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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, the repentance is between him and Allah (SWT), therefore you have no right to curse or slander anyone who sincerley repents. I'm sorry but I (along with the majority of Muslims) disagree with that. By accepting someone's repentance and moving on with your life, trying to make yourself a better person. If not, then one must be a very volatile person, with a lot of vented anger and frustration inside them.
  2. But you regard them as being 'infallible' ? Correct ?
  3. As opposed to being 'infallible' and 'angel-like' ?
  4. Please, I don't wish to get into a massive and heated debate on 'why' the Shia believe what they do. As mentioned earlier, it won't do any good to the human psyche. And as also stated, I leave the Judgement up to Allah (SWT). btw, shouldn't we all be concentrating on being good Muslims, rather than having so much anger and hatred ? (which unfortunately is coming from certain posts in this thread).
  5. Maybe the producer thought it's irrelevant showing different sects of Islam, and instead, just show Islam as it should be - i.e. one body :)
  6. Salaam The reason the we (the Sunnis) don't have hatred or animosty towards the Companions of the Prophet (saaw) is because it's an extremely bad thing to do, psychologically. Some might say certain Companions made mistakes but that's as far as we go. With respect, unlike the Shias, the Sunnis don't go around cursing and slandering certain Companions. We leave the Judgement up to Allah (SWT). Tell me, what good does it do to curse and hold so much hatred against certain Companions ? And to speak ill of them after they've died ? What if they repented of their actions before they passed away ? Who are we to judge ? Please think about that.
  7. Salaam Zara. I don't know if that term is mentioned in Bukhari.
  8. JZK for the responses (and apologies again for the late reply). Firstly, I want to say that (obviously) I'm no Scholar and if certain posters feel that the information that they've gained from the (Sunni) Scholars is unsatisfactory, then I guess there's not too much I can say on the matter. Regarding the post by Baqar, yes, I understand where you're coming from re. the anti-Muslims using all they can to demonise and insult Islam, but surely they're also using Verses of the Holy Quran to do that as well ? Are you saying we should dis-regard them as well ? (Astaghfirullah) ? Of course not, but unfortunately, the anti-Muslims will never see Islam the way it's meant to be (seen). Once again, thank you for the responses and I'm sorry if I couldn't expand on the Hadiths. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that. W'salaam
  9. Salaams Zara, please send me a message.



  10. W'salaam JZK Mo87 for your calm and collected post. First of all, could you tell me which Hadiths you don't agree with and why ? I think that would be a good starting point. You don't have to post all of them, just a few so we could insha'Allah expand on them. W'salaam btw, my response might be a bit late - I do apologise.
  11. You know, it's this kind of attitude by the Shia that are causing so many problems with the Sunnis. Looking back at most of the responses, you seem to be very hot-headed and full of anger. Why can't you put forward your opinions in a civilised manner ? No wonder you seem to be alienated from the rest of the Muslim world (and I say that respectfully). And re. the Hadiths you've mentioned, have you consulted a Sunni Scholar who can explain them to you in further detail? To read them out of context is extremely unhelpful and can give you a wrong picture on the circumstances of the situation in which they occured.
  12. Please don't be so offensive. Would you like it if I said certain Shia text (or Hadiths) are 'nonsense' ? And can you give examples of where you don't agree with certain Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari, Muslim etc ? Thank you.
  13. Zara, if you're reading this, first of all, Salaam, hope you're ok, and secondly, my sincere apologies.

  14. Salaam One of the reasons why there were possibly no narrations in the 2-300 years you mention is because knowedge was still pure and clear at the time. It was inevitable that this knowledge would fade away over time, hence the reason for the various collections (of Hadith). At the moment, I don't know when Sahih Bukhari, Muslim and others were compiled (need to research that), but to dismiss all the Hadiths (in these books) would be very naive. Surely the compilers (Imam Bukhari etc..) spent years trying to find the real, authentic Hadiths and discarding the ones that were regarded as 'weak' ? As stated, I can't just throw away some of the Hadiths (and keep the rest), knowing that the compiler laboriously spent such a long time in differentiating between various Hadiths. If you think that there might be some sort of contradiction between Bukhari, Muslim (and others) with the Holy Quran, then please ask a Sunni Scholar so they can clear any misconception on that (rather than reaching a conclusion ourselves). W'salaam
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