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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for the clarification, I had misunderstood because of not seeing that quote. Thank you for your kind apology, most humbly accepted. As for my other comments, I completely stand by them. I had indeed asked to speak to him personally, and he refused. He was in fact VERY arrogant when addressed by those who had been offended by his lecture. I must state that at NO time have the topics been refuted. These topics DO need to be spoken about, and nobody has disputed that the issues exist and need to be addressed. The issue was with his choice of TIME and PLACE. These issues can be discussed at any time of the year, but he chose to speak about them during the first 12 nights of Muharram, which are solely for the purpose of MOURNING the Shohada-Karbala through Masaib and mourning rituals and recitations. He had also not taken into consideration the fact that there were FOUR GENERATIONS of mixed gender sitting in front of him. And lastly, he had chosen to deliver his lectures on these very valid topics from the Mimbar, which is completely inappropriate. He should have simply sat on a chair or stood at a podium, at any other time than these 12 Holy Nights. His arrogance was evident when he answered back very rudely to the older brothers who were addressing him regarding his lectures. He did not even have the decency to sit up straight and look in their direction, and had his hand on his bowed head throughout the discussion. He refused to accept that he had done anything wrong, and was being encouraged by those who felt the same way. It became a slanging match that completely detracted from the actual problem, which is a real shame. I don't think I'm being harsh, and I have nothing against him personally at all. I would say the same about my own son if he was behaving in the same manner. It's because I care that it bothers me. I have IMMENSE respect for our speakers, so this is another assumption on your part. But if something is not right, it needs to be raised. And that's what I am doing. Again, this is a PUBLIC forum, and he is welcome to join it at any time.
  2. A crush...?! Astaghfirullah! I am old enough to be his mother! What kind of shameless comment was that..?! It is only because of my age that I have commented on this CHILD being inappropriate and arrogant, which I have a right and a duty to do as an elder. Perhaps a lesson in Akhlaaq should be given to him and all others who think and behave like him. Gheebah (backbiting) is a sin when it is done behind someone's back, which this isn't. Kindly refrain from making assumptions about people you don't know. Jazakallah
  3. (wasalam) With all due respect, this is a public forum and he can see it for himself. -_-
  4. Ummm.... it's a phonetic spelling of the word anyway. Is this all you noticed about my post..? :donno:
  5. Why don't you ask your fathers/uncles this question, rather than asking each other...? You have a right on them, and they have a duty to teach you! It's like learning about kissing from someone in a school playground on here sometimes smh.
  6. Mashallah he is truly an amazing speaker... may Allah swt Bless him with a long, happy, healthy, prosperous life, and reward him in abundance for enlightening us spiritually and intellectually, Ameen
  7. How true. And these "juniors" have no respect for the Mimbar. He is egoistic. He has no regard for the sanctity of the Mimbar. The issues he speaks on are valid, but inappropriate from the Mimbar. He should learn the proper Tehzeeb of speaking from the example of Imam Ali (AS)'s inequitable manner, rather than Ammar Nakshawani's, imho. I agree.
  8. According to Sayyid Sistani (HA): General Rules 195. Leather products are impure (najis) and salãt in them is not permissible, if we know that they have been made from the hide of an animal not slaughtered according to Islamic laws. Such products are considered pure and salat in them is permissible, if there is a probability that they were made from skin of an animal that is essentially halãl and was slaughtered according to Islamic laws. Salãt is not permissible in leather products made from skin of predatory animals like lion, leopard, tiger, fox, and jackal. Similarly, based on obligatory precaution, salat is not permissible in leather products made from non-predatory animals whose meat is forbidden to us like monkeys and elephants even though their hide could be considered tãhir if they certainly were (or there is a probability that they were) killed according to Islamic laws. In all these cases of probability, wearing a belt and things like that made from leather is allowed [in salãt], provided that they are not big enough as to conceal the private parts. If there exists no probability that it was slaughtered according to Islamic laws, and, on the contrary, we are sure that it comes from skin of an animal that was not slaughtered according to Islamic laws, then it is najis and salãt in it is not permissible. [With no such probability,] even the use of belt and other things (that cannot conceal the sexual organs in salãt) is not permissible on the basis of obligatory precaution. It would be the same law if the probability was very low that sensible people ignore it (for example, 2%). The permissibility of the leather of these animals can be achieved by two methods: The first method is that they be slaughtered just as a sheep is slaughtered with all conditions observed. The second method is that they are hunted by using a gun. In the latter case, the hunter must be a Muslim; he must invoke Allãh’s name while pulling the trigger; he must shoot with the purpose of hunting, and get to the place where the animal fell after it has died or when there was not enough time to slaughter it. 197. Leather products made in non-Muslim countries from hides of snakes and crocodiles and displayed in non-Muslims markets are considered pure (tãhir); and it is permissible to buy, sell, and use them in things that require purity. 