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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams all, Took a very late decision to head to Iran, on my own I have my visa and head out this Wednesday so reaching early hours of Thursday morning. Ive never actually been before, any advice on where to visit, apart from the obvious ziyaraats. I will be spending about 4 weeks there. Also its Eid on Thursday, does anybody know of any programs, would it be preferable to go to Jamkaran thursday night or to Syeda Masouma? All advice is very welcome for anyone who has been before. Also are there any english programs happening anywhere? Majalis etc. [Mod Note: Eid al Adha =
  2. Sounds very reasonable. 20% of profits based on the successful formation of a profitable business, agreed. Deposit via Salat ul Layl account, and made in gold, I got lost at that point, unless that was not a serious post? Salams, Thanks for that information I shall check it out. Insha Allah you have the opportunity to foresee your ambitions in setting up your own shop, and will remember you in my prayers. I have some investment which I am able to put in to get things moving, which is why I am looking to take the step with the right guidance. __ Inquisitor: I do appreciate your advice a
  3. Kinder surprise (referring to easter etc blah)
  4. I am quite flexible with my options, as at the moment exploring all avenues. My most recent job was managing an office. Previous to that I was in a partnership with somebody in the motor trade (car sales/repairs). Also agree about inventing such a product, I wish I had the knowledge to do so but personally don't. I was thinking about something web based, a lot of people outsource their work, i.e. administration, web design, and so on.. Some sort of platform which could link those with the skills, to those who require their services. Its just an idea at the moment and if I was to do it, I'd aga
  5. Seems you are the man to speak to about this?
  6. Who is Sami? Not been online here for a long time, could someone point him to this thread or a link to profile? Thanks!
  7. Salaams All, Hope you're well. Im looking for some help or ideas. Recently resigned from my full time job - a risk indeed in todays climate, but I was just fed up with the odd hours and found myself getting down about things. So anyway, its a new day and I am Insha'Allah looking to start something up on my own, I won't have huge investment funds straight away so looking at options to start small and keep developing as time goes. Any suggestions as to what a good market would be, to get into at this point? I know first few months is gonna be hard to break even but is there anyone who does som
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