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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If Gingrich wins the republican nomination, then there will be a very clear divide in the country between conservatives and liberals, whites and the rests. Also, the class warfare that is on going since the election of Obama, will gain momentum. The new cons, they hate this president with a passion... Gingrich's nomination will only energize the base. He will carry a lot of tea party votes as well.

    Romeny is still the most sensible candidate among all the other that are running, after Ron Paul. He understands the complexities and he doesn't come off as racist like Gingrich does. Rick and Paul, they both know that they are not the winning candidates. Ron Paul is in this race cuz he wants to get his message across... fair enough.

    I support Ron Paul, and if he doesn't get the nomination, I would vote for Obama or maybe maybe Romeny.. idk. lol

  2. I don't want to judge any opinion or anything as I am not sure..

    but my friend called Ayatollah Bahjat a few years ago and asked him if it was true..he said that it wasn't

    lol , the scholars did say that his appearance is very close, but they used to always say the same thing each generation.

    I guess that the world has to continue striving for the sake of Allah and preparing for his arrival ,whether it's this week, in a few decades or in a few centuries..

    Imam Mahdi is the ''Muntadhar'' and the ''Muntazer'' . The awaited and the waited . He needs us and we need him.

    Sometimes, these ''signs'' from people claiming that his reappearance is soon is a ''wake up'' call from the master himself , so that we can get ready and live as his appearance would be tomorrow

    EWWW - if you are saying that this video is not true, and this is not Ayatollah Bahjat, then you need to back it up. Don't just come here and say, oh my friend, he called him and he said no... since you are saying this video is not real, prove it.

    Now that said, no where in the video did he ever mention when or where Imam Mahdi a.s. is going to re-appear.

  3. Imran Khan is a wahabbi after all. He might come off as a liberal progressive, but he still believes in wahabbism. Just like King Fahd and Prince Al Waleed - when they are in the US, they drink, dance, gamble etc, doesn't mean they are not wahabbis. Imran Khan will never dis-associate himself with talibans and SSP. I hope would, but I highly doubt it. As far as giving him a chance, i don't know, at what cost? PML N and PTI are both in cahoots with the terror organisations, PML N has a track record of corruption and mis-management, Imran Khan has no record. This leaves shias with very little choice.

  4. Its difficult to say because most of the support comes from Punjab and from people who probably don't even vote. The second thing is that yeah a lot of people turned out for the rally but they were mostly from urban areas. Most of the Pakistani population lives in rural areas and below the poverty line. The votes of these people usually end up in the boxes of whichever feudal lord is ruling over them.

    That's not true. Imran Khan has a much wider fan following which goes well outside Punjab. But here is the deal, he has wasted 15 years of his political career in Punjab, especially in Lahore. Despite doing all the charity work for Lahoris, he didn't even pickup a single seat from his hometown. It is sucha shame. It is only recently that he started reaching out to people in other cities.

    He has a better chance of picking up more seats from other regions. Let's see what happens in the coming elections.

  5. To understand what i am trying to say you need to look at the history of Pakistan and not just focus on the current times. Yeah there are division, violence and to be brutally honest Pakistan is continuously spiraling down a deep bottomless pit. I agree to all of it. The point is that was it the same always? Has life been miserable for Pakistanis since the start? Yeah the haters and biased people are gonna jump up immediately and say its all true BUT its not. Whatever anyone says, as someone living in Pakistan and also having talked to elders, people led a peaceful and happy life. Yeah like all other countries Pakistan has had its share of problems, but there were things to look forward to, something to be happy and be proud of.

    Fast forward to the last 3-4 years and life has become hell for every Pakistani, and i don't mean hell just rhetorically i mean literally. If you look at why this has happened, most of it can be traced back to the alliance Pakistan has had with US. US has always used Pakistan for its own agendas no matter if they pushed the country towards the pit it is in today. Just look at what happened to Pakistan because of the afghan war. Drugs, guns, refugees etc all entered Pakistan and ruined the society. Look at American support for Zia, they whole heartedly supported him while he literally destroyed the fabric of Pakistani society. If someone were to ask me i would say the current psychotic state the Pakistani society is in can be blamed 99% on zia(may he rot in hell forever). US meddling in Pakistan affairs has always been problematic and usually against Pakistani interests.

    As for the countries you mentioned, i told you beforehand to tell me about those examples where uneven balance exists. The dynamics of European, Australian etc alliance is different as compared to US-Pakis relationship. Pakistan was a newly formed country when it allied with US, with very weak political and infrastructural setup. Therefore when it allied itself with US, a sort of master-slave relationship was created. Which means that while Pakis goes on doing work for US it gets nothing in return except what is in US interests. I had quoted the price Pakistan has had to pay in economic terms for war on terror, you can refer to it if you want to get some sort of proof of what i am saying.

    To give an example i was talking to my cousin who works in the development sector in Pakistan, and i was asking her why she prefers to always work in a UK owned NGO, she told me that all the projects set up by US are short term and based on political weather. If one were to analyze these projects, it would be clear that they hold no long term investment. This clearly shows that US is working on its own selfish interest and has no care for the Pakistani society or its betterment.

    Having said all this, i don't mean to take away the blame from Pakistani government or the people. Satan always comes and tries to deviate a person, if a person is deviated then satan is not to be blamed but the person is. Similarly i blame Pakistan for the problems it is in and not US. I just made this point to make it clear that yeah Pakistan is to be blamed, but all those who say US is a saint are deluding themselves and being unjust. Justice demands that unbiased stand is taken on all issues and blame is put where it is needed. If you guys or others continue to blind yourself to the truth of what US has been doing in the world, you would be going against the pillars that American democracy, values, ethics etc stands on. This is also to make you aware as to why many nations don't view US favorably(a fact that surprises many Americans).

    Oh khudaya.... I'm kinda lost...idk what you're talking about. If you want ppl to understand your posts, keep em short and to the point. You are trying to cover too much stuff in one post...

    Khala bee kia ho gaya hai aapko? :P

  6. Hijab n Breat Cancer awareness.... idk what these women are trying to prove. There are lots of other ways to raise awareness. And what kinda awareness do you raise by put on a pink hijab anyways? Are you going to print on the hijab how to protect from getting cancer? or how often u shud get tested etc?

    Plus, the sole purpose of Hijab is that ppl don't stare at at you, while pink hijab is only gonna get more attention.

    I tell u, liberalism is a mental disorder!!

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