198. Leather products made in Muslim countries and displayed in non-Muslim markets are considered pure (tãhir) and it is permissible to use them in salãt. 199. Leather products made in non-Muslim countries whose nature and ritual puritycannot be determined, uncertain whether they are from natural or are permissible to use in salãt. 200. Shoes made from leather of an animal not slaughtered according to Islamic laws do not make the feet najis except through wetness that transfers the impurity. So, if the foot sweats and the socks become soaked with the sweat, yet the latter does not reach the impure leather, it will not make the feet or the socks impure. 201. It is permissible to say salãt with a leather cap or a leather belt manufactured in non-Muslim countries and bought in non-Muslim markets if there is a probability that these leather products were made from hide of animals that are essentially halãl and were slaughtered according to Islamic laws. This has been mentioned in the third rule of this section. (See the question-answer section below.) 202. Men are not allowed to wear gold regardless of whether it is a [normal] ring, a wedding ring, a wris[Edited Out]ch, or other things in salãt as well as outside it. It is permissible for them to wear gold-plated items, provided that gold is only considered as a coating and nothing more. 203. It is permissible for men to wear what is known as white gold. 204.Women are allowed to wear gold at all times, even in salãt. 205. Men are not allowed to wear pure and natural silk, neither in salãt nor outside salãt, except in special circumstances that have been explained in the books of Islamic jurisprudence. 206. Women are allowed to wear silk at all times even in salãt. 207. Men are allowed to wear ‘doubtful’ silk fabrics and clothes whose origin doubtful, i.e. whether they are made from natural silk or synthetic one. In this case, even salãt in them is permissible. (See the question-answer section below.) Similarly, it is permissible for them to wear natural silk that has been blended with other material like cotton, wool, nylon, etc. to the extent that the blended fabric is no longer considered pure silk. This law also applies, if there is uncertainty about the extent of blending [of pure silk and other material]. In such cases, it is also permissible to say salãt in it. 208. Based on obligatory precaution, men are not allowed to dress up in women’s clothes. 209. Based on obligatory precaution, Muslims are not allowed to dress up in clothes that are specifically known as the dress of non-Muslims. That last one's a doozy, huh? Doctor's don't dress as clowns, they dress as doctors at work and casually off-duty. Like others have said on this thread, if you are going to preach from the Mimbar, then there is a dress code for it, a sense of decorum. Off the Mimbar, the man can wear what what he wants, as long as he is doing it according to the rules, which aren't just for the mosques. The same goes for everywhere, whether you like it or not. Tough tomatoes if you don't.
  9. This the Shrine of Sakina binte Imam Ali (as), not Sakina binte Imam Hussain (as), apparently. Still a great tragedy. The Ahlul Bayt (as) are STILL being oppressed by the descendants of Abu Sufyan (LA) :no:
  10. WELL SAID!!!!! :) This "Zolfigar" guy has been getting on my nerves with his trolling on youtube, and every other place where Shias gather, it seems! You took the words out my mouth! KUDOS!!!
  11. You need to read my post again. Ahlul Bayt (as) are the Pure and Holy Household of the Prophet (SAWW). Therefore, Their faces cannot be depicted. H. Maryam (SA)'s face is shown because She (SA) is not Ahlul Bayt (as). Her pure and holy status is undoubtable, but definitely NOT above the Ahlul Bayt (as), actually. This is not a term of disrespect, but a simple fact, as verified by Hadith Al-Kisaa and the Holy Qur'an (33:33). As for the "horrible" pictures (interesting choice of words), perhaps you need to learn a bit more about ARTISTIC IMPRESSION. There is a vast difference between a 2D painting and a 3D human being. Paintings are allowed, but human depictions, showing faces, are not. If the faces are concealed, then there is no problem. Not approving is a personal issue. Check with your esteemed Marja for references regarding portrayal and images of Holy Personalities, as I have done. Thanks. Salaam. It is SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE to show this movie in the same way as an everyday Bollywood movie, or "300 style", Astaghfirtullah! The event of Karbala is not a basis for an action movie! When we have been given clear instructions by H. Zainab (SA) and the A'imma (as) about how to propagate the message of Karbala through lamentation gatherings, ie, majaalis and maatam/latmiyyah, as well as processions/juloos, then there is no way popcorn-munching is going to be accepted during the remembrance of the Greatest Tragedy in history! It is preposterous and downright abhorrent to even think about allowing such a grave travesty and disrespect to the Holy Martyrs (as). "Today's generation" can take a running jump if they don't understand. Nobody is that oblivious.
