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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I would never want to be in such a position and if I had to choose against my will somehow then with either choice I would be unhappily married. While she may be religious, I am a man and God has created men to be physically attracted to women so I expect there will always be a void and yearning for attraction inside me - not a fulfilling marriage. And if she is beautiful but not religious then I will feel we are worlds apart and my children will also not receive the correct upbringing. People are different, there are some religious guys who don't care about their own aesthetics and prese
  2. What's wrong with you? Whether a muslim or not one doesn't need to be some 'Grand Ayatollah Pulsating Superbrain' to compute that the described scenario is a recipe for arousal - no Faqih is necessary here. I'm familiar with the instructor-trainee interaction at the gym and it most definitely is not right for a muslim girl or even a muslim guy unless trainer is same gender. A Muslim is not expected to be so dumb that (s)he shouldn't know (even i basic situations) halal and haraam unless otherwise spoon feed to him by the aforementioned Faqih superhero. Our Ulama would have their work cut o
  3. Salaam, I have a Shia Muslim friend who is a 27 year old medical professional looking for a couple of other Muslim professionals for 2x rooms available in a house share in Richmond / East Sheen area around the 3rd week of September. Please let me know if you or any Muslim brothers are looking for the same as he prefers to share with other Muslims. Ws
  4. I don't know how Iranian people will vet almost 700 hopefuls. It's not very meaningful or efficient when anyone can run for elections when even those who are not interested in the constitution cand do so. Liberal democracy is more open to this but look at the poor quality selfish and blood-thirsty leaders they churn out. This is why the GC mechanism is quite good in that filters candidates based on law derived from the constitution - the latter having been approved by the Iranian people. As for disqualification of the Rafsanjani and Mashaei. This is no surprise to me. The former was on the gro
  5. Some things happen for the better, believe me. If you are just and reasonable and place your trust in God then I truly believe – from various experiences – that He will look after you - be aware of it and expect it and it will happen if you are just and reasonable. This doesn’t rule out hardships in your life but I mean in retrospect the wisdom is clear as daylight. In my case, the first impressions that drew me to her were her seeming intelligence, high education, her decent “religious” family, she was attractive, “soft and smelled nice”. What a sucker I was! In under a year her extreme mater
  6. The colossal irony is that, whereas you get a massive display of solidarity with the state in Iran EVERY year, any sort of demonstration pretty much ANYWHERE else in the world is aiming to show OPPOSITION to the state. Now tell me, whose regime is more popular, Iran's or any other in the west or for that matter the world? If this simple thought doesn't occur to the causal observer when he or she is comparing the two sides of the story, then we have a dangerousely high number of brainwashed individuals in the world today. There is no other reasonable explanation possible. The media it seems i
  7. With all due respect to the Sunni brothers but some of their Ulama have always struck me as quite unintelligent and untactful. Such lack of competence in leadership is also undoubtedly the reason for the Sunni world's plight in the modern world, as compared to the Shiah who enjoy highly competent Ulama and a leadership which is literally affecting geopolitical calculations and changing the course of mankind for good as we speak. I'm sure there are wise Sunni ulama elsewhere, especially in Egypt. But this sheikh is clearly quite incompetent in his ettiquette. He mentions the issue of 'cursing t
  8. Professor or not I have learnt an important lessson from this and other experiences taken for granted. I will never again respect a person for their knowledge or for what comes out of their mouth. Most of us give away our respect to others cheaply. My respect of other will be earned through their actions, conduct and high akhlaq - only those things leave a positive and genuine impression. This is a truth which Imam al-Sadiq (as) alluded to when he said show people the right path by your actions. Until they have earned my genuine respect I will treat they neutrally regardless of the aura that
  9. Ditto. I don't know whether the OP has emailed a Muslim person or a non-Muslim. But in my experience I have found that Muslims take these matters lightely and generally are incapable of basic akhlaq. The non-Muslims are superior in their courtesy. I recently emailed an 'Islamic' professor whose course I took to politely ask if he could briefly look over a couple of essays I had prepared on Islamic issues. He promised to have a look and respond to me due time. 10 months passed and this guy, who I once respected, hadn't replied - I know he was alive and well. This experience led me to reflect on
  10. Apparently for women looks matter less than other things, which is fair enough. Whereas for men looks are of more importance in the "hierarchy" of requirements, which is understandable. As far as I think as a man, while her religion, personality and education are important...her looks are NOT irrelevant! I would be kidding myself if I said 'oh it doesn't matter if I'm not attracted to her outer beauty, it's her inner beauty that counts'. For me this is a dangerous idea. I wouldn't go into a marriage with "fingers crossed I'll just grow fond of her" type of attitude. I need to make sure that I'
  11. Former MP Stresses Iran's Strong Forex Reserves TEHRAN (FNA)- A former Iranian lawmaker stressed Iran's great economic strength to withstand sanctions and pressures, and stated that the country's foreign currency reserves are enough to supply the country's need even if the country's foreign currency revenues are disrupted for 10 years. "Billions of dollars of foreign currency backup has made the country's economy so strong that the recent tensions have no impact on it," Abbas Ali Noura, who is also an economist and a university professor told FNA on S
  12. Understanding the Rial’s Freefall October 4th, 2012 Iran’s economy is not on the verge of collapse The sharp drop in the value of the rial in the last two weeks has created much excitement in Iran and abroad, but mostly for the wrong reasons. In the parallel (or free) market for foreign currencies, the rial fell by 15% in one day this week, reaching its lowest value ever — 35,000 rials per US dollar — down by more than 50% compared to a month ago and 300% to last December when international sanctions tightened against Iran. What all the related excitement overshadows is that this devaluati
  13. On How Despite the Currency Crisis Iran’s State Revenues are not Collapsing The steep decline of the Iranian rial against the dollar has produced a lot of extravagant claims about the collapse of the Iranian economy. While there is no doubt that Iran is seeing a form of hyper-inflation that is devastating to the people there, the government is in no danger of not having money. Because of slowed demand attendant on the bad world economy and because some producers (including Saudi Arabia, Iraq and North Dakota) have managed to produce some extra petroleum, the US/European Union/ Israeli financia
  14. I think we Iraqi's in general need a massive overhaul, Iraq has become like the "wild" for the human spirit where many have abandoned Islam and high values except by name. There is much hypocrisy and injustice between the ordinary people, family feuds over things like wealth and inheritance, doshonest transactions and sheer fitna over wordly things. It's a scary situation sometimes.Much of this tragedy can be attributed to the hardships people have faced for a very long time, which I also believe has starved the Iraqi people of spiritual and cultural nourishment especially with the death (unti
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