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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. May Allah bless her soul and bless the soul of all the momineens who are no longer with us!
  2. Kahan ho???

    1. lost00


      you finally came to pk? lol

      lost89 here wse. just chnged my user and all

      how've yu been?:)

      any luck with what yu were after? :p

  3. If Gingrich wins the republican nomination, then there will be a very clear divide in the country between conservatives and liberals, whites and the rests. Also, the class warfare that is on going since the election of Obama, will gain momentum. The new cons, they hate this president with a passion... Gingrich's nomination will only energize the base. He will carry a lot of tea party votes as well. Romeny is still the most sensible candidate among all the other that are running, after Ron Paul. He understands the complexities and he doesn't come off as racist like Gingrich does. Rick and Paul
  4. He is talking about resurgence of Zia supported jihadist n how their network went underground during the time of Musharraf and remained well intact. He bashes Musharraf, that his policies were made by the West, and that it wasn't a u-turn frm Zia's agenda..... as a we might think. Suno, kafi acha analysis hai :)
  5. Take ur manager out for lunch...n if it is a lady.... buy her presents... xmas, thanksgiving, new yr :P
  6. http://www.shiatv.net/view_video.php?viewkey=08be9ef3456e7dcb5b48&______array
  7. hahahahah hahahahahaha.. i cant stop laffing at this video... buncha jahal log :D
  8. If i were u, i'd go for the 2nd one. Don't compromise on ur aqeedah. Hijab is very important, but aqeedah is even more important. Insha Allah, someday, he will start respecting hijab, u can have a positive influence on him etc. But if someone don't believe all of the Imams a.s., it is next to impossible to make him believe in em.
  9. EWWW - if you are saying that this video is not true, and this is not Ayatollah Bahjat, then you need to back it up. Don't just come here and say, oh my friend, he called him and he said no... since you are saying this video is not real, prove it. Now that said, no where in the video did he ever mention when or where Imam Mahdi a.s. is going to re-appear.
  10. Yeh Pakistaniyon meh islaami keera pata nai kahan se ghusa va hai. Saare jahan ka dard pakistaniyon ko hai. Falasteen azad nai hora, chalo bhaee road per aa jao, France ne burqa ban kerdiya, ab tamam hijabi niqabi pehn ker road per :D and... Bhotto was the only true political leader we have ever had.
  11. Imran Khan is a wahabbi after all. He might come off as a liberal progressive, but he still believes in wahabbism. Just like King Fahd and Prince Al Waleed - when they are in the US, they drink, dance, gamble etc, doesn't mean they are not wahabbis. Imran Khan will never dis-associate himself with talibans and SSP. I hope would, but I highly doubt it. As far as giving him a chance, i don't know, at what cost? PML N and PTI are both in cahoots with the terror organisations, PML N has a track record of corruption and mis-management, Imran Khan has no record. This leaves shias with very little ch
  12. That's not true. Imran Khan has a much wider fan following which goes well outside Punjab. But here is the deal, he has wasted 15 years of his political career in Punjab, especially in Lahore. Despite doing all the charity work for Lahoris, he didn't even pickup a single seat from his hometown. It is sucha shame. It is only recently that he started reaching out to people in other cities. He has a better chance of picking up more seats from other regions. Let's see what happens in the coming elections.
  13. If I had to pick between Imran Khan and PML N and PPP. I would pick Imran Khan. I don't believe he supports talibans, but he hasn't said much against them either.Whatever the case maybe, I think Imran Khan should be given a chance.
  14. Salam, sorry to hear about your dad. Inna Lillahi Wa Ina Ilahi Raji3oon :(

  15. Wahabbis/Terrorists have full backing from PML N. At least Faisal Raza has the guts to say it like it is! https://www.facebook...285162021507499
  16. Oh khudaya.... I'm kinda lost...idk what you're talking about. If you want ppl to understand your posts, keep em short and to the point. You are trying to cover too much stuff in one post... Khala bee kia ho gaya hai aapko? :P
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