongside the FSA, you should get a clear picture of the issue. If what you read happens to give credence to the narrative being painted by Assad, that he is fighting terrorists not civilians, then so be it, this is what the research has shown! On a separate note, why has Assad stopped fighting in Homs? I thought he has been "massacring civilians" for weeks now? Isn't it convenient that when the rebels flee, the fighting stops. Blows a hole in the whole "civilians" against "dictator" dichotomy being peddled by the media.
  13. Mainstream media is the mouthpiece and spokesperson for the government. Their purpose is to prepare and soften the public for Government policy. When the media go out of line and criticise Government policy, like they did in Vietnam, it is decried as a "crisis of democracy" and think tanks are set up to ensure this never happens again (The Trilateral Comission). Why not? It happened in Venezuela in April 2002 and Hugo Chavez was framed for the shooting. 19 people were shot directly in the head in a public opposition rally, this spurred the opposition to enact a coup, but luckily the people of Venezuela realised the propaganda and Hugo Chavez was re-installed. With the FSA being supported and funded by the US, who are documented to have manipulated chaos and terror across the globe from South America (support of the contras) to East Asia (support of General Suharto) as a pretext to their twisted global agenda, I can reverse the question and ask you why your so naive to fall for this plot which has been used over and over again that it is now predictable.
  14. Absolute nonsense. They have been armed and funded for a long time now by the imperialist zionist alliance of NATO and GCC, this has been well documented. Only now the support being given has transformed from covert to overt. NATO no longer needs to hide its sinister role in the insurgency as the Muslim Brotherhood rebellion has gained widespread approval thanks to the mass media propaganda. Source: http://mycatbirdseat.../nato-vs-syria/ Source: http://www.ft.com/cm...l#axzz1nuJbA4HQ Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/8917265/Libyas-new-rulers-offer-weapons-to-Syrian-rebels.htm This is on top of the many reports that the Butcher of Benghazi, Abdel Karim Belhadj has been in Syria orchestrating the FSA. The US have even provided the FSA with co-ordinates of the Syrian Army locations. Co ordinates it gained by violating Syrian airspace. Source: http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/report-u-s-drones-flying-over-syria-to-monitor-crackdown-1.413348 And now Qatar has come in the open about its plans. http://www.guardian....s-qatar-weapons No wonder the GCC and NATO are fuming at the fact that the Syrian army refuses to be toppled despite all the internal meddling so far. Source: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/world_now/2012/02/saudi-official-walks-out-meeting-syria.html Everyone knows that without overt military intervention a la Libya, Assad ain't going nowhere.
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