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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. As far as dualism goes we do believe we have a body and a soul. At school i do philosophy and compared to a certain philosopher who believes we can access things through our soul, islam differs.
  2. In islam can u look at graphic images (OF RUDE PARTS) if its for school work (medical) also can u look at live images of it from real people. (in accordance to ayatullah khamanei)
  3. In mosq when you hear dua or quran, or even when ur at home listening do u get blessing for listening or?
  4. no if the hadith does not contradict the quran it still has to be observed and looked at whether its a good hadith or bad hadith.
  5. great reply yes. i follow islam cause it makes sense to me, i couldnt ever follow christainity cause of the trinity.(no offense)
  6. whether the judge is male or female... if they are just then there really shouldnt be a problem with what sex is better.
  7. im not sure, but i know the imam did not die just with muslims, there were christians with him too, that wanted to fight for the imam.
  8. haha alright man, i cant find it but ill ask him if he knows whenre i can find it. its more hostile between shias then other faiths or no faiths (lol) really. here some of us respect other peoples oppinions others well... youll see sometime if u stick around long enough.
  9. any time bro, glad to meet u infact :D always nice meeting other people from another faith. listen theres a guy called syed ammar nakshiwani. he is a english lecturer he delivers mind blowinglectures!! theres one on politics and islam. try find and listen to it if u have time, ill try find it for u in the mean time. ur new friend kumail :)
  10. hello bro, welcome to the forums :D 1. Do Shia Muslims believe there is another Quran which is different from the currently available one? nope theres only one true quran that both sunni and shias believe in, there is just defferent inturpretations of it. 2. If yes, in what way that Quran is supposed to be different than the current one? no difference only difference in inturpretation 3. Do Shia believe in the Qiyamat or Judgment Day? of course its a fundimental belief 4. Do Shia Muslims believe that they should strive till there is no religion other than Islam is left in the world? i dont th
  11. i was posed the question : ''why did ali R.A. leave behind his wife to be attacked and unprotected while he was on holiday'' and i dont know anything about this can someone clarify this claim and tell me how to answer it. wassalam
  12. u got a point but the stuff people come up with i mean common.
  13. as soon as my merjia tells me im going to fight for iran!
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