  12. The letters of protest are based on the assumption that this will be like a commercial Bollywood movie, whereas Kader Khan has specifically stated that that is not the aim of the film-makers, with the exception of Mahaakshay Chakraborty, who is, unfortunately, promoting it like a Bollywood movie. Another argument given by the people who are protesting is that actors will be playing the roles. Ummm... obviously. Who else would be in a film...? Every movie is shot using actors. Even the Islamic movies and serials that are made in Iran have actors playing the roles, not Ahmed the grocer! MY concern with this is who these actors are and whether their faces will be shown, which would be a grave travesty. According to Sy. Sistani, the actors who take on the roles of Holy Personalities should be of good character, God-conscious, and aware of the history of such an event, so a 'regular' bollywood 'star' would be completely out of the question, given their roles in other movies, and their 'lifestyles' offscreen... I think a private preview should be shown to some prominent Ulema in order to ascertain whether the film is suitable for general release or not. I also think that the protests need to be aimed at Mahaakshay Chakraborty rather than the police and the film-makers themselves. He seems to be the one most interested in making a buck out of it. H. Suleman (as) and H. Yusuf (as) are NOT Ahlul Bayt (as). It is only essential to conceal the faces of actors playing the roles of Rasoolillah (SAWW) ad the Ahlul Bayt (as), not other Holy Personalities, because of their higher status in the eyes of Allah swt. If this movie shows the face of the actor playing Imam Hussain (as), there WILL be riots, guaranteed! The "face thing" is very important too, in this case. We cannot treat any aspect of the portrayal of the event of Karbala as a work of fiction. Not at all. That's why this film needs to be spot on in terms of respect and decorum if it is going to be shown.
  13. http://shiasisters.net/articles_submissions/eid-e-zehra.html
  14. Better late than never... It's never too late to share knowledge. My mother taught me this when I was three years old too, and I only just saw this thread and was about to post it ;)
  15. Cannot believe the amount of DISRESPECT being shown to the Shabih of a Holy Prophet! Where are your parents?? THEY are the ones you should be addressing your issues to, not each other! Oh but wait, what would they know, right? How can you call the Shabih of a Holy Figure "ugly"?? What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you need to emulate the Jaahils?? Do you think it's 'modern' to be rude?? Guess what, it ain't. Try respect and Akhlaaq, and you might just learn something. Ammar Nakshawani et al have a LOT to answer for. DISGUSTING behaviour.
  16. :excl: The website of AhleBait TV has been hacked by "Team 4x4 - Sniped by Dr Hex" with a very nasty anti-Shia message scrolling on the page... :mad: does anyone know how to contact the channel to let them know...?
  17. (salam) Hajar has the right info on all counts. Rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels, bats, cats, dogs, possums, badgers, raccoons, koalas, bears, pandas, monkeys, reptiles, molluscs, etc are ALL haraam to eat! :mad: Ducks are halal because they have a gizzard. Webbed feet have nothing to do with the issue. For the menstruation issue, I actually own a female cat and I can confidently confirm that she has NEVER menstruated, neither has her mother! The only time I have seen her bleed is when she unfortunately miscarried her kittens. This idea has been exploited by our enemies in order to (successfully it seems) cause this kind of confusion. :wacko: I personally could never bring myself to eat an animal which feeds on its own faeces as it is coming out! I used to own rabbits, and this sight sickened me, so I got rid of them! :sick:
  18. Meesam (ra) was a Faithful Companion of the Prophet (SAWW). This should help: http://www.ezsoftech...amic/meesam.asp
  19. (salam) Not sure why SHIAS on this page are thinking Abu Lulu'ah (ra) "went too far", "did something wrong", etc...?? Umar (LA) was a STAUNCH ENEMY of Imam Ali (as) and Bibi Fatema Zahra (SA), and Abu Lulu'ah (ra) was a STAUNCH LOVER of the same (as). If we claim to be Shia, then we should have Tabarra in our hearts for the enemies of Ahlul Bayt (as). We are not hippies. We are not pacifists. We are SHIA. Alhamdulillah! For the Sunni brothers and sisters, with all due respect, if someone was a staunch enemy of your parents, to the point that he murdered your mother and usurped the rightful position of your father, would you still respect him...? The Ahlul Bayt (as) are our MASTERS. Even higher to us than our parents in status, to the point where we are ready to be sacrificed for Them. Please try and understand that you need to research the history for yourself, rather than just go by what you've been told. We DO ask Allah swt to remove His Mercy from the enemies of the Ahlul Bayt (as), whoever they may be. However, we do NOT disrespect the esteemed Sahaba (ra), such as Meesam (ra), Salman (ra) and Abu Dharr (ra), because they had no enmity with the Ahlul Bayt (as), for whom all of Creation exists.
