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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. salaam brother,

    1. Murteza


      Who's the guy in ur avatar? Syed hassan nasrallah?

    2. Ibn-Ahmed Aliyy Herz
  2. im looking at ur troll face...enough??

  3. im leaving damascus...thank you syria for tutoring me how to face hardship in my life and feeding me with something the best for my life

  4. good to see u in forum..hope u will increase our diversity in this forum with intellectual discourses

  5. لسان الفت ى نصف و نصف فؤاده، فلم يبق إلا صورة اللحم و الدم

  6. لسان الفتى نصف و نصف فؤاده، فلم يبق إلا صورة اللحم و الدم

  7. hi missshiamuslim, thank for stalking my profile....lol

  8. actually there is still some mistake...u should say it 'ramadan mubarak' lol anyway...

    im in Syria pursuing to learn arabic languange. hope u okay in canada

  9. Hope the chat room to be fixed ASAP. currently im studying arabic languange...its quite different than indonesia but i've got used with it. here u can't access facebook, youtube, and some websites that under restriction by the government..except u know the access via bypassed proxy which it's very common here. moreover, i can't bear the temperature here..always higher than 40 degree

  10. LOL what kind socialism i follow? maybe trotskyist, stalinist, or maoist...mitl ma biddak ya zalame..

    btw, i have maoist leaning and embrace marxism like what che follow...except what he belief regarding religion

  11. Wow, u weren't change even an iota, man? hows SC? glad to see u still here..by the way, what happen with chatroom....just try to remember our good ol days.

    since last september 2009, i went to syria for study til today...so im syria now

  12. hey..lol u aren't change a bit...wassup? i just want to say that u typed ur status incorrectly...ramadaN. not ramadam

  13. thank you nadaa, it's been awhile we are not chatting anymore in the chatroom together with the others. wish u best in this precious month. ramadhan mubarak

  14. indonesia is fine..

    yeah, patient is the key...it will back online soon. btw, enjoy ur first ramadhan

  15. bella mi amigo, im fine here, and u?

    it;s been awhile since chatroom gone for maintenance. maybe after back online we could meet again along with others and talk how to keep halal convo..lol

    btw, u still not abandon ur binary laugh are u? lololollollloolol

  16. yeah, me too...at least we are the most outspoken againts the opression there...

    btw, who told u i've been banned?

  17. hey bro...wazzup

    im not banned yet...

    good to see u here, i hope u enjoy it

  18. salam

    sister, I found your concern about music and I have same feel like u about music. as I am shia, I have found some marja who permit music if im not wrong he's name it saanei. I think many creed that our marja made not fully operated in our color of ulture in the world so. so I think it's okay if we taklid but not totally agree with him as they're just a human being.

  19. inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun

  20. hello mate, feel free to come. i wish u not going post some controversial things once again..hehehe

  21. why u always type with pink color' fonts... seems like feminine.. LOL

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