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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    A Global Campaign For Zahoor e Imam-e-zaman (ajf), Trying to make an effort for the quick return of our beloved Imam.

    and post ur comments. thanks.


    if we love IMAM E ZAMAN ajtfs then we have to do some thing that shows our love for him.

  2. Salaam dear sister Loveahlulbayt4ever, I'm writing this post in the hope that you will forgive me for the language I used and my behavior towards you the other day. I had no intention of hurting you dear sister. You see sister, I just wanted you and the other sisters in the chat room to believe me regarding Fahd. Perhaps, I have mental problems no, actually I do and I am probably all wrong and have created only troubles and pains. I would also like to add that I am not at all related to Hubbe Hussein and never met and do not know the person you see on his fb. However, I am not retracting from my position: Fahd=__,__,__,__, and an ___ as well. You are welcome to insult, kick, mock, demean, say or do whatever you like to me, but do this for the sake of Allah SWT. Then, it will be beneficial for all inshaAllah. It's funny how sometimes we believe that is unbelievable but disbelieve that is believable. It's funny how strange becomes familiar and the familiar becomes strange in the virtual empire. But, life goes on.. :) Dear sister, you need not me to tell you this but you are a very smart person with a brilliant personality, and I wish you all the best, inshaAllah. I have only degraded myself with my behavior towards you, and I am deeply ashamed and would be blessed if you forgive me please. Peace and love. :)
  3. Salaam Brother, I did send you that, and I apologize for being unable to keep my words. You see, I learned about shingho after I sent you that and like I said... was having mental problems... and could not resist from telling what I knew to be true. Of course, I might be all wrong, and I hope you and everyone else forgive me. My presence here seems to bother you, I take it, and I will not post anymore. I hope you forgive me for disturbing your peace here. Good luck with everything brother. May you have a bright and blessed life, inshaAllah. :) peace.
  4. sowwy not smart enuff 2 go 2 chat so u n ur 100 characters can bs! Anyhow... was kiddin b4.. will fix it with florida so u can have a peaceful life...prolly tomorrow... bz today.. don't bother me... peace

  5. sick empire ali imran!! :)))))) peace

  6. aww r we havin ho-luv prob in florida??!? Beg me to fix it, then I will. u have 3 dayz 2 beg me, if u don't, imma go afta down under hoz next n then next n then next!! if u wanna save ur dumb hoz, keep 'em away from me! or else u r goin down boy! u n ur hegemonic, oppressive, perverted virtual empire goin down!! make sure u give this msg to ur lord of the sick e

  7. yes, I'm not responding to the article... i'm responding to the op... since he takes "science" to be an authoritative body of knowledge in backing up NB or vice versa... :)
  8. salam Sorry to peek in here in the middle of the discussion, but I would like to know the religious, political, and social backgrounds of the scientists who discovered the brain size? I say that because it appears to me that the discussions on this thread and the OP assume that the scientific discovery of brain size/capacity of these scientists must be TRUE and nothing but the TRUTH. It is the ultimate objective truth about male/female brains and hence proves intelligence based on biology. How do we know these scientists have it 'right'? I think science is a particular way of knowing and speaking about the world. One way to find out what constitutes science is to investigate what scientists do and how they do it in order to create this particular way of knowing. Science demands objectivity and yet, paradoxically, all scientists use their subjective perceptions to perform their scientific work. Science must be objectively distanced from its object of enquiry so that its empirical measurements are forceful enough to be considered valid and to form a scientific epistemology, or body of knowledge constructed in socio-political, historical, patriarchal, and capitalist context. However, all scientists have fallible perceptions. According to science, deductive reasoning is logical and rational and thus scientific knowledge is deemed to be legitimate and powerful. However, deductions are tested experimentally, adding further observations; but if the predictions are incorrect, then the theory will have been falsified and you will have to think again. This is how science operates. It is not a neat, linear, step-by-step acquisition of truthful, legitimate knowledge. Although science appears to progress through small, incremental stages, it in fact goes through series of "revolutions" interspersed by long periods of "normal" science. These revolutions are characterized by the abandonment of one previously long-held and cherished set of theories (the earth is flat), which is replaced by another, often contradictory set of theories that better fit the new facts (the earth is round). These lingering stages are important sociologically, because the knowledge deemed acceptable is less to do with facts and evidence and more to do with what society allows to be investigated and openly discussed. Perhaps, the discovery of bigger brain size in males is what patriarchal, capitalist society today allows us to accept and discuss? To understand science, it is important that we appreciate the contexts in which scientific discoveries are made or suppressed in today's world. The social, political, and capitalist climate in which scientists work today has had a profound influence on what can and cannot be said, done, published or even postulated as worthy of further investigation. Scientists, like everyone else, do not exist in a social vacuum. They are socio-cultural and political beings. Religion, philosophy and politics all play roles in scientific discoveries. What role has Christianity played in the discovery of "bigger male brain size"? What roles have religion and politics played in the life of the scientists who discovered it? Do we know? If not, how can we even take the discovery as "truthful" that is socially constructed? Are we certain 100% males brain size/capacity bigger than females? Just a thought... Next, why didn't GOD send female prophets? ... in the next few days... have exams now... peace
  9. HISTORY MATTERS! History makes and shapes us who we are today. I would investigate every inch of the to-be spouse's past behavioral patterns... so if it's JUST once.. may be I'll over look.. but if its repetition of same behaviors... then Absolutely not, even if s/he repented! Since it's to be spouse and that means you won't have the chance to actually 'observe' them before marriage...then you ask questions when you guys talk very tactfully to find out their dirty/nasty/disgusting/sins behavioral patterns and see if you are alright with those .... Usually when it's a pattern then things don't really change even after marriage.... you can tell a lot about people by observing their behavioral patterns.... :)
  10. (salam) I don't know these things at all and don't quite understand this. So, it's an "ideology"? Ideology usually has "false consciousness" and "power" attached to it as in the construction of that "ideology"? So how is that connected to the claim of legitimacy in Shi'ite Islam? So, I don't quite understand this. What is your definition of "ideology"? Would you please clarify? peace.
  11. Even if someone claps with one hand, there is a ALWAYS a root cause to why someone does that! People need to start taking responsiblity for their part instead of whining, but most average people don't venture into resolving the root problems... anyhow... and Yeh Talib -e ilm.. PLEASE BAN ME! But make sure you tell your admin I will be exposing SC soon! Oh wait.. they already know.... peace out!
  12. Well, he should just find somebody new instead of coming here and complaining and posting idiotic stuff. Doesn't take a rocket scientist! He should stop backbiting! Dont like the gal, go fetch somebody else!! KHALAS! [Moderator's note: No need to get all worked up and rude. Warning will be issued next time.]
  13. What have you done/said to her that she started to disrespect you? You can't clap with one hand, you know!? Get to the root cause of the problem instead of whining, complaining, and venting. If she doesn't suit you, then find somebody new! What is the big deal? peace
  14. OMG Fahd is following me around in the forum now!!! I AM GETTING THE FEDS ON THIS SITE FAHD!! I WILL EXPOSE THIS SITE TO THE WORLD!! GET READY BUDDY! Why don't you go to your mother and ask her to teach you manners and how to treat Muslim sisters and then come and tell us... okay little immature boy? LOL peace out!
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