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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :!!!: :!!!: What a load fo rubbish. Typical mundane usoolism. Here is Imam Ali contradicting you: Sermon 188 - And immigration stands as its original position. Alláh has no need towards him who secretly accepts belief or him who openly does so. Immigration will not apply to any one unless he recognises the proof (of Alláh) on the earth. Whoever recognises him and acknowledges him would be a muhájir (immigrant). Isti_`áf (i.e. freedom from the obligation of immigration) does not apply to him whom the proof (of Alláh) reaches and he hears it and his heart preserves it. Usoolis, you have been s
  2. Oh thank you brother very much. Sorry had to post under another name after some deliberate frustrating below the belt antics by some mods.
  3. salam. please check this link.

    we are going to start this 40 Dua pak circule once again......thanks for participating in the first circle

  4. thats what we say about you. but never mind have your fun as we are not insecure.
  5. If you want to play the 3 wise baandar, be my guest. :P kumbaavu :wacko: Last time i checked, you dont make the decisions at the ground. Your job is to disinform. So you stick to your territory while we hit you off the park and then we see how this cookie crumbles.
  6. This is precisely it. Its the evidence of complicity between state, media and corporations, Its very neutral issue to discuss and non-threatening to the spirit of debate. What i personally found intriguing was that the South African farmers losses were paid off by Monsanto. Not so the case with the Indian Farmers though. I reckon it should make the headlines.
  7. The fact that the press have begun spinning the "conspiracy theories" is clear evidence of the govt's tacit approval in this matter. If that is not ground level reality, then i wonder what is. There is no way Pakistan can swim out of its troubles on its own. Its needs serious help and loathe it as you may, the only solution is Iran.
  8. She is awesome too and sensible. Incidentally, what do you make of the Indian farmer suicide story?
  9. pity that these rabid muslims evaporated during the spanish inquisition. who knows we might not have been in half the trouble we are in today.
  10. Necessary Illusions by Chomsky is also an excellent book complete with case studies. I highly recommend that too. I also think a better way around this tricky argument, the menage e trois between state, media and corporates can be handled through more neutral subjects. One that comes to my mind is the mind boggling levels of suicides in India within the farming community and its link to GM Crop failure. The GM corporates have met failure also in South Africa. Yet the South African story does not parallel the Indian story and thats very intriguing. Here are a couple of links for people to read
  11. Successful strategy? Well that depends on where does mainstream Pakistan go from here and how it combats the imperious threat defined by a key passage: Ah yes, the infamous abroad. The strategy can only be deemed successful if 1 - Pakistan is conscientiously aware that the foreign element involved in the taliban soap opera is an imperial power with an eye on the nukes and not some fundie rag head outfit from Saud. 2 - Pakistan should be willing to make a tactical alliance with friendly regional players to hedge itself and its mainstream from this imperial power. I believe early signs have em
  12. :!!!: Oh my goodness. You just opened a pandora's box for our resident talmud experts.
  13. If I am not mistaken, there were 23 EU countries and USA that either boycotted or walked out. The ones that remained behind gave his a standing ovation. I am sure, AN must now know what the Prophet felt like when he began preaching Monotheism to those pagans and polytheists who resorted to spewing their abuses. Moral of the story: Eventually the Prophet prevailed.
  14. lol - this is so fake. Lets put up a satellite because we cant afford ground level solutions like more local coast guards etc.
  15. salamzz.. thanks for your comment.. ya lets keep it up :-d

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