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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A new article exposes the lies told by the hypocritical and corrupt "human rights organization", Amnesty International, and the Reuters news agency, regarding their "reports" on the protests/riots that rocked Iran last November over the hike in gas prices. The article sets matter straights and tells the truth about what happened: https://docs.zoho.eu/file/4b1e13219a82180b741379a3f038f9b5821c1
  2. Here is a video presentation explaining the extent of Amnesty's lies about the events of 1988: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivSS_YBq_hY&t=354s
  3. Report about the MEK's new camp in Alabania and the twitter factory set up there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oIChqqSgzo
  4. If anyone would like to contact Amnesty to complain about their pro-MEK report which tries to rewrite history and demonise Islamic law here are some contacts: Philip Luther, director of MENA research/advocacy at Amnesty: philip.luther@amnesty.org Raha Bahreini, chief Iran researcher at Amnesty: raha.bahreini@amnesty.org Malcolm Smart, director of MENA at Amnesty: malcom.smart@amnesty.org David Griffiths, head of the secretary-general's office: david.griffiths@amnesty.org
  5. Amnesty does criticise everyone. The problem with this report is that it was mostly written by an Iran researcher working at Amnesty, Raha Bahreini, who is herself an MEK sympathiser and appears regularly on exiled opposition "news" channels (like the one shown below). I suspect the leadership at Amnesty just trusts what she reports is true.
  6. Exactly, You don't have to make the MEK look like angels to make the Iranian authorities look like demons. I suspect the MEK may even have commissioned or funded the generation of the report by Amnesty. It completely whitewashes their violent and criminal past and makes them look like hapless victims. Unfortunately, most people will read a report by Amnesty and not have the necessary information to scrutinise it. So they will just accept it as the truth.
  7. I am sorry but the MEK/PMOI really are Marxist psychopaths. However, individual members may be nice people without the brainwashing. The main problem with the report is that it does not even mention that 3,000 to 4,000 MEK militants were killed on the battefield during Operation Mersad or executed upon capture. it also claims that the PMOI are peaceful political dissdents who did not do anything to deserve how they were treated. No mention is made of the fact that they murdered thousands as well as allying with Saddam Hussein.
  8. Amnesty International have recently published a report condemning Iran for fighting and executing members of the Marxist terror cult, the People's Mojahedeen (https://www.amnesty.at/media/4621/amnesty_blood-soaked-secrets_iran-dezember-2018.pdf) The report claims that the murderous thugs, who sided with Saddam Hussein against their own people, were merely "prisoners of conscience" whose only crime was in "distributing leaflets" and "expressing their political opinions". It doesn't even mention that 2,000-3,000 of them were killed trying to invade Iran with the support of the Iraqi air for
  9. I am convinced that atheists/humanists know little to nothing about Islam but feel they know enough to condemn it. It is shockingly arrogant. Even most Muslims are not acquainted with all of the aspects of Sharia and the legal interpretation and contexts in which it is applied. You are welcome to criticise our religion BUT do so from a position of knowledge, not ignorance.
  10. So we should be silent in the face of atheistic Islamophobia? Should we not defend the truth about Islam?
  11. On page 109 of the report is cited a woman, allegedly from Iran, called Sepideh who claims anyone publicly admitting that they are an atheist will be put to death under Sharia law. “I only came out as an atheist with my closest friends. Being an atheist and saying this in public is considered as big crime and is being sentenced to death. Nobody says that he or she is an atheist so easily in Iran, although the majority of the population is in fact. That’s the reason I never had to fear bad consequences in my family and with my friends.They all think like me. It would even be more disturbin
  12. You forget that these Islamphobic reports contribute to attacks against Muslims in non-Muslim countries as they provide the intellectual justification for them.
  13. The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), which promotes a culture of atheism and which takes a strong stance against Islam and religion in general, has published a condemnation of the treatment of atheists and the non-religious mainly in Muslim countries: https://freethoughtreport.com/download-the-report/ Predictably,the IHEU displays complete ignorance of Islam in its hate-filled and ignorant attack on "freedom of thought" and human rights in these Muslims countries, notably Iran. A list of just some of the misleading false statements that the report makes, including about Sh
  14. It is not about saying anything positive that bothers me. It is the fact that they are so prepared to openly lie and pervert the truth so blatently. But you are right. The Western media is very positive about Rouhani because they think he will do a deal with the Devil.
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