  20. It is ILLEGAL for the owners of a burial ground, or anyone else to desecrate graves, even if the leases have run out. They are required BY LAW to contact family members, who have a receipt and a deed to show that they are the leaseholders, before any action can be taken. May Allah swt protect the Marhumeens' graves from desecration, Ameen.
  21. Astaghfirullah! Have you not read and understood Hadith-e-Kisaa...?? This whole universe and all worlds and Creation beyond it have been created for the HOLY FIVE (as). That includes Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), IMAM ALI (as), H. Fatematuz-Zahra (SA), Imam Hassan (as) and Imam Hussain (as)!!! One of us..?? Please! Think and respect. Brother 'Bonafide Hustler': I'm completely with you on this. There ARE, MOST DEFINITELY, deviants on our Mimbars. Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said: "Apes will ascend the Mimbars in the end times". He wasn't talking about the animal, trust me. Just recently, has evidence not emerged that the Qazwini brothers are corrupt, and working with the Dajjalic (yes I know it's not a 'normal' word, but you know what it means, so it's a word... back to the issue --->) forces, namely Bildeberg and the White House (among others)...?? I have serious doubts about two or three such 'speakers' and 'scholars' myself, who don't know their Adhaan from their Iqaama (to put it very politely).
  22. Anyway..... back to my (and a true Sunni's) point, which is that he is NOT an Alim, and he knows which buttons to press, and boy does he press them. I have no further intention to discuss on this topic, not because I have run out of things to say, but because I have recently lost my husband, and really can't bear the stress. I, personally, will NOT be attending any "lectures" at Hyderi as long as there is a deviant ape perched upon the mimbar. (ref: Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq AS: "Apes will ascend the Mimbars near the end time") May Allah swt guide us all, Ameen.
  23. With all due respect, if you recall, since you were obviously there, he put out his hand, imitating the way Ay. Sistani etc, do when people visit them, as if to suggest that such personalities are arrogant! It was a clear implication, and clearly WRONG. I personally do not know anyone with a more inflated ego than Ammar Nakshawani. That's my opinion. I have been fortunate enough in my life to associate with renowned scholars, and not one of them has been arrogant or disrespectful. On the contrary, even though they put out their hand, which I personally believe it is their perogative to do so, since they have devoted their whole lives to seeking knowledge and serving Ahlul Bayt (as), they have never come across as demanding or arrogant. Perhaps Mr Nakshawani needs to associate with proper scholars instead of making it up as he goes along. I'm sure he'll be pleasantly surprised. And if he believes he is not arrogant, perhaps he might like to oblige one of us by washing our feet...? There is no room for hypocrisy or double-standards or half-knowledge or arrogance or slanderous comments against a qualified and respected scholar on the Mimbar. "Little knowledge is dangerous" - Imam Ali (as). I do not wish to offend anybody with my comments. The facts and Br Nakshawani's demeanour speak for themselves.
  24. I agree with you completely Raihana & a True Sunni... in fact, I don't even like the way he insults prominent scholars sometimes - he said recently (last week at a majlis that was supposed to be dedicated to three mourning families, but he only mentioned one) that scholars should be washing the feet of the people, not expecting respect from them (Astaghfirullah)! If he was a proper Sheikh, he would never say such a thing! He also relates topics that are inappropriate for a congregation consisting of elders and children as well as youths (consisting of indecent topics), and has often slipped up on the simplest facts, such as the only salaat not to require Wudhu (Salaat-e-Mayyit), which he very hastily suggested as salaat-e-Muhammad (SAWW), whatever that is...?! He also seems to have an obsession with the private parts of the human anatomy, and often uses vulgar gestures to describe them. Ammar Nakshawani is NOT a scholar. Not by a lonnnnggg shot. Just because he speaks Arabic and talks confidently in a semi-British accent (and demands a fat salary from his 'residential' jamaat) this definitely does not make him an Alim. I suggest we curb our enthusiasm until he has learned the etiquettes of an Alim, as well as how to sit in a dignified manner upon the Mimbar, AVOIDING the top tier, which is reserved traditionally for Imam Ali (as), out of RESPECT, and without crossing his legs! Until then, I would love to go back to enjoying a good majlis based on the lives and miracles of the A'immah (as) from a QUALIFIED Alim.
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