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  1. I believe its only for the first 10-12 days. Not after. Also, you can check out jaffari.org and click on any centre on the right and it should give you information on lecturers and timings.
  2. Can someone please tell me some rules on Meraj Fasting, I heard somewhere about being able to fast half or full. Half meaning ending at Zuhr time. Details please? thank you khudahafiz
  3. You know whats ironic, I've seen some girls that wear hijab having very fitting clothing compared to those that don't wear it!
  4. Any natural cause which brings fear to a human being, and you are there to witness it(not the person the natural cause), you should recite Namaz-E-Ayat.
  5. He is married, when we went to lunch with him, he was texting his wife.
  6. This is an awesome video, I sent this to my Sunni friend and he put it in his Mp3.
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