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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. missing u kiddo...where r u my little bro :(

  2. 11 times after fajar recite sura Ekhlas for protection of sins
  3. but u would have to remind me one day before it i mean at 17th of july :) cz i have very bad memory to remember birthdays :cry: off course we will wish u bro... :D :yaali: takecare
  4. salam! well khakay batool there is some other gal i think..dur-e-najaf :) its not my birthday ager ap nay mujhay hi wish kia hay to..warna ager kisi 2 dur ko kia hay ti its ok sis :). najaf
  5. salam! h r u aun?where are u?what about urs studies?r u going to iraq..reply me...takecare..urs sister najaf

  6. salam bro..h r u bro..kahan hian ap?takecare

  7. i did not hear this thing before,that we have to say ALI UN WALI UN Allah in tashhud.
  8. salam bro..the answer of the riddle was salat-ul-khauf.tc.

  9. Bravaaaaaaaaaaaa Bravooooooooo Baravoooo bro Ali hazaifa u have won the game :) yes its salat-ul-lail.... sorry salat khauf..not lail :) u r right bro ali
  10. u r near to catch this brooo :) but its not a complete answer..i m giving u a hint hazrat Mohammad(pbuh) has been reciting this during all wars